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5 Things To Do To Make Your Travel Video More Memorable

5 Things To Do To Make Your Travel Video More Memorable

Things To Make Your Travel Video More Memorable

There are very few things that last forever, and video is one of them. By uploading them to your social media accounts, and they will be there for generations to come. That’s why travellers often focus on making video memories. Travel videos are fun to make and help you share your experiences with the world. Every month, people watch billions of hours of videos on YouTube, seeking information on how travellers explore new places. However, unless you are cautious about filming your surroundings, it can be a real pain to shoot a perfect travel video that people love to watch.

So, here’s a complete guide that will help you make your travel videos more memorable and engaging to attract the audiences.

#1. Watch travel videos:

As a professional writer, reading is as essential as writing to hone your skills. Otherwise, how else will you keep yourself abreast of the latest industry trends? The same rule applies to almost everything, including making videos. Learning is a never-ending process. Even if you are the master of your field, there is always a scope to learn from your peers.

Hence, watching a few travel videos of established vloggers can help learn about the latest filming and editing styles. So go online and watch a few YouTube videos, get inspired, and gather some techniques to use when you set off. Remember, you have to seek inspiration from their videos, don’t copy.

#2. Pick your gear:

It is truly a big question: what gear to take with you when you are going on the trip? Honestly speaking, it is entirely up to you – a DSLR, a phone, a digital camera, a camcorder, a tripod, and something else. However, there are four types of cameras you can consider to use during your trip:

  • Phone camera: – ‘Keep-it-with-you-always’
  • Compact camera: – ‘Fits-in-your-pocket’
  • A DSLR: – ‘Takes-a-bit-packing-space’
  • DSLR with a few other types of equipment: – ‘Bring-a-separate-bag.’

Don’t burden yourself with so many useless gears. Your phone and a tripod are enough to do the job.

#3. Get filming:

Once you are all set with inspiration and equipment, it is time to embark on your video making adventure. So, now you are at your dream destination, what will you film? Well, whatever you film, be sure to avoid making these common mistakes.

  • Don’t shoot everything. Or you will end up with too much footage to sort from, eventually eating up a lot of your time. Capture only those moments that are unique and present your take of the place.  Provide the freshness with a viewer is looking for.
  • Don’t film only landscapes when you visit a place. While landscapes do lend a beautiful backdrop, a place’s life is its people and interpersonal relationships. Make a point to bring in the right balance between the two. It will help you in retaining the soul of the place even through your video.
  • Avoid filming anything as soon as you reach the place. Wait for a second, think for a while before filming. It will help you get excellent and steady shots. It is not necessary to shoot videos only. You can click pictures too and convert your travel photos into videos using a tool like this one here. Make a list of some of the shots you would like to capture on your trip and shoot only the right stuff.

#4. Use video tools to edit:

Using a professional video editing tool can uplift your beautiful footage several notches. Since the internet is jam-packed with millions of apps and software, ranging from free ones to premium ones, figuring out which one can best suit your needs without digging a hole in your pocket can be a challenging task, especially for beginners.

Well, worry, not! InVideo is the answer to all your travel video editing needs. The tool offers plenty of features, tutorials, and a vast media library to play around with your footage and make a fantastic travel video that everyone will love to watch. If you don’t want to spend $$$ on professional-level programs, this free video making app can be the best bet for you. Even a complete video novice can import, cut, trim and edit video clips with this proficient video making platform. Making travel videos is super easy and fun with the right video editor like InVideo. Furthermore, you can use the video collage maker feature of InVideo to give a new look to your productions.

#5. Turn on the sound effect: 

Visuals and sound go together like Cheese and Pasta. Whether it is a wedding video or a travel vlog, a good video always incorporates sound. Adding sound effects is one of the essential steps in making travel videos, but often travellers come undone. Sound can either be some appealing music or your voice, or a mixture of both. The sound of music should be in line with your video pace. You can add the sound effect either before beginning to edit or during the editing process, but you have to make sure that the audio and video are in perfect sync. Also, it is best to choose royalty-free music for your videos, or you may end up paying a lot of money.

Final travel video tip:

If you truly want to shoot a fantastic travel video that people will love to watch, forget about everything around you and be the real you while filming it. The perfect video might ask you to talk to your camera in the crowd, dance like no one is watching in the middle of a mall, get up at 4:00 AM to capture the tower roof in the golden sunshine, and so on. In short, a perfect travel video may ask you to look like a fool or a pro. Whatever it requires, embrace it! It will pay you back when people click “play.”

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