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4 Things To Know When Replacing Your Car Headliner

4 Things To Know When Replacing Your Car Headliner

Things To Know When Replacing Your Car Headliner

As a normal person, transportation may be a hassle for you when you go on a commute. And cars, as a product of our latest technology and innovation, helps us to eliminate the inconvenience of daily travel via a shuttle. All components of a car are important to be in a good state, particularly the engine and the parts that ensure the safety of the driver and passenger. And one of these parts is the Car Headliner.

Car Headliners protect the interior of the car from objects outside of the vehicle. Furthermore, they get the least care and attention when it comes to managing and cleaning. Thus, it often becomes a ‘sagging one’ as it separates from the board due to the loss of stickiness of the glue. And this is the best time to call for a Car Headliner Repair.

In this article, we will discuss the basic information about headliners and the things we should know when replacing it.

What is it?

A Car Headliner is a fabric that covers the ceiling of a car. They provide protection against the heat of the scorching sun and the overwhelming noise when on the road. Moreover, they can also hide electrical components, antennas and accessories that you have in your car.

A standard headliner is made up of multiple layers that includes foam materials. The layers of foam and fabric are then glued to the headliner board that will serve to make the headliner smooth and soft, and an interior insulator of heat and noise.

With this thin layer of insulation that is mounted on the interior roof of the car, the vehicle will not absorb all the heat when it is parked under the sun. It will absorb the heat from the outside, preventing the air inside of the car from being hot. Additionally, it will also prevent the loud noise produced by high winds as you travel through highways at high speeds. And it can also improve the sound of audio systems or equipment you have in your car.

What do I need to know?

There are times that you really need to replace your headliner as it will cause inconvenience and trouble when not taken into account. And when that time comes, there are certain things you must know when rebooting the interior of your car. Here are the four things you must know:

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Select a replacement that suits your vehicle.

The replacement you will be looking for must suit the design of your car interior. Nonetheless, when looking for a replacement part, like seat covers, consoles, and carpets, it is best to find the product that is made for your car. Taking into account the model and design will make your replacing process faster.

Meaning to say, when you choose a headliner for the same exact model of your car, it will ensure better and more proper fit. Remember that a car varies depending on the manufacturer and of course, the model of the vehicle. If you have accessories, there is a specific design of headliner that will suit the interior of your can and will hide and protect the said additional attachments.

Use Ready-to-Install Headliners

Purchasing each material to build your saggy headliners will cost you more and will consume a lot of time and effort. There are a lot of products that can be bought from various stores that will speed up the process of replacing it without the use of purchasing foam components and sewing it together. Furthermore, this will save you a lot of time and will not require a lot of work to replace it.

It is also important for the car models that have bow seams. These seams are wires that support the roof of the vehicle to keep the headliner attached at all times. The supporting wires should now be pulled or tugged as it will become unstable that can lead to a broken headliner once again.

Do Cost-Cutting

It is important to do the method of cost-cutting, particularly if you want to save money for the replacement of your headliner. There are three methods on how you will fix it; either you will be making it on your own, purchasing a ready-to-install one, or making a repair shop to fix it. If you will be the one to make it, the price would really be expensive compared to finding a product that can be installed efficiently. Moreover, if you go to the repair shop, the expenses might be higher in comparison to purchasing the materials needed to build your own.

Replace Sun Visors and Sail Panels along with it

When you look inside of your car, sun visors and sail panels look like they are part of the roof. Well, apparently, it really looks like it is a part of it. Replacing them along with the headliner will be a good idea as some stores offer deals that include a replacement of both items. It depends on whether you want to replace it together, it is not mandatory but it is optional and highly suggested.


Travelling under the raging sun and braving your way against high speeds on the highway is not that convenient when you have a problem with one of the important components of the car. Maybe for some it is not a concern to resolve as it will not affect the performance of the vehicle, well that’s not really how it is. It is highly suggested to take into account replacing the car’s headliner whenever it is really needed. It does not benefit the aesthetic look of the car, but also provides insulation to the heat and sound on the exterior of the vehicle.

Furthermore, there are things that we should take note of whenever we want to replace it. These things will not only help you to save money, but also will serve as tips to make the process easier and faster. That is all, hoping for your safe journey. Thank you!

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