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9 Outdoor Florida Activities To Take Advantage Of In The Summer

9 Outdoor Florida Activities To Take Advantage Of In The Summer

Outdoor Activities In Florida

Florida is also famous as the sunshine state for a reason. There’s a lot of fun outdoor activities to do in Florida. If you’re lucky enough to be here, below are some of the fun activities to take advantage of during this summer.

Florida Beach#1. Cool Off in America’s Largest Freshwater Swimming Pool

As the sunshine state, Florida experiences a lot of heat during summer. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn’t fret, because there are different ways to relax during the hot summer. One way is to cool off in the largest freshwater swimming pool in the United States.

Florida holds the largest freshwater swimming pool in the United States. The Venetian Pool in Coral Gables is large enough and open to give visitors to Florida the best outdoor dive of a lifetime.

The pool is also a historical site, which means that asides from enjoying soaking in the pool, you can also take in the view as a tourist.

Visitors to the Venetian pool can also explore the waterfalls and the cave-like grottos situated within the premises.

#2. Have a Trip Down the Ichetucknee River

The Ichetucknee Springs State Park located at the Southwest border of Columbia County. It is one of the most transparent freshwater spots in Florida.

The beautiful meandering spring offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the freshwater with floating tubes. There are other sights to explore, such as wetland plants, unique and wildlife in the area.

#3. Treat Your Palate to Some Florida Sweetness

Nothing goes well with summertime than some ice cream to cool off the heat. Florida has the right spot at Jaxson’s Ice Cream parlor in Dania Beach.

Jaxson’s Ice Cream parlor is a delight for both kids and adults who love delicious ice creams. Adults who love vintage décor will find the parlor interesting, with its old-fashioned 1950’s style décor.

There are varieties of things on offer, ranging from Monster Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae to Super Jumbo Banana Split, all filled with mouth-watering toppings.

#4. Enjoy The Waterpark Thrills

The Sunshine State has a lot of water, sun, beaches, and water parks, and one of the best ways to enjoy the state is to visit the waterparks.

There are plenty of waterparks to explore in Florida. There are abundant water parks and small ones, and they all have different activities scheduled for visiting tourists.

For, instance, you can visit the Rapids Water Park in Riviera Beach. Although it’s not one of the biggest, the park boasts of a total of 35 fun-filled slides, one of which is the famous Big Thunder.

#5. Have Fun Kayaking

Kayaking on its own is a fun activity, but doing it in Florida makes it even more enjoyable.

Enjoy kayaking at Titusville, especially at night, when the water glows due to the bioluminescent organisms that come around at night.

Watching the blue glow of the ocean is truly amazing, and it should be part of your Florida bucket list.

Have a look at for more in-depth guides about kayaking.

#6. Bask in the Natural Beauty at The Bok Tower Gardens

Bok Tower Gardens offers a mixture of historical delight and natural wonder. This makes it a must-visit while you are in Florida.

The 205-foot tall tower is a garden filled with exquisite species of camellias, azaleas, orchids, irises, and so on. It is also a bird sanctuary with an estimate of 126 bird species.

The magnificent tower also sports 60-carillon bells that shimmer and beautify the tower and is definitely among the best places to visit in Florida.

#7. Have A Swim with The Dolphins At Discovery Cove

Take the opportunity to have fun with the bottlenose dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando.

The dolphins at Discovery Cove are not only super cool but are also very friendly. So, as a guest, you can experience swimming with dolphins and take pictures.

Asides the dolphins, Discovery Cove also sports an underwater walking tour where guests can have a closer look at the marine life.

#8. Enjoy Some Seafood Treat

Florida blessed with beautiful beaches and water bodies replete with varieties of marine life. Therefore, it is not shocking that there is numerous seafood available for your tasting pleasure.

You will find seafood at most beachside restaurants all in Florida. You can check restaurants like J.B. Fish Camp & Seafood, Destin, among others.

#9. Take A Tour to The Magical World of Harry Potter

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you can’t miss it! Universal Studio brings a world of magic and wonder to the people in Florida.

The Harry Potter park filled with references from the movies, which makes the experience so surreal. You can take a ride in Hogwarts express, have fun on Hogwarts themed rollercoasters, and enjoy a lovely jug of butterbeer at Diagon Alley.

Harry Potter World adds more magic to everything Florida stands for.


Florida offers one of the best outdoor summer activities anywhere in the world. There’re varieties to choose from; you can decide to take a refreshing swim at the Venetian Pool, go kayaking, explore the magical world of Harry Potter, to mention a few.

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