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Choosing Caravan Air Conditioners For Your Next Summer Trip

Choosing Caravan Air Conditioners For Your Next Summer Trip

Caravan Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is essential for a caravan trip for everyone’s comfort. It is more than a luxury and can be expensive depending on its type. This type of cooling system differs from what we use at home in so many ways. The two systems can never be a good alternative for one another as they also work otherwise.

So, here is a buyer’s guide to show the different types of caravan air conditioners and how they work.

Why You Should Install An Air Conditioner Into Your Caravan?

As a household air-con system won’t work, you can opt for air conditioners for your caravan. They have unique features that are fitted for a summer caravan trip, such as impact resistance. The air conditioner has to be mounted steadily while the vehicle is on the road. And offers a lot more features to benefit travelers.

Though it demands more costs, an air conditioner is necessary for both short and long trips as weather can be unpredictable.

Most sellers include a manual to properly install the air-con in the caravan. However, it is advised to hire a licensed technician to do the job for best results.

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Types of Caravan Air Conditioners

Below are the two types of air conditioners for a caravan that you should consider. Each unit has important features to offer that will satisfy your specific needs. It includes:

1. Roof-Top Caravan Air Conditioners

The first type is the roof-top air conditioners which are suitable for RVs with smaller living space. It fits for a caravan’s roof that has a 360x360mm or 400x400mm square opening. An adapter is needed for more solid installment and it is also easy to mount. There will be enough space for the travelers with this air-con type.

Roof-top air conditioners may come in various models. Some are higher while the other units can be wider, which you must consider when buying one. One more thing is that this air-con system cannot be affected by the wind since it is mounted on the RV’s roof.

2. Built-In Caravan Air Conditioners

Built-in air-con system is made for pop-top caravans and camper trailers. It is a split system, unlike the prior unit which prevents adding weight to the caravan. This can also be mounted either under the bench or on the cupboards.

Compared to roof-top air conditioners, this one is a lot quieter. It is installed lower and as a result, it cools inside the caravan quicker.

How Does Caravan Air Conditioner Work?

Caravan air conditioners work for heating and cooling your entire trip. It is called the reverse cycle that uses a compressor to deliver your desired temperature. The weather outside does not matter however icy outdoors can be an issue for some units.

For those who travel in cold areas more often, a heating system is highly recommended. And this is also the most effective type of air-con system for caravans.

Factors To Consider When Buying Caravan Air Conditioner

In selecting air conditioners for caravans, many factors have to be considered aside from the two different types. That includes:

1. Cooling and Heating Capacity

Knowing the capacity of the air-con system will determine its overall performance. There are two measurement units used, either kilowatts or BTUs.

The power output for a cooling unit must be between 2.0 to 3.2 kilowatts and 1.0 to 3.2 kilowatts for the heating unit.

2. Size

The amount of the unit’s capacity may vary according to the size of the caravan in height. For example, a 5-meter high vehicle will require not less than 2.5 kilowatts. Bigger caravans will demand more power output for an air-con system to operate.

3. Energy Consumption

A caravan air conditioner will consume a lot of energy, whether you like it or not. It uses up not less than 1000 kilowatts compared to other home appliances that consume only hundreds of kilowatts. This applies when your caravan runs through a generator.

Some caravans use solar power but are not that economical. So, better check the air conditioer’s specification, especially its capacity, to avoid further issues.

4. Other Accessories

Though an air-con unit for caravans is inclusive of all the necessary fittings, there are more items you may consider.

One is the H-frame suitable for roofstyle air conditioners that will add up support for the unit. Additional adapters are also a great buy for installation purposes.

Best Brands Of Caravan Air Conditioners That You Can Buy

Finding a shop online for your caravan air conditioning that sells high-quality products is vital. Among the best picks must include a good warranty and service which you won’t regret buying. Here are the brands offering air conditioners for your needs:

1. Dometic

This store offers reliable air conditioners for RVs. It consists of many innovative heating and cooling units, for instance is the inverter compressor that was released in 2016. It is designed for caravans that most customers liked.

2. Dometic Aircommand

If you want the most latest caravan air-con models, then Aircommand is the best choice. They are more lightweight and have improved features for better performance.


To sum it all up, an air conditioner is a crucial part of your caravan that aims for comfort in all conditions. Using the right type of air-con unit can bring a lot of benefits, thus considering the necessary factors when looking for one is recommended. Pick a unit among the best brands that will suit your budget and  needs.

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