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Top 5 Destinations For Students To Travel

Top 5 Destinations For Students To Travel

Destinations For Students To Travel

Students are supposed to always learn something new in order to become a better version of them. That’s why they try to combine every activity they do with self-development. When it comes to traveling, students also find destinations that may be useful for them in getting new knowledge in their field of education.

This article gives you the top 5 destinations for students who learn medicine, finance and economics, languages, business, and architecture. Read the article and choose where to travel to!

Tips for Students

Before we move to the travel ideas, let’s look at two important aspects – money and time – for you to travel.


For all young people, money may cause a problem. We suggest that you save every month from all money you earn (salary or scholarship). Financial analytics say that the best way is to save money is to economize 20% of everything you earn.


When it comes to free time, students are often short of this resource. The best tip we have here is to delegate some of your tasks. For example, there are websites like PaperCheap, where you can order your essays and papers. You will get a high-quality product and have time to do something else.

Travel Destinations

#1. China for Medical Students

If you study medicine, you should visit China. This country can share its traditional medicine secrets with you, which serve as a background for many of the modern methods we use and its cutting-edge achievements in the field.

To begin with, visit the Shanghai Museum of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), where you will learn exciting facts about the development of medicine in Asia and China.

Shanghai Museum

Don’t miss the Great Wall, because there are facilities for those interested in medicine. You can talk to old doctors who practice traditional medicine and learn a lot about the connection between physical and mental health.

Great Wall Of China

For students who are skeptical about traditional medicine, there are a lot of hospitals with state-of-art methods. Beijing is the best city to visit if you want to look at the current situation with medicine in China. Try out these hospitals: China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and Beijing Children’s Hospital. If you show your ISIC with an indication that you are studying medicine, the staff will show you around.

#2. Switzerland for Economics Students

If you are studying economics and finance, you know that the experience of Switzerland is unique. The methods this country uses in banks and finance taught in many universities all around the world. Unfortunately, you will not be lucky to learn the secrets of banks, as medical students can do in hospitals in China, but you can visit Schweizer Finanzmuseum in Zurich.

Schweizer Finanzmuseum

The foundation Collection of Historical Securities runs this museum. You can learn about the evolution of the global economy and secrets that helped some economies to withstand all insecurities.

If you become interested in the phenomenon of Switzerland, you can ask your guide in the museum to give you the contacts of financial analysts. Museum workers and analysts cooperate, so it will not be a problem. Then, you can talk in detail with a professional.

#3. Italy for Language Students

Italy is regarded as one of the best countries for diving into the history of languages because the Italian language now is the closest one to Latin. If you learn Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and/or English, you should come to Italy. You don’t even have to look for specific destinations because hearing the language is available in any region, and that is all you need to expand your knowledge in languages.

However, here are some suggestions. We know that understanding a language means understanding the culture of the people who speak it. The Museum of Roman Civilization in Rome is the best place to start. You will see the historical development of the civilization that shaped Europe.

Roman Civilization Museum

We also suggest you talking to natives, especially older people, who can tell you about the changes their language has endured.

#4. Wilmington, Delaware for Business Students

It goes without saying that New York is a center of business and commerce. However, for business students, it is essential to understand the history of entrepreneurship and management. For this purpose, Wilmington, Delaware, is the best place.

There is the Museum of Business History and Technology in Wilmington, where you can learn everything you need about the struggles in business that people faced in the past and still face in the present time.

Business History and Technology Museum

Visiting this museum is like diving into the inner world of business, so it will be helpful for you.

#5. France for Architecture Students

Old Europe is full of interesting buildings in different styles. However, France stands out among them because it has the most famous architectural structures. It is not a big country, so you can visit all places you want in a week.

Let us start with Paris. The Eiffel Tour is the construction all architects have to see. There is a small museum on the Tour, so you can even see the construction plans. Besides, the Notre-Dame de Paris is under reconstruction now after the fire so that you can see it with your own eyes.

Notre-Dame de Paris

You should also visit Strasbourg, which is a city with both old and modern architecture. The New Town is full of perfect examples that can inspire you.


Provence is also a region you cannot miss. It has its own style in architecture and design that is recognizable all around the world. The small houses you will see there are gaining popularity to use the idea in your projects.

So, these were the top 5 destinations for medical, finance and economics, language, business, and architecture students. Don’t wait and travel to the places that will expand your understanding of the field you are studying!

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