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Swim With Dolphins In Puerto Vallarta And Aquaventuras In Nuevo Vallarta

Swim With Dolphins In Puerto Vallarta And Aquaventuras In Nuevo Vallarta

Swim with Dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

Aquaventuras is the biggest water parks in Puerto Vallarta. What makes the recreation centre genuinely extraordinary is that you will have the occasion to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta. Even though Aquaventuras is in Nuevo Vallarta, it is direct to get from Puerto Vallarta; it is close to 15 minutes away.

Aquaventuras Park

Aquaventuras ParkPrepare to live a day brimming with exercises, with an assortment of slides; pick which one is best for you and in which you set out to wander; likewise appreciate total unwinding in the moderate stream or on the off chance that you need to have a great time, Jump into the wave pool and battle to beat the waves.

If water isn’t your thing, appreciate the region of outrageous exercises and show your aptitude. Do you try to bounce on the zip line and fly over everything? You may incline toward “The Challenge,” a trial of your equilibrium and actual quality. If, with this, you don’t feel the adrenaline, attempt the climbing divider and show everybody your capacity.

Not all things are exercises; if what you incline toward is a day of rest for your allies to have a great time, you can rest on a bed and appreciate the sun of Nuevo Vallarta.

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with DolphinsOne of the recreation centre’s best encounters and the ideal supplement to your day, you can visit the recreation centre without swimming with dolphins; at the same time, when you purchase your dolphin experience, affirmation is incorporated.

The dolphin environment at Aquaventuras is the just one with ALLIANCE and AMHMAR accreditations in Puerto Vallarta.

Connection with Sea Lions

Connection with Sea LionsNotwithstanding swimming with dolphins, Dolphin Discovery additionally permits you to meet the ocean lions, one of the noblest marine warm-blooded creatures that will cause you to recall your canine at home.

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