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4 Common Causes Of Flying Anxiety

4 Common Causes Of Flying Anxiety

Common Causes Of Flying Anxiety

Does the thought of flying send jitters in your body? Don’t worry, and you’re not alone here; approx 20 to 30% of people are apprehensive about flying, and in fact, fear of flying is the second biggest fear cause in the US, just after public speaking.

But you can always be prepared before taking a flight with an online fear of flying course to keep yourself informed and updated on what to expect.

Here, in this post, we discuss the four common reasons for your phobia of flying. So, without wasting any time, let’s get on it:-

#1. You’d a Pretty Rough Time During Your Previous Flight

A vast majority of people who have experienced the fear of anxiety haven’t been in real danger on a flight. It is because commercial aviation threats are next to negotiable, and there is nothing you need to worry about.

Many get anxious before flying, which ultimately causes them to stress like hell about their next air travel.

How will you define a frightening experience? Well, it is an experience that our “mind decides” is scary. Realistically, there may be no danger to your life or health, yet you’ll be scared and always remember them as bad experiences for the rest of your life.

You can overcome the fear of flying by either talking to frequent flyers or enrolling for an online flight anxiety program to ask as many questions concerning air travel safety because, in most cases, lack of knowledge is the primary cause of this phobia.

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#2. Comes Across Horrid Air Travel Stories

Comes Across Horrid Air Travel StoriesSome people also develop a concern about flying hearing from someone else’s experience, any news or story over the Internet. This is known as “vicarious” learning. You hear such stories, and imagine yourself in a similar situation.

Vicarious fears develop with every flying accident you come across. Our mind tends to rehearse the traumatic event, and then our body reacts accordingly.

The fearful flyers are always looking for statistics or data that reinforces their phobia. Further, they tend to ignore people and articles that talk about the safety of air travelling.

#3. You Developed Other Problems That Caused the Fear

You Developed Other Problems That Caused the FearPhobia from flying can also stem from various other fears; these include the heights, panic attacks, and closed-in spaces.

Perhaps you’d panic attacks; your first time might be when giving a big sales presentation or just before a public speech. Then, panic attacks start to become a joint event while driving in a subway, restaurant, or wide-open space.

When people feel trapped or out of control, they become anxious. Any of these fears can become the primary cause of your flying anxieties.

#4. Stresses & Worries in Life

Maybe your difficulty with flying started from all the ongoing stresses and worries in your life. This further relates to people who tend to get panic attacks. Several types of research suggest that most people have their first panic attack four to six months post-stress.

The stress often relates to any loss, such as long-lasting illness and death in the family, divorce, or changing jobs. Even some happy events like having a baby can trigger a panic attack.

If you’ve been through a stressful period, you probably notice how fragile and vulnerable you have become.

Let’s Put the Lid On

So, by now, you are probably able to know the root cause of your flying fear. But, what’s more, important is how you’ll be dealing with it. Here’s what you can do.

First, know what to expect during the flight, familiarize yourself with planes, how it works, and what’s critical is to think positively. Finally, try to control things that you are within your grasp, and don’t stress about things beyond your reach.

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