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Places You Must Visit In Port Angeles Washington

Places You Must Visit In Port Angeles Washington

Places You Must Visit In Port Angeles Washington

The city of Port Angeles, Washington, was discovered in 1791 by a Spanish explorer named Lt. Fransisco Eliza. At first, he called the city “El Puerto de Nuestra Senora de Los Angeles,” which means “The City of Our Lady of Port Angeles.” But it was then shortened to the name we call it today, Port Angeles. 

Today, Port Angeles is known for its popular tourist attractions in Washington, where you can have a fantastic view of parks, go on a hike, do several activities, and have fun with your friends or family. If you are wondering where to go in Port Angeles Washington, this content will provide you with the best destinations you can explore on your next vacation.

How to Get There

You can choose many modes of transportation, depending on what’s suitable for your location or what you prefer to ride on. If a ferry ride is available in your area, it would be best to check if it will be open on the day of your departure. Some ferry ports can be closed at times due to the tide conditions. In addition, you can check if you can make online ferry reservations for a more convenient trip. Aside from taking a Ferry, you can fly through an airplane, take the road to drive your car, or ride on a bus.

Most Popular Port Angeles Attractions

It’s not always easy to plan or organise a vacation considering the hectic schedule you might have. But it would be best if you found time to relax and give yourself a weekend getaway you deserve. If you want to make your stay worth it, here are some of the must-visit places in Port Angeles, WA.

1. Olympic National Park and Forest

Olympic National Park is approximately a million acres of land that is located in the Pacific Northwest. This place protects the wildlife and history and is an amazing tourism spot to enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing, biking, camping, and more. Its peak season is around June to September, so prepare a reservation to avoid the hassle. Below are the spots you must see in the Park to maximize your trip.

a. Lake Crescent Lodge

Lake Crescent Lodge is just around 17 miles west of Port Angeles that many visitors choose to visit to look at the lake’s beauty. It’s one of the best natural wonders to explore, and this place allows guests to have a picnic, rent and ride kayaks, and dine in. Plus, it’s also pet-friendly, so you can definitely bring your pet if you want to.

Another awesome thing about Lake Crescent Lodge is the Log Cabin Resort that you can find there. If you want to be at the spot near all the park’s highlights, the Log Cabin Resort is what you are searching for. It is close to the hiking trails where you can enjoy the hike and discover the mystery of the forest.

b. Hurricane Ridge

If you are looking to plan an unforgettable skiing experience during winter, you have to make sure you include Hurricane Ridge in the places you will go to. It is the mountainous area of the national park located in the south of Port Angeles, one of the most visited sites. You can also have an adventure in its steep trails since there are several tracks you can hike on.

c. Sol Duc Hotspring and Campground

To those who love to warm themselves in the hot spring or swim in the pools or camp, Sol Duc Hotspring and Campground will be worthy of your time. Soak, relax, and refresh your mind for better ideas when you get back to work or your home.

2. Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

If you see beauty in art or want to learn about historical objects, you cannot miss the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. It is an Art Gallery that is a perfect place to learn and connect to some moments in the past. In addition to that, it also has a nice spot to let your kids play and a park trail where you can view hanging artworks.

3. Ediz Hook

Ediz Hook is a 3-mile long sandpit facing the northeast of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Many tourists visit this place for sea combing and its relaxing ambiance. So, if you are fond of collecting shells, rocks, sea glass or want to take a look at the beauty of the sand and beach, you definitely have to go here.

4. Juan De Fuca Foundation for the Arts

Juan De Fuca Foundation for Arts (JFFA) is an art community that hosts theater and music events. If listening to music and watching art performances is something you love to do, you’ll enjoy watching talented artists at this place.

5. Feiro Marine Life Center

Fiero Marine Life Center is a small public aquarium museum where you can watch aquatic animal exhibits or learn about different sea creatures. Its location is downtown at 315 Lincoln St., which is easy to find when you arrive at Port Angeles. Even if you are at the surface, you can discover and understand what wonders lie beneath.

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