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How Can I Book A European River Cruise?

How Can I Book A European River Cruise

European River Cruise

European rivers flow through some of the most beautiful cities and countries on the European continent. Cruise trips are always a delight, allowing tourists to get an in-depth experience of each destination along the European river. Some of the most beautiful locations along the European rivers that attract millions of tourists each year include Bucharest, Munich, Vienna, Salzburg, Paris, Zurich, and more.

If you are relatively new to international cruise travel, you can select between dozens of pre-made itineraries for a European river cruise that allows you to save time and energy that would otherwise be consumed in planning the minute details of your trip. These itineraries can be booked conveniently and are carefully curated by travel experts.

Types of Travel Itineraries

Authentic Voyages offers a diverse range of travel itineraries for cruises in Europe which can be selected based on city, country, European rivers, or premium cruise lines, including Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, Viking River Cruises, and Scenic River Cruises. Each itinerary has been carefully crafted to include all the facets of international cruise travel to a popular destination, including the best of food, art, entertainment, culture, history, landscapes, and more.

Choosing the Length of Your Cruise Trip

Since most international cruises are laid-back affairs, most cruise trips last anywhere between a week and a fortnight. You can choose between different itineraries based on the length of the cruise trip, depending on your personal preferences. Retirees who want to enjoy a more relaxed cruise trip have access to longer cruise itineraries that last between a week and a month. Travelers who are new to the cruise experience and cannot tolerate longer trips due to seasickness can choose shorter itineraries.

Booking Your Cruise Trip

To book your cruise trip, you can simply visit the Authentic Voyages website, where you can access a wide range of cruise itineraries with a host of entertaining onboard activities besides the scheduled tour of all the stunning European destinations situated along one of the many beautiful European rivers.

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If you are targeting the 2022-23 Cruise season, you should try to book your slot in the cruise as soon as possible. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, no cruise vessel is allowed to operate at maximum capacity. It is more likely for seats to run out quickly, seeing as the demand for European river cruises has skyrocketed over the past few months, and the prospects of international travel are looking up again. It is also advisable to get vaccinated and follow all COVID-19 SOP’s for the safety of your loved ones and you.


After nearly two years of isolation and global travel restriction, the 2022-23 cruise season is expected to begin in full swing soon. A European river cruise might just be the thing you need after months of being unable to leave your city. Book your European river cruise trip right now and indulge in a luxurious cruise trip complete with all the amenities and entertainment options you will ever need.

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