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12 Best Family Friendly Camping Places In Guanacaste

12 Best Family Friendly Camping Places In Guanacaste

Family Friendly Camping Places In Guanacaste

Guanacaste, on the pacific coast of northwest Costa Rica, is one of the most famous provinces with spectacular beaches in the world. Guanacaste Gold Coast has become a tropical paradise because of its biodiverse parklands, blue waters, and volcanic mountain range. This small country has 300 beaches at the most divine locations.

Playa Conchal, located close to Brasilito, is considered the most beautiful beach in Guanacaste. Some coastal towns, such as Tamarindo, Liberia Sámara, Playa del Coco, and Playa Grande, have stunning luxurious resorts and hotels crowded with foreign tourists throughout the year.

There are also options for Guanacaste vacation rentals to camp inside the national parks, which would let you experience the beauty of the tropical world more closely. Some campgrounds feature luxurious tents with special provisions like- porches, yards, terraces, and a swimming pool which makes them more suitable for camping with friends and family for a longer duration.

Here are the 12 best family-friendly camping places to choose in Guanacaste

1. Kasiiya Papagayo

If you want to spend your holiday vacation with your family in the lap of nature within the luxury, then Kasiiya Papagayo is the right place for you. It is a luxurious eco-resort located in Sardinal.

The tented suites are set across the private peninsula of the beach, so every morning in Guanacaste will start with the mesmerizing sea views. Every tented suite has a personal bathroom with showers in every unit. Kasiiya Papagayo has a restaurant that is all about Costa Rican cuisine, and the menu involves a variety of meals and beverages. The restaurant serves 3 courses of delicious meals every day that are made with fresh local herbs and ingredients.

2. La Casa Del Arbol Camping Zone

La Casa de Arbol Camping Zone is located in Playa Rajada. This campsite is primarily known for kite surfing. Although La Casa de Arbol does not have a restaurant, however, there are some restaurants in nearby places such as Blue Dream Hotel, The Naked Indian, and Tatay Cafe restaurants that the tourists love.

One of the unique features of La Casa de Arbol Camping Zone is that its tents are made like tress houses with all required facilities. In addition, some of these tents provide special amenities such as a dining area, a patio, an air conditioner, and 24/7 access to free wifi.

3. Sandra Murillo’s Camping

Sandra Murillo’s Camping is a famous place in Playa Pelado, Nosara. Tourists love this campsite for the hospitality of tour guides and for providing some unique facilities that most small camping sites do not offer. In this camp zone, all campers will have free access to wifi, free parking, and a buffet breakfast in the restaurant.

The campers can go out for hiking, trekking, surfing, turtle nesting tours, or other outdoor activity with the help of the local tour guide of the campsite. The tourists can also see popular nearby areas close to Sandara Murillo’s Camping, such as Nosara Escape and Bar El Zarpe.

4. Cabinas Cristina

Cabinas Cristina is a popular camping place in Guanacaste, located just near the jungle, Playa Potrero. It is one of the cheapest accommodation places in the province, providing special amenities like a kitchenette, an air conditioner, a refrigerator, free parking, and free wifi.

Cabinas Cristina had been ranked 7th out of all 19 special lodges of Costa Rica. The nearby attractions of the place other than Playa Potrero include a few fancy restaurants such as La Forketta, Perlas, and The Shack. Cabinas Cristina is set in a beautiful tropical garden, so don’t get amazed if you see a Howler monkey running around the place.

5. Tamarindo Estuary Boat Safari

If you have had enough of the crowded beaches, you should tour Las Baulas National Park with Tamarindo Estuary Boat Safari. This tour will take you through the beautiful range of tropical dry forests and allow you to encounter some of the most exotic-looking wild creatures.

During the mangroves tour with Tamarindo Estuary Boat Safari, you will learn a new kind of experience on the ecosystem of the biodiverse areas. You will also get the opportunity to get off the boat and explore the intimate parts of the wildlife of Tamarindo.

6. Camping Don Julian

Camping Don Julian is located at Playa Brasilito in Guanacaste province. This campsite remains open 24/7 every day. All other rooms of the camping area are set across the tropical land, and each one of them features a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a laundry room, and many more.

The campsite is situated in such an area that you can easily go out on beaches like Conchal, Flaming, and Tamarindo. There are also provisions for food in the area so that you don’t have to worry about going to a restaurant for dining. You can feel like your home.

7. Junquillal Beach Campsite

Junquillal Beach Campsite, located on the right of Playa Junquillal, is 2.85 acres of land that is perfect for camping on vacation with friends and family. Spending time at the campsite, close to the serene beaches and tropical trees, would give you a paradise feel.

In addition, you can do lots of things while on the campsite. Just a mile from the camp, you can go to the beach for surfing lessons or enjoy a horseback ride in the nearby forest. And if you are someone who likes to chill around or sightsee surfers, then this beach campsite is the right place for you.

8. Camping Didi Contreras

Camping Didi Contreras is located at Brasilito in Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. This campsite is just located near the beach, so spending days and nights here would feel as if you are on the open land of the beach. But you can still do enjoyable stuff.

For example, if you are with your friends, you can spend time playing games at night or knock over beer bottles beside your site. You can also explore some nearby small towns that have restaurants and bars or set up a plan to hike in a dense forest.

9. Tamarindo Surf Camping

Costa Rica has some fabulous places that offer a wide variety of courses in the surf, and one of the best places should be the Tamarindo Surf camp. The camping sites close to the sandy beaches of Tamarindo offer surf packages to all levels of surfers, be they noob or advanced-skill surfer.

The surfing environment is very friendly; you would be learning surfing lessons guided by local experts who are experienced in catching waves and spend the rest of the night at the camp sitting idle or playing games with your friends. The camp provides catering facilities, but you can still pick up items from a grocery shop and cook your food peacefully.

10. Oasis Place campground

Oasis Place Campground in Nicoya, Guanacaste, is a private place of accommodation located right near the beach. This place is extremely suitable for nature lovers. It has tents in the safest and most secure area with essential amenities.

The campground also serves meals to tourists living in the camps and offers additional facilities like free wifi and free parking. The environment of the oasis is incredible. You can view the beach across the tropical forest or see surfers catching waves while sitting inside the camp.

11. Camping La Tronadora

Camping La Tronadora is close to Colegio Técnico Professional Tronadora in Guanacaste province. Tourists come to Camping La Tronadora for accommodation, but the main attraction is the popular nearby places.

Hacienda El Viejo Wetlands is just some miles away from Camping La Tronadora. It is a private wildlife area that has historical significance in Costa Rica. Tourists choose boating to visit the area while enjoying the views of the beautiful Tempisque River.

12. Camping Coco’s

Camping Coco’s is located on the beach, which is 0.1 km from the center of Playa Samara. Camping Coco’s does not have provisions like other campsites. The camp’s tents are set up in an open area, and the bathroom and toilets are for common use and far away from the campsite.

There is no catering service, so you are bound to look for other sources or nearby restaurants. Tourists come to Camping Coco’s to spend their nights or have a camping experience with friends or family. The main attraction of tourists is the popular Samara Beach, which is only 0.2 km away from Camping Coco’s.

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