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Coonoor – Places to Visit, Weather, Hotels – Complete Guide 2020

Coonoor - Places to Visit, Weather, Hotels - Complete Guide 2020

Coonoor is one among the most beautiful and serene hill stations in India, and also the second-largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats. This hill station located at an altitude of 1850 meters above sea level. Coonoor tourist destination is just 19 km from India’s famous hill station Ooty. Coonoor is a spectacular tourist destination with attractive views of the Nilgiri Hills and Catherine Falls.

If you want to go to a quiet, beautiful, and natural place with your partner, then this hill station will be a perfect choice and perfect place to lose yourself in the eternal beauty of nature. If you are planning to travel to Coonoor or want information about its tourist destinations, then here we are taking you on a short trip to Coonoor tourism.

What is the distance from Coonoor to Ooty?

The distance between Coonoor to Ooty is about 20 km by road via NH181. The travel duration will be approximately 45 to 50 min.

Why is Coonoor tourism so famous?

Tea Gardens of Coonoor

As said in the above paragraph, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills, and home to some of the largest and most attractive tea estates in India. Coonoor is a fascinating tourist destination like Ooty right now. Along with this, there is not much crowd of tourists here.

The tea plantations of [Coonoor] form a vital part of the city’s land and employ a large number of people here. Coonoor’s tea plantations are beautiful, which you must visit. There are also several treks in the gardens that take you to a place where you can see various waterfalls.

Flora and Fauna in Coonoor

Coonoor is a paradise for those who like to see lush vegetation, nature, and fauna. In the presence of the Nilgiri mountain range, tourists can see many types of flora and fauna.

Looking at filled tea gardens under the blue sky can give you a great experience. Apart from tea gardens, Sim’s Park also locates where many rare exotic trees and plant varieties are visible. Different types of trees found here which include the names of Eucalyptus, Acacia, Pinus, Cinnamomum, Rudraksha, Araucaria, Quercus, Phoenix, Magnolia, Pine, Turpentine, Tree Ferns and Camellia.

[Coonoor] is also an excellent place for bird watching. A variety of birds such as cormorants, pipits, thrushes, parakeets, and skylarks are visible here. Apart from this, wild elephants also sighted in the surrounding areas.

Places to Visit in Coonoor

Below are some tourist places in Coonoor where you can visit during your Coonoor trip.

#1. Law’s Falls

Law’s Falls is a perfect place for a picnic about 7 km outside the city of Coonoor and spending time in the lap of nature. The falls located on the Mettupalayam-Coonoor-Ooty route, where the waterfalls from the height of 180 ft. This place surrounded by natural forests and a perfect place for nature lovers and children.

#2. Sim’s Park

A lovely place in Coonoor where tourists can spend a peaceful time in the lap of nature is Sim’s Park. This park is a treasure of life, where many species of plants are visible. A famous scenic spot in Coonoor, which is home to more than a thousand different tree species.

The park located in Nilgiri, Tamil Nadu, on the northern side of the Coonoor railway station, where tourists can easily reach this place. The park spreads over an area of ​​12 hectares, and this fascinating park thrills botanists around the world. It is a very famous park visited by thousands of tourists every year.

#3. Lamb’s Rock

The Lamb’s Rock is a major tourist destination and exists in the Coonoor tourist places list, which is just 8 km from the city while on the way to Dolphin’s Nose. This place offers some charming views of the Coimbatore plains and the Coonoor hills.

#4. Dolphin’s Nose

One among the best places to see in Coonoor, which situates at a distance of about 10 km, is Dolphin’s Nose. The area offers a fantastic panoramic view of not only the Nilgiri hills but also the Catherine Falls.

#5. Highfield Tea Estate

The Highfield Tea Estate is a tea factory that is famous for its smell of fresh tea. This tea estate set up around the Nilgiris for the use of tea plantations that produce exquisite tea. This tea factory is about 50 years old, where tea lovers, as well as those who come to visit this place, want to know how the tea is processed. If you are a tea lover, then you must visit Highfield Tea Estate. The tea estate remains open from morning 9 to evening 6, and the entry fees per person are INR 10.

#6. Droog Fort

The historical place in Coonoor, which locates 15 km from the foothills of the Nilgiris, is Droog Fort. It is said about this fort that many years ago, there lived a demon in the fort called Bakasura Malai. Tipu Sultan used the fort as an outpost in the 18th century, which is now a ruin with a wall.

The fort, situated at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level, attracts many travelers from all over the country. It is the right place for trekkers and also people who like an adventure. The fort remains open from morning 6 to evening 6.

#7. Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley is an attractive place that is perfect for nature lovers and trekkers. This lush green place on the outskirts of Coonoor is an excellent getaway for adventure enthusiasts. Adventure activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, and trekking can be enjoyed here. The best time to visit Hidden Valley in Coonoor is from November to February, and the valley remains open from morning 9 to 9 in the night.

#8. Ketti Valley

Situated in the beautiful hills stretching from Coonoor to Ooty in Tamil Nadu is Ketti Valley. If you want to visit Ketti Valley and see its beauty, then the best way is to ride by a toy train, which takes 20-25 minutes. This beautiful valley is exceptionally famous for bird watching and trekking. The Ketti Valley is a natural place surrounded by beautiful blue mountains, i.e., Nilgiri Hills. While traveling to this place, do not forget to see the Shiva Lingam Temple, the tea gardens, and the amazing waterfalls in the area.

#9. St George’s Church

St. George’s Church is one of the Coonoor sightseeing attractions built in the year 1926, and this church is a beautiful relic of the gothic structure of the British period. The architecture of the church is of ancient Raj style, which is very grand in appearance. The altar of this church wholly inlaid with white marble, which mesmerizes everyone.

#10. Wellington Golf Course

Wellington’s Golf Club is one of the oldest golf clubs in South India. The club situated amidst the beautiful tea plantations and the slopes of the plains; this golf course is fascinating to watch. With the backdrop of the mountain slopes of Nilgiris, this place mesmerizes many tourists.

#11. All Saints Church

One of the oldest churches in Coonoor is All Saints Church, constructed 163 years ago. This church is an ancient structure that is very attractive to see. The interior of this church made of wood and windows of glass. All Saints Church gives a distinct British influence with a building of substantial dome-like structures.

#12. Taj Garden Retreat

One who wants to enjoy delicious food and cocktails with friends in the evening during your visit to Coonoor, then Taj Garden Retreat is a perfect place for this. The atmosphere of this place is excellent, but it can cost you dearly.

#13. Rallia Dam

Located on Wellington road, about 9 km from Coonoor is Rallia Dam. This dam is a perfect place for trekking among the jungle. The dam is ancient, which provides water to the residents of Coonoor. Rallia is one of the attractive and beautiful barriers you must visit. The best time to visit this dam is during sunrise and sunset.

#14. Keystone Foundation

The Keystone Foundation is a place where you can buy local handicrafts and clothes with spices and delicious honey of good quality.

#15. Catherine Falls

This charming waterfall can be viewed from Dolphin’s road, which is an easy way to reach this place from the same path. One of the scenic waterfalls in Tamil Nadu and the second largest waterfalls in Nilgiris. Catherine Falls is a double cascaded waterfall falling from the height of 250 feet located at Aravenu.

About 21 km from Coonoor, this falls surrounded by beautiful views of the forest, tea plantations, and the Mettupalayam plains. The journey to this will be an unforgettable experience driving through the pine forests and lush green tea gardens of Nilgiri Hills.

Shopping in Coonoor

Coonoor city can give you a great experience in shopping. During the visit, you can buy many beautiful artifacts, antique products, embroidered shawls, apparel, and handicraft items in the market. Apart from this, you can also take honey and many other types of fruits from here. You will love the taste of delicious homemade chocolate and freshly baked cake.

Famous food to eat in Coonoor

Coonoor is famous for unusual jams like Peach, Mulberry, and Passion Fruit. During your visit, you can taste many fresh fruits of the jams and also take some to your home. The most popular local cuisine of [Coonoor] is Rajma and Avare beans, which you must taste. The best thing is that you will find it easily in many local eateries. Apart from this, you can get both North Indian and South Indian dishes. You also get delicious food at low prices in Hyderabadi Biryani House located here.

Restaurants in Coonoor

  • Quality Restaurant: Price is INR 500 (Offers Mughlai Cuisine in the middle of South India)
  • Hotel Lakshmi: Price is INR 100 (Offers the best South Indian food)
  • La Belle Vie: Price is INR 450
  • The Taj Garden Retreat: Price is INR 1000

Festivals in Coonoor

  • The Tea and Tourism Festival, which is a three-day event held in January every year.
  • Another is the Fruit and Vegetable festival, held in May every year, which is a two-day event.

Hotels in Coonoor

  • Green Meadows
  • Vacation Home
  • Penrhyn Estd 1929
  • Kenilworth Cottage
  • Ainannhomes
  • The Realm
  • Satya Anand Cottage
  • Serenity Manor
  • Gateway Coonoor

Best time to visit Coonoor

Coonoor is a tourist destination where tourists can visit any time of the year. However, the best time to explore this hill station is between October to March (winter season), when the climate is mildly cold and pleasant. The temperature here falls to about 8°C during the winter season.

Monsoon also considered an excellent time to visit Coonoor, which is between July and September. There is no substantial rainfall in this area, but if you are not a monsoon lover, then even a little rain can obstruct your journey. The summers here are between March and June, and during this time, the weather here is less warm than elsewhere in the country.

Coonoor Weather All Year Long

Coonoor Weather in January: Minimum of 15°C to Maximum of 32°C

Coonoor Weather in February: Minimum of 17°C to Maximum of 33°C

Coonoor Weather in March: Minimum of 19°C to Maximum of 35°C

Coonoor Weather in April: Minimum of 21°C to Maximum of 36°C

Coonoor Weather in May: Minimum of 21°C to Maximum of 34°C

Coonoor Weather in June: Minimum of 20°C to Maximum of 32°C

Coonoor Weather in July: Minimum of 19°C to Maximum of 31°C

Coonoor Weather in August: Minimum of 19°C to Maximum of 32°C

Coonoor Weather in September: Minimum of 19°C to Maximum of 31°C

Coonoor Weather in October: Minimum of 19°C to Maximum of 32°C

Coonoor Weather in November: Minimum of 18°C to Maximum of 32°C

Coonoor Weather in December: Minimum of 16°C to Maximum of 32°C

How to reach Coonoor

[Coonoor] located close to Kochi, Coimbatore, and Bangalore, where you can reach from any destination by road, train, or by air.

By Air:

The nearest domestic airport to Coonoor is Coimbatore Airport, well connected to all major cities of India. Also, Bangalore is the nearest international airport and connected to all major cities. To reach Coonoor from Coimbatore, you can travel by road or by toy train.

By Road:

Road transport is the most convenient and inexpensive way to travel to [Coonoor] from the nearest airports and railway stations.

By Rail Road:

Nearest railway station is Mettupalayam, which is 45 km away. Coimbatore Junction also well connected to major cities of India by train and is about 75 km away. From Coimbatore Junction, you can take a taxi or cab to reach [Coonoor].

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