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Royal Holiday Vacation Club And Current Pandemic Safety Measures

Royal Holiday Vacation Club And Current Pandemic Safety Measures

Royal Holiday Vacation Club And Current Pandemic Safety Measures

As vaccines start to become more commonplace, there is still much caution regarding travel, and it’s completely understandable. Covid changed everything, and even if safety standards are high in your home country, many aren’t prepared to go far from home, where standards might be very much relaxed.

As it turns out, the Travel industry has been working hard to address these concerns, and they have more influence than you might think. Today we’re going to discuss how measures have evolved so that you can see how travel is becoming more and more of choice.

It starts out with the standards.  

The Rise of Pandemic travel protocols

Protocols looking to keep the spread of Covid minimized can vary significantly from country to country. One common requirement is a 2-week quarantine (at your expense, of course), and some countries won’t even let travelers in at all.

This is where the Travel Industry has been able to exert a substantial amount of influence, and before you discount it, studies have shown that 10% of the world’s GDP tied to the travel industry, and this amounts to something like 1 in 10 of the jobs around the world.

As you can see, the Travel Industry has the geographic reach and the financial resources to help improve safety standards globally so that people will feel safe traveling again. One powerful example of these safety standards is the ‘Safe Travels Stamp’ introduced by the World Travel and Tourism Council.

The ‘Safe Travels’ Stamp standard and more

The Safe Travels Stamp is one of the new standards quickly becoming global, and so far, it recognized in 100 destinations around the world. While it sounds like a special set of ‘travel paperwork,’ what it essentially amounts to is a collection of places with a recognized set of protection standards concerned with health and hygiene.

Travel agencies are also helping to ensure safety by providing ‘local advisors’ that can give you more details on places you are considering a visit. For instance, what safety standards should a guest need to leave a country for emergency medical care. Information is the most powerful tool to have at your disposal, and travelers looking to see the world again can find out what they need.

Let’s take a look at a more specific example that is helping to inspire travelers to go back to doing what they love.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club: The Safe Guest Program

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club has a program that is certainly having an impact when it comes to safety protocol reassurance. The Safe Guest Program can assist you in finding medical resources for vaccination, for instance. Royal Holiday Vacation Club can assist travelers with other valuable resources as well. 

For instance, should a traveler test positive, finding quarantine and treatment options is no longer a panic, as the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has already built a network to help keep surprise costs at bay. These are just a few samples of what Royal Holiday Vacation Club has put into place to help ensure that travelers can put more trust in traveling safely during these times.

While nothing guarantees 100% safety until everyone can be vaccinated, it’s nice to know that new Travel Industry safety standards from organizations like the WTTC and companies like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club are opening the world back up just a little at a time.

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