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As Vaccines Roll Out, Time To Plan Your Summer Vacation For You And Your Friends

As Vaccines Roll Out, Time To Plan Your Summer Vacation For You And Your Friends

Time To Plan Your Summer Vacation For You And Your Friends

A vacation with your friends is all about setting aside a few days or weeks to spend some quality time with your besties, bond, and create unforgettable memories together. It’s about going somewhere fun and different and maybe trying something new together. While family vacations are great, a friend vacation can leave you with special memories that last a lifetime and bring your friend group closer together. 

While this summer’s vacation might look a little bit different with COVID restrictions, vaccine regulations, and other safety measures, you and your friends can absolutely still plan an exciting weekend trip, staycation, or full-blown vacation that will be a fun time for all.

This summer is all about getting back on your (safe) vacation game and taking a fun and memorable trip with your friends. If you find yourself more than ready for a getaway, that’s totally normal, considering you and your friends probably haven’t had an actual vacation in over a year. 

If you’re vaccinated, staying safe, and ready for a fun and stress-free vacation with your favorite people, it’s a good idea to start planning your vacation as soon as possible. Consider where you want to go, what you want to do, and what’s best considering current pandemic conditions. Keep in mind, this vacation might look a little different than previous trips, and your plan might encounter some changes and bumps along the road. Here are a few things to think about when planning an excellent vacation with your friends this summer. 

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Host a Planning Party: 

Before your trip, it’s a good idea to see what your group is comfortable with in terms of COVID safety and travel. To make the brainstorming and planning process more fun, why not make it an event? Meet with your group over dinner, drinks, or coffee to discuss potential vacation spots. 

Once you’ve reached a mutual agreement on the perfect vacation destination, it’s time for the fun part! You and your friends can throw out ideas for possible activities, restaurants, accommodations, and more. Make sure to keep this meeting fun, light, and full of excitement in anticipation of your special trip. It’s also important to keep in mind that some people love to plan, and others are more comfortable with lighter tasks, so now is a good time to get a feel for everyone’s preferences when it comes to planning your vacation. 

It’s About Everyone: 

When it comes to a group vacation, know there might be some differing opinions and preferences. When planning a getaway with friends, one common mistake is that one person feels the need to take over and plan the entire vacation their way. Unless everyone agrees on this, don’t feel the need to take it upon yourself to make each and every decision. Successful and happy group vacations are all about compromise. 

One way to achieve this is to hear everyone out initially. Find out what excites each person about your potential vacation location and go from there. If half the group wants to do a particular activity and half the group another, consider doing both or splitting into smaller groups for the day and reconvening later to share about your respective activities. Keep an open mind and stay confident while planning.

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Break It Up: 

To avoid added stress on one person, take your vacation planning tasks and proceed to divide and conquer. Find out what everyone is comfortable taking on and go from there. If there’s a foodie in the group, give them the task of scoping out fun restaurants, cool bars, and other food- and drink-based activities like breweries and tastings. 

Depending on your location, ask a member of your group to confirm travel logistics and set a budget for hotels, rentals, and getting from point A to point B in general. Dividing these up will ensure everyone has a job and no one person is overwhelmed with planning duties. 

Reservations and Planning: 

Once you have divided up planning tasks, it’s essential to remember reserving everything in advance is a must, especially with COVID restrictions and limited capacity in most situations. Many restaurants across the country are operating at limited capacity, so dining reservations are crucial for any size group. Hotel rooms go quickly, so check on availability and reserve your rooms as soon as you decide on a location. 

You might also consider renting a vacation home for you and your friends to have some extra space to congregate and relax. Cool coastal options like Kiawah Island and Charleston, SC rentals are the perfect places to spend a long weekend or extended stay with your friends.


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Try Something New: 

On the bright side, COVID traveling is a fantastic opportunity to visit a new place or try a different form of travel. If you’re local to the south or easily accessible by car, consider a road trip to the Lowcountry. Think about skipping crowded city vacations and embarking on a true getaway with your friends to a less populated destination where you won’t have to skip any of the fun, relaxation, or exciting activities. 

Seabrook Island, a barrier island outside of Charleston, South Carolina, is an excellent option for any group, regardless of age or size. The extensive list of Seabrook Island rentals is sure to include the perfect vacation home for you and your friends. 

Focus on the Good: 

Overall, your vacation is about those who are there with you. While pandemic precautions may throw a few kinks in the line here and there, you are still bound to have a fantastic vacation no matter what. If you and your group hit a bump in the road, remain cool and calm, knowing your vacation is really about togetherness and making great memories!

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