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What You Should Look For When Booking A Hotel

What You Should Look For When Booking A Hotel

Things You Should Look For When Booking A Hotel

If you are thinking about staying at a hotel, there are some things you should look for. Some of the things you should check for are free toiletries, an on-site pool, and a rewards program.

Check-In and Check-Out Times

There are set check-in and check-out times at many hotels. The purpose of these hours is to maintain the hotel’s business schedule. These check-in and check-out times are typically posted online. Check for different types of discounts and specials that some amazing extended stay hotels offer. The precise times, however, may differ from one property to another.

If you want to check in early, your best bet is to contact the hotel beforehand. Usually, you can arrive up to 60 minutes before the scheduled time. Sometimes, the hotel will let you use the facilities while your room is prepared.

It’s also possible to ask the hotel for a later check-in. Most hotels have a grace period, allowing guests to check in up to three hours before the scheduled check-in time. This can be especially helpful if you have a late flight.

You’ll be given a room key and access card when you check in. You will also have to present a valid government-issued ID. For some hotels, you will be required to pay a small security deposit. Another way to expedite the check-in process is to bring a credit card that covers any room services you may need.

If you’re staying at a hotel with many rooms, you’re likely not going to be able to check in earlier than the stated check-in and check-out times. In these cases, you may be charged an additional day or night. Likewise, if you arrive later than when the reception desk is open, you may have to wait for a room.

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On-Site Pool

If you’re in the market for new digs, the only resort at the airport, or just want to keep your wits about your shoulders while on the road to and from, a hotel with a pool will make for a nice break from the schlepping. Not to mention the plethora of hors d’oeuvres that will greet you upon arrival. The key to a striking experience is a well-executed reservation system. For example, in a hurricane or typhoon, you’ll need to heed the etiquette of ‘keep your doors locked’ or ‘keep your guests safe.’ As such, a reputable hotel management company will ensure your stay is happy. You will have various activities during your tenure as a guest, including spa treatments, gym memberships, daily breakfasts, and more.

Free Toiletries

Many hotels provide complimentary toiletries and personal products, making them a wonderful perk for travelers. They are a good way to freshen up during long flights and road trips.

Hotels usually provide cosmetics in their rooms, including shampoo, conditioner, and body lotion. Some also offer facial cleansing wipes. However, toothpaste is not typically included.

Some hotels will allow guests to bring in a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash. It’s also worth mentioning that some high-end resorts provide free sunscreen.

Another nice feature of some hotels is their complimentary coffee maker. The machine usually comes with a packet of sweeteners and a selection of ground coffee. This is especially useful when you are traveling in the car.

Most hotels will also have a variety of pillows available for you to use in your room. You can also request a laundry bag if you want to take home your dirty laundry.

During your stay, you may also be able to find other goodies. Hotels often have vending machines for toiletries and other items. Also, some hotels have manicure and pedicure kits.

Some hotels even have spas that offer free samples of some of the higher-end skin care lines. There is also a wide variety of cosmetics in the hotel’s retail section.

Leaving the key card in your room is not recommended. However, if you need to remember yours, most hotels will happily replace it. Guests who leave their room trashed are likely to get banned.

Rewards Programs

If you’re planning to book a hotel stay, consider rewards programs. They can save you money and make your vacation a lot easier. But not every program will work for you. The best programs will offer a variety of long-term rewards.

Typically, a hotel rewards program has a point system. This means you will get points for each dollar you spend at the hotel. You can then redeem those points for a variety of different perks. Some examples include discounts at local businesses, 5-star restaurants, spas, and tourist attractions.

When selecting a hotel rewards program, it’s important to keep in mind what perks you value most. For example, you may prefer a late check-out, free breakfast, or a suite upgrade. Finding a program that fits your budget and travel schedule is also important.

It would help if you also considered whether you want to earn rewards from a single hotel or a network of hotels.

Convenient Ways to Get Meals

Getting a meal at the local motel can get quite expensive. For those on a budget, the best solution is to take a few things with you, preferably in a cooler. The biggest challenge is finding the time to stow the goodies away. Luckily there are some options to choose from. Some are more expensive than others, but the good ones offer quality food and a pleasant room environment. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can make your stay pleasant. Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

  1. Do your research.
  2. Be bold and ask questions.
  3. Take advantage of the hotel’s free wi-fi.
  4. Be sure to have fun.

It’s all part of the hotel experience. You’ll be glad you did. Using a hotel or a hostel can be stressful, but tips and tricks can turn your worst nightmare into a delightfully hospitable memory.

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