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Things To Check In Your Car While Going Desert Safari

Things To Check In Your Car While Going Desert Safari

Things To Check In Your Car While Going Desert Safari

Desert safaris and Dubai are synonymous. People from around the world throng to Dubai and the rest of the UAE for desert safaris. Even the UAE government actively promotes its deserts. Those of you who are unaware of what a desert safari is, Google it. You will surely be mesmerized by what Dubai and UAE have to offer.

One aspect of desert safari is driving and camel racing. Desert driving has long been a favourite hobby for local Emiratis and foreign tourists. Today, there is a growing trend of holding motorsport events in the deserts as well. But there are dangers of desert driving which many drivers tend to ignore.

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The result is that they are Googling ‘car recovery Dubai in the hope of getting a recovery vehicle to assist them. Others are searching for ‘mobile mechanic Dubai’ to try and get an onsite repair for their car. Considering the dangers of desert driving, this article is about the prechecks every car owner must do before heading to the desert.

Pay close attention as this might help you avoid Googling’ car recovery Dubai’ or ‘mobile mechanic Dubai’.

#1. Tires

Desert Safari Dune Bashing Tour 4WD On SandBefore heading out, the first thing to check is the tires. The reason is quite simple. Desert driving will exert a lot of pressure on the tires. Please make sure that they are correctly inflated. Underinflated or overinflated tires are equally dangerous. If the tires are overinflated, tire burst is likely to occur. In the case of underinflated tires, tire burst is also a possibility, along with damage to the wheel and the suspension. Therefore, adhere to the recommended air pressure mentioned in the owner’s manual. Likewise, always keep a spare tire. You never know when a tire might burst or lose air pressure.

In such cases, a spare tire will always be handy. Lastly, ensure that the tires are suitable for desert driving. If not, opt for desert tires. You can easily order tires online in UAE from numerous businesses, including PitStopArabia. Don’t waste your time here and there, PitStopArabia also offers mobile tire installation in UAE. In simple words, you can get the tires installed at home, office, or any other place of your choice.

#2. Car Insurance

Car InsuranceNo matter the skills and experience one has in desert driving, accidents are likely to happen. The best way to deal with them is by having insurance. Car insurance companies in UAE provide cover for desert driving. It means that the insurance provider will cover any damage during desert driving.

The precise extent of this cover is dependent on the policy. Therefore, make sure to read the policy before signing up for it. If you already have insurance, check if it is valid and covers desert driving. Foreign tourists should know that car insurance in UAE is mandatory, like many other countries around the world. Vehicles are expensive. Therefore, avoid driving without insurance. Otherwise, be prepared for hundreds and thousands of dollars in repair costs.

#3. Fluids

It is quite apparent because fluid checking is also a vital part of periodic car maintenance. Anyone who diligently invests in regular car maintenance knows that checking fluids like engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, air conditioning coolant, and a few others are of utmost importance.

If anyone of these fluids is below the recommended level, it can prove disastrous for the car. For instance, the AC needs to be in top condition if you plan to drive in the desert. Temperatures can soar quickly in the desert. If the AC is not working correctly, avail a car air conditioning service right away. You can easily find car air conditioning services in UAE that offer mobile services.

#4. Lights

Car LightsMany drivers are fond of driving at night in the deserts. In that case, check the car’s headlights before setting off on the journey. Ensure that the lights work correctly without any issue. Even if you are not planning driving at night in the desert, it is always nice to check that the headlights are in perfect working order. It might get dark on the way back, or you might change your mind about night time desert driving. There would be other drivers in the desert too. Hence, the taillights should be working correctly as well.

#5. Fuel

Although it is quite apparent, yet many people become stranded after running out of fuel. Before setting off on the trip, make sure to fill the fuel tank. Many people also take a couple of extra fuel bottles or cans along with them. In case if your fuel tank is empty, you can use them to refill the tank and drive to the nearest petrol station. Always verify that the bottle or can is safe for use. A simple visual inspection is good enough for this. If there is any leakage, avoid using it.

#6. Battery

No matter how high-powered a vehicle you drive, without a quality battery, the car means very little. Most of you already know that if the battery is non-functioning, the car will not even start. The reason is that the battery is like the power supply. If its faulty or completely non-functioning, there will not be enough power to start the vehicle. While inspecting the battery, check for any signs of leakage. If there is any leakage, get the battery replaced right away. Similarly, if the car takes longer to start in the morning, it is a sign of a weak battery. It is better to opt for a new one instead of taking unnecessary risks.


This concludes our article today. Remember, you can opt for a desert safari ride anywhere in the world. The experience would be different depending on the area you visit and the mode of transportation. However, what remains the same is the information mentioned above. Keep these things in mind before your next desert safari. Also, please share the information with friends and family to ensure that they have a safe experience.

Author Bio: M Junaid Lead Writer, Content Marketer at PitStopArabia, A writer by day and reader by night.

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