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Jobs In Thailand For Foreigners

Jobs In Thailand For Foreigners

Jobs In Thailand For Foreigners

Thailand, in the minds of many foreigners, is exclusively a holiday destination. This is not surprising, because the tourism sector in the country really very developed. The resorts attract fans to soak up the warm beaches, and travel agencies offer the organization of unforgettable leisure activities from excursions to the cultural heritage sites of this amazing country to extreme entertainment. However, some migrants regard Thailand primarily as a country. There they can get good jobs. There are categories of foreigners who really have reason to pin great hopes on moving to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Jobs In Thailand

General information

The whole spirit of the Thai people is reflected in the name of the country. “Tai” means “free”. So it was named due to the love of freedom of the inhabitants. They, unlike their neighbors, during their history were not subordinate to European states. They keep their culture and spiritual life practically inviolable. Thailand is famous for tourism. People from all over the world come here to relax and plunge into the original culture. Also, the country has a favorable climate, which makes it possible for Thais to harvest crops on local agricultural lands several times every year.

Thailand is an amazing country that combines antiquity and modern civilization

A clear advantage for foreigners wishing to move to sunny Thailand is a good environment, friendly locals and relatively low prices for clothing and food. For people who tired of cold and winters, the Thai climate is almost a decisive factor.

However, unlike many tourist countries, where foreigners often travel in search of seasonal work, Thailand does not welcome unskilled labor migrants on its territory. But there are numerous jobs in Thailand for foreigners.

The situation is fundamentally different with highly qualified workers, which can benefit both an individual enterprise and the state as a whole. However, you should not expect that just having the appropriate education will guarantee your employment in the Kingdom. The fact is that the primary task of the state is the employment of its own citizens and the maximum reduction in the unemployment rate. In 2017, the government published an extensive list of professions for which it is prohibited to employ foreigners. Visitors are thoroughly checked before providing a job. Nevertheless, the state is open to those who can offer something in return. So, today several million foreign citizens have found work in the Kingdom.

Thailand should divided into three parts – agricultural Thailand, Tourist Thailand and Thailand Urban. This division is very arbitrary. For example, university graduates with 1,01,12 cannot receive less than 15,000 baht. In agricultural Tai, about 6-7 thousand baht is average. In the cities of 10-13 thousand. Well, in the Tourist Tai it is 15-18 thousand baht average. For example, getting a Thai guide with knowledge of English to work with a license for $ 1000 will not work. In Tae you don’t need to buy clothes for all seasons, services, food, real estate is much cheaper!


How to find a job

You can look for work in Thailand in two ways: independently, that is, without intermediaries, and with the help of special agencies. An independent search involves the analysis of many sources to find more or less suitable vacancies. You also have to contact employers who need employees for a long time and often to no avail. As a rule, the fact that the applicant for the position is a foreigner does not please Thai employers at all, since they will have to pay for the legalization of such an employee. In addition, the paperwork procedure sometimes takes several weeks, and not every boss is ready to wait that long.

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