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List Of Things That You Need To Experience In Your Amritsar Trip

List of things that you need to experience in your Amritsar trip

Things To Experience In Your Amritsar Trip

Amritsar, located in the northwestern state of India in Punjab, has some of the fantastic things in store for you. Known for its commercial culture and transportation centre, you ger to visit many places in which some of them are Harmandir Sahib, Golden temple & more! Amritsar has plenty of attractions where some of them are partition museum, Punjabi restaurants, and more. If you love North Indian food, you might go for the dishes in Amritsar’s well-known hotels or at least try them out.

Are you planning for the Amritsar trip? If so, why miss the opportunity of visiting the holy city & the yummy Punjabi food? Make the most gluttonous journey that gives you an experience of tasting spiritual culinary revelation of dishes and flavours, leaving you with a pleasant surprise. Even then, people ask for more. No one can deny the magical food that you get in Amritsar. Here are some of your favourite dishes you can have:

#1. Puri Chhole

Has been everyone’s favourite all over India, especially among the South and the West Indians. At Amritsar, you get a light fluffy & stupendously delicious Puris, which increases the appetite of all the Puri Chhole lovers. The moment they get the smell or even get a glimpse of Puri Chhole, their mouth starts watering & they would lick their fingers & clean the plate.

#2. Amritsari Kulcha

Made of naan bread recipe, stuffed with potato, Amritsari Kulcha has been the second most favourite dish as people consume the Kulcha with chole masala or channa masala. Get the stuffed flakey Kulcha with a variety of unimaginable flavours that puts you in awe on your palate! If you are not having Amritsari Kulcha, you miss the taste and the characteristics, which you won’t get in any part of the world besides Amritsar. The types of Amritsar Kulcha are:

  • Garlic Kulcha
  • Paneer Kulcha
  • Wheat Kulcha
  • Masala Kulcha
  • Onion Kulcha
  • Potato Kulcha
  • Chhole Kulcha

#3. Chaat & fried street food

Amritsar also brags of Chaat & street food, which changes the likes of Mumbai in no time. If you have stellar street food in Amritsar, you will forget about having them in other cities. The Amritsari Chaat and fried food boost your appetite, which makes you think about the recipes the makers use. The types of Chaat items are:

  • Tiki
  • Bun tiki
  • Bhelpuri
  • Papdi Chaat
  • Samosa Paneer
  • Spring Rolls
  • Gol Gappe and more

#4. Vegetarian Indian Thalis

Is it not unusual to have multiple gravies with Punjabi roti on a single plate? The difference between Amritsari Vegetarian thalis and other is you will find the former with pure desi ghee. Just a glimpse of Amritsari Vegetarian thali suffices 50% of your hunger.

#5. Vegetarian Food Haven

If you believe in having a pure vegetarian food, you get them in large varieties. You can opt for Paneer Bhurji and Nutri and enjoy the taste. Even if you have Vegetarian Food Haven, being a non-vegetarian, you will get a unique experience, which you will never regret.

#6. Mutton & Brain from Tawa

Apart from the vegetarian food, puri chole, and others, Amritsar can also give you exceptional flavours with outrageous ghee in non-vegetarian food as well. In Amritsar, you get a unique carnivore grub with Tawa, made of iron. You also get a fried brain curry, mutton tikke, with desi ghee and soft kulchas.

#7. Butter & Tandoori Chicken

If you have not tasted Butter & Tandoori Chicken, then why not have it in Amritsar? Prepared with the chicken items, you can try out the dish that gives you delicious tastes, packed with intense flavours and creams. When you pair them with NAAN or Kulcha, we guarantee that you will get the most delightful experience. Alternatively, you can try for other recipes like:

  • Creamy butter chicken recipe
  • Butter chicken without tomato
  • Indian Butter Chicken and others

#8. Desserts

Do you feel that your meals are incomplete? Well, many people think their meals till they have something for their cooling effect on their system. Some are unable to do without curds, whereas a particular group of people feels they need to have sweets at the end. If you are a sweet lover, you may try out desserts for a change for complete meals. Amritsar comes to you with the best desserts, which even the foreigners get delighted as soon as they have them.

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