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When Is The Best Time To Visit The Riviera Maya And Cancun?

When Is The Best Time To Visit The Riviera Maya And Cancun

Best Time To Visit The Riviera Maya And Cancun

For most, planning a vacation is a hugely exciting occasion, and once you have decided on your destination, you want to be sure you see the best version of it by going there when the weather is at its finest. So, when is the best time to visit The Riviera Maya and Cancun Yacht Charter? Here, we’ll share the whole thing you need to know about the different seasons.

The good news is, the weather in The Riviera Maya and Cancun is desirable year-round. With around 300 days of sunlight every year and a hot climate, there’s not a lot to dislike. It’s a tropical climate, so that does mean there is an odd shower or two, which can relieve the sometimes intense heat. They are usually short-lived and cause minimal disruption to those who have outdoor activities planned for the day.

There are two distinct seasons in The Riviera Maya and Cancun, the wet season and the dry season. Here is what you can imagine when visiting each:

The wet/hot season is May – October

May is a standard time to visit as this is when whale sharks start to migrate through, and it is also when the green sea turtles begin to nest. There isn’t as much rain, and it isn’t as hot as it is in June and the subsequent months thereafter.

It’s warm in June, and you can expect the temperature to sit around 31 degrees during this time. July sees the humidity soar, and while it can be uncomfortable, you have endless beaches to cool off in and bars to quench your thirst, so it is tolerable for most. August sees not only the humidity escalate further but also the temperature. It’s generally the hottest month of the year.

September and October experience the most rain, although it only usually lasts for a few hours during the day before it passes and the sun comes out again. In September and October, you will see far more rain, but it’s not enough to ruin your trip as the weather is warm, and it doesn’t usually stick around for days on end without extended breaks. Summertime is the rainy and hurricane season; however, the occurrence of hurricanes is very low, and the chances of you experiencing one on your trip are extremely unlikely.

The dry/cooler season is November – April

November says goodbye to the hurricane season and hello to slightly lower temperatures. Generally, the average temperature is 30 degrees, and it’s quite humid. It is, however, much drier and experiences very little rain compared to the other months of the year. As December approaches, the weather cools further, and you can expect the daily temperature to be around 20 to 25 degrees throughout the day time. January is typically the coolest time in The Riviera Maya and Cancun and is approximately 17 degrees.

Where you live will affect how enjoyable visiting at this time of the year is; for instance, if you live in weather with warm temperatures throughout the year, you may not find it warm enough to enjoy certain activities such as swimming water sports. If you live in a cold part of the world, this may be an ideal climate for you to be able to enjoy all that The Riviera Maya and Cancun have to offer without it being too cold to do so. The weather warms up again in February and provides warmer temperatures than January by up to 10 degrees. There is little to no rain at this time too, which makes it an ideal time to book a holiday to this picturesque location. Moving into April, you can expect there to be virtually no sight of rain and slightly increased maximum temperatures of around 31 degrees.

Deciding when to visit Riviera Maya and Cancun

As outlined, there isn’t a wrong time to visit Riviera Maya and Cancun. Not too many other destinations can provide warm, pleasant temperatures for the majority of the year. In the wet period, the rain tends to pass reasonably quickly so, if you do come then, the chances of you experiencing rain-free days is a high possibility. If keeping costs down is a priority for you, travelling at this time can see you save some money as it’s not peak season and more discounts are usually available. If spending money isn’t a concern, the most idyllic time to visit this stunning part of the world is between April and May. It’s not excessively hot like in the summertime and the risk of hurricanes and rain-filled days extremely unlikely. You have to contest with more crowds, but the weather is perfect, so it’s worthwhile.

If you want to see the very best that The Riviera Maya and Cancun have to offer, you can’t go past a luxury charter yacht trip. Snorkeling some of the most stunning reefs and relaxing on tranquil turquoise waters whilst being wined and dined, it doesn’t get any better than that! It truly is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. If this is something you’d like to include in your itinerary while visiting, get in contact with our friendly team here at Riviera Charters, we have an expansive yacht fleet and would love to treat you to the ultimate Riviera Maya and Cancun experience.

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