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Travelling to Pakistan from the UK? Here Are Some Tips for You

Travelling to Pakistan from the UK-Here Are Some Tips for You

Travelling to Pakistan from the UK

Things to keep in mind while touring Pakistan to make it even memorable

What do we think about Pakistan, precisely? Well besides the way that it’s one of India’s neighbouring nations and different stories that make it to the global news, we once in a while hear anything about it. Now, Pakistan opened its e-visa application entry for various nations so you won’t need to stress over setting off to any offices any longer. Fortunately, the UK is one of the main nations to test this out.


As a standard rule, Pakistani visa must be associated for from your homeland. Arrangements change from government office to international safe sanctuary, rarely, they even vary from office to embassy.

VisaIn any case, customarily, they need a flight plan and a Letter of Invitation, just interface with the Pakistani Embassy in your country and approach them for additional refinements. Cost of visa depends upon your administration office, anyhow UK ID holders pay up to 100 USD.

Most offices requires a Letter of Invitation from an enrolled visit chairman, some of them being severer than others. Regardless, generally, most visit directors won’t give an LOI aside from on the off chance that you book an entire tour with them.

If you are leaving Pakistan through the plane terminal, clearly, it is possible to make the extension at the airport itself. There is a sign proclaiming that, if you overstayed for up to around fourteen days, the expansionwill be in vain out of pocket.

If you surpassed between around fourteen days and as long as two months month, it will cost 50 USD and, more than that, for as long as 2 months, it will cost 200 USD. Nowadays Brits can get a various segment 30-day visa on arriving in the air terminal too.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Details about travelling in Pakistan including flights details, trip plans, your residence plans and etc.
  3. A letter of affirmation/ invitation from your visit operator possibly required in the event if you are a part of a trip, else, you can present your inn reservation as evidence of travel.
  4. Your latest photographs
  5. A PayPal account or a debit or credit car

Things you should keep in mind about the e-visa:

  • Visa Duration – Officially, you can get a visa for as long as 3 months. The submission says that you can get as long as a year however up till this point, there isn’t any report from any traveller who have had the option to get one.
  • Multi-passage – You can likewise apply for a multi-passage visa substantial for as long as 1 year.
  • Cost of Visa – I trust it relies upon nationality and the length of your tour.
  • Letter of Invitation – For most nationalities,Letter of Invitation isn’t required at all. On the other hand, the system permits you to transfer the booking affirmation of your hotel rather than the Letter of Invitation. They simply require a reserving for the initial days and afterwards you can drop it right away. In the speculative case if you need Letter of Invitation, contact a tour administrator. It can be utilized to enter through any port of section, both air terminal and land borders.

An appropriate way to extend your Visa

No wonder if you want to stay more in Pakistan, expanding your visa while going in Pakistan used to be a confounding procedure, as everyone has various encounters and rules were continually change at the same time, finally, you can get your visa expansion by the ordinary e-visa entrance, as long as you are in Pakistan and having an e-visa.

Visa ExtendIf you made a trip to Pakistan with an ordinary visa, you can only expand it at the passport office of any significant city, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, in any case, evidently, the most effortless spot in Lahore.

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Worthy tips for being safe during your travel to Pakistan 

While throughout your travelling it is suggested to be aware of a few issues. If you want to enjoy your trip and want to make it memorable it is suggested to follow the tips. Not just to be safe and sound but also it helps you to make great memories.

Always carry extra cash along with you 

What makes you afraid most in an unknown country which probably you are visiting for the first time. You don’t know their language, either their traditions and customs nor their rituals. You are standing all alone with empty pockets and hands. You were conned, and now you don’t know what you should do in such a situation.

BaggageOh come on, it is the 21st century and you won’t be lost anywhere in Pakistan. Carry your excess cash with you all the time but in your safe pocket. Beware of pocket pickers. Be safe and keep enjoy your trip.

Be protected, act naturally 

Arranging activities isn’t for the fabulous hearts and positively for the individuals who travel in Pakistan. Take the easy way out, any place it takes you. The primary concern you need to do is to stay protected as much as you can, and the rest, you don’t need to be worried about. Keep trust in God and your capacities.

Pak4The certain frame of mind and rarely arrangements will provoke extraordinary excitement among different experiences of your life, especially when you’re visiting up North.

All kind of drugs are illicit in Pakistan, so it is proposed to avoid them. Do whatever it takes not to hurt yourself and ruin your tour for a couple of seconds of happiness.

Be careful with the yummy nourishment

Pakistanis love oily food so much. They put a massive quantity of it in each supper, lunch, in steamed rice, which they reliably cook later. At the point when you are in a diner, reliably demand half bread. Tea with milk is a way of life in Pakistan and an indication of pleasantness. Do whatever it takes not to drink plain (tap) water as unfortunately, Pakistan is one of those countries who do not have safe drinking water.

In the northern regions, local individuals will uncover to you that the faucet water is incredible, as it came from the mountains. This may be substantial, be that as it may, you could be sick by drinking tap water.

Pak5Consistently use a water purifier to be healthy. In Pakistan lunch and meals is served of rice, mutton or chicken curry, daal and roti or flatbreads.


Bring a knapsack or backpack along with you. It is quite comfortable while travelling in local transport or wandering around the city as well. It is not just easy to carry and lightweight but also helps you to carry all essential documents and things you should with yourself throughout the time.but if your luggage becomes more than limited weight, you can take benefit from many companies which send excess baggage to Pakistan from UK.


Summer months run from April to September. Cool cotton apparel will be sufficient aside from in higher rises, where you may require a coat or a sweater. Ladies should wear baggy jeans and dodge sleeveless shirts. Storm season is among June and August.

Pak6If you are going during this time, you’ll have to bring an umbrella. In November through March, you’ll need a coat or a sweater. You may require a heavier coat in higher rises. You ought to likewise make certain to wear a couple of open to strolling shoes.


Pakistan is exacting about the kinds of gadgets they let into the nation. Things like cameras and mobile phones ought to be fine. Be that as it may, a few people attempt to proceed with things like microwaves. On the off chance that traditions don’t care for what you are acquiring, they may choose to fine you for it.

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