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How To Book A Charter With A Private Jet Company

How to Book a Charter with a Private Jet Company

How To Book A Charter With A Private Jet Company

Flying anywhere in the world is exciting, but doing so in style, on a private jet, makes it that much more glamorous. Not only is flying on a private jet fun, but it is also considered a status symbol. If you can afford flying private, then the process of actually booking a charter is very simple.

Simple, but not as easy as buying an airline ticket

Although booking a charter is simple, it is not the same as buying an airline ticket. Typically, when booking a charter, you will need to speak through email, provide a DocuSign, and a credit card.

Ask the right questions

Finding the right private jet charter is essential and can be done as long as you ask the right questions. You can ask the following questions:

  • Do you fly to ____ destination?
  • Is there a flight at ____ time for my departure and return?
  • What is included in the price?
  • What options do I have in terms of catering food and beverage?
  • Do you offer the proper size aircraft to accommodate my passengers and luggage?
  • Will you work with my budget?

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Two types of private jet companies

There are two types of private jet companies in the industry: operators and brokerages. Operators are the actual companies that maintain and operate the aircraft. They are usually less expensive and more reliable because there is no middle-man. They will be able to give you exact information, check availability instantly, and book off-fleet options.

Brokerages are the middle-man intermediaries between customers and operators. They might offer higher prices because they need to take a commission. Brokers also do not have all of the information regarding flights and availability the way that operators do. There is typically a delay when inquiring with a brokerage.

Finding the right aircraft

Your charter company will help you find the right aircraft, but there are two basic rules to remember when choosing your private jet.

  1. One size does not fit all
  2. The cheapest and smallest option is not always the best option for your party

Have a budget

If you already have a budget in mind, it is crucial to relay it to the charter representative. This will make it easier for them to give you realistic options.

The number of passengers you plan to have will determine what minimum-sized aircraft you require and how much luggage you plan to bring. This is important because all private jets do not have baggage holds, so the luggage will need to stored on the aircraft.


Payment is typically made through wire transfer, as it is simple to transfer large amounts of money. It is also the most secure method for the company, as sometimes a credit card can be rejected. The technique is usually determined by what the company is comfortable with.

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