Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Game Trailers 2021

Top 5 Most Anticipated Video Game Trailers 2021

Most Anticipated Video Game Trailers

What once started as an amusement game on an oscilloscope, using an analogue computer, has evolved into an obsession for many and a favourite hobby. What once required technical mechanics to function, or needed one to travel to an arcade to play, is now readily available on portable console devices as well as smartphones, video games, of course.

Video Gaming in 2021

We have come quite far as a developed society, wherein we rely on machines and computers to perform most of our manual tasks. Although some of these alternatives may appear costly, such as high-branded smartphones or electronic devices, they are highly useful in saving our time and providing 100% more efficiency.

However, not all these technologies are to ease labour; some are rather just for providing entertainment, with the top-rated being console gaming devices like the PlayStation and Xbox series, which has taken video gaming up a notch. Even modern-day smartphones now support intense graphic games, making mobile phone gaming an entirely new genre for players.

The world of gaming has something for everyone. Even if you want to still continue using your powerful gaming PC to play games, you can do that. All you need to do is download the latest and most exciting PC versions fromĀ thenewpiratebay, complete the installation process and start your gaming adventures.

The Effects of the Pandemic

The year 2020 was a roller coaster of emotions, with the world drowning in the disastrous effects of COVID-19. People in every corner of the globe compelled to stay locked inside, with many losing their jobs, their health, and their wealth in the process. Another dangerous side effect was taking care of one’s mental health during all this stress period. Even so, the Internet and video gaming facility remained a huge helping hand. Students found their hope in online classes and examinations, business in online meetings and portals, and gamers found solace in video gaming.

This applied to gamers who love action/adventure and the gambling fans, which saddened by the closure of their favourite casinos but eventually were excited to see it all turn online. Gradually, online gambling and poker rose to success as multiple casinos released game applications that can downloaded on devices and enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Gamblers were thrilled at the news of playing from the comfort of their homes, be it games involving real money or the free mobile versions choosing from a wide range of free IGT slots and games by other providers.

Thus, the arrival of 2021 was a ray of hope that COVID-19 would end soon. The game developers, too, ensured that their fans gave the best versions of their favourite games, which are innovative and updated with recent high-tech features. Fans now anticipate the release of games that already have them hooked, just with their eye-catching trailers.

Top 5 Game Trailers With The Most Hype

Top 5 Game Trailers With The Most Hype

Video games have seen some incredible changes over the last ten years, not just in terms of the storylines but also graphics, soundtracks, gameplay quality, and character definition. Those games that earned the topmost ranks in ratings also stole the attention of directors and producers, who eventually released movies and series based on them. A few famous examples include the Resident Evil saga, The Witcher, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, and Mortal Kombat. For this year, here are the top 5 trailers that have fans going crazy for the release of the actual game:

#1. Resident Evil Village

Capcom, the development company for this epic horror series, set the bar right at the top with the teaser of this next part. It launches worldwide this May, but the trailers till then have the fans squealing with excitement. So far, we have 4 trailers, with the recent one having released just 2 days ago, that featured an exciting demo, introducing us to the eerie new characters included.

#2. God of War: Ragnarok

This game remained within the top ratings in PlayStation4, but now, with the launch of PlayStation5, the new version of the game is set to release. The release date is yet to revealed, but the teaser trailer was enough to get the hype up. Now, fans await a proper trailer that shows the storyline this part would follow, perhaps a battle amongst Asgard and Midgard? Only time will tell.

#3. Returnal

Launching for PlayStation5 by the end of April, the shooting game revolving around space and alien planets with a space pilot as the protagonist ranks in the list of most anticipated video games. The recent trailer, just four days ago, had the fans in frenzy as they witnessed the finest graphics in a game as well as how the interaction with equipment around gives a super realistic feel.

#4. Far Cry 6

The series has come a long way since the first part in 2004. In this new part, the location is a tropical paradise, and the gameplay remains the same, with players using basic items as weapons to fight the other clans. The first official trailer for part 6 was released last year, but there was no confirmed release date for itself, which is why the fan base now awaits a follow-up trailer with more details and perhaps a final date for the game launch.

#5. The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Originally announced to release in 2021, it has now delayed to 2022, but that means loads of exciting trailers until then. So far, we only have the sneak peek released by the end of March, but that itself had the entire Lord of the Rings fan base in a thrill, who impatiently waited for follow-up trailers to see more into the action and adventure packed game of the Gollum.

Further Advancements to Video Gaming

Technology continues to evolve with every passing day, promising us a better and brighter future. The gaming industry is pacing fast on the track to modernization, bringing us high-fi options like the devices fitted with artificial intelligence and virtual reality gear, which gives us an experience so realistic, it is hard to distinguish the real world from the world of simulations.

There are plenty of credible games that you can download online and play them from a comfortable offline setting on your PC. If you are a beginner, you can get overwhelmed when you play online with others. This allows you the opportunity to hone your skills and then proceed to a pro level. To download the best video games for PC, visitĀ RARBG proxy.

The advancements do not just apply to console gaming but also to mobile games, which appear to be the future of e-gaming. A majority of the mobile development companies working towards releasing models that solely for gaming, fitted with a bigger sized RAM, HD screen colours, and long battery life to keep the game running smoothly. If anything, gaming is sure to become more accessible and competitive.

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