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The Ultimate Guide To Yurt Travel

The Ultimate Guide To Yurt Travel

Guide To Yurt Travel

You may have heard of the term ‘glamping.’ It’s a portmanteau of the words ‘glam’ and ‘camping,’ and it’s where luxury meets the wild outdoors. Despite the rich connotations of the word, glamping is considerably the more affordable travel option for many. Some have camped outdoors in their car, a treehouse, and the less commonly known yurt tent.

Yurt travel is a pretty new thing for many people. Now, you might be wondering what a yurt even is. They’re tents used initially by communities in the steppes of Central Asia. Unlike regular tents, though, yurts have rounded top domes and have a wooden platform. They offer cabin comforts in a temporary setting. So, you can take down your yurt, move someplace else, and still have the same amenities.

If you’re interested in glamping in a yurt but don’t know where to begin, read on to learn more before your next trip:

Getting A Yurt

You can’t camp in a yurt if you don’t have one. Some newer campgrounds may offer yurt accommodations, and all you need to do is go to the area with your travel bags. However, you may have to book in advance, especially in peak seasons. Yurts can fill up fast, and you might not get the opportunity to try glamping at your favorite campsite.


In this case, you still have the option to buy your own yurt for your future glamping travels. If you’ve got particular tastes in tents, look for luxury yurts that offer both style and comfort. Yurts come in various sizes and designs while some can be fully customizable. Choose your preferred size, fabric, powder coating color so you can have maximum satisfaction no matter where you are.

You don’t need to worry about basic amenities while camping in a yurt. Most modern yurts can have electricity, plumbing, and insulation installed for travelers’ ease. Yurts are temporary structures, but that doesn’t mean you also have to temporarily leave the comforts of home.

When To Go Yurt Camping

Because of the tried-and-tested strength of yurts, you could go glamping in one any time of the year. They’re sturdy enough to withstand heavy rains, winds, and harsh winters. But for the sake of your safety and enjoyment, you should stay in a yurt during calmer seasons.

Summer and fall are great times to camp in a yurt. Not only will you see bright and colorful outdoor views, but you can also rest easy inside your yurt, whatever the temperature is. Yurts have expansive windows to let the wind in during hot summers while the insulation can keep you and your family warm during the nippy autumn season.

Where To Go Yurt Camping

Many campgrounds in North America allow yurt camping, so do a quick Google or Airbnb search for the one that catches your eye and fits your budget. States like California, Colorado, Georgia, Oregon, and Texas are yurt-friendly.

If it’s your first time to camp in a yurt and you want a fun and safe experience as much as possible, check out these best yurt camping sites in the US. When you’ve gotten the hang of yurt glamping, you can try out other areas not frequently visited by campers to have some private time with nature.

What To Bring

Like any camping or glamping trip, you’ll need some supplies to ensure your trip goes smooth sailing. Having the right items in your weekend getaway is essential even if your yurt already includes amenities like a toilet and a stove.

The usuals in your travel bag should consist of the following:

  • Toiletries
  • Clothes (depending on the weather)
  • Comfy slippers
  • Food and water
  • Firewood, propane, or a fire starter
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlights or a lantern

While you’re at it, bring along some board games and outdoor sports equipment, too. Your yurt may provide a Wi-Fi connection, but the point of camping is to be one with nature for a while. Put down your tablet and phone and head outside. Doing this is a great way to get your kids to be active and learn how to play the games you used to play when you were their age.

How Much Do You Need?

Now comes the vital question: how much do you need to spend to camp in a yurt? As mentioned earlier, yurts are one of the most affordable places to go camping. They’re not as expensive as booking a five-star hotel room for one night.

If you’re renting a yurt, the average cost in the States is around USD$106 a night, but it can go lower or higher depending on the size of the yurt. Smaller ones go for at least USD$30 while the larger, luxurious ones may skyrocket up to USD$400. So, maybe they’re not as cheap as you thought, but it all depends on what you want inside your yurt. Though if you’re only going for the bare minimum, you can rent a cozy yurt for only USD$60.

Yurt camping is best for novice campers and travelers on a budget. First-timers get a feel of being outdoors in comfort, and people get to travel without breaking the bank. If you’re willing to spend more, you can turn simple camping into deluxe glamping any time of the year in a yurt. You might eventually enjoy going glamping more than once because of the reasonable and affordable conveniences a modern yurt provides.

Class And Comfort Away From Home

Camping has gone from going entirely off the grid to experiencing nature with some luxury. Some traditional campers might think it’s not very good to go to the woods only to stay in a fancy cabin. But camping should be an enjoyable activity for all, and yurt glamping offers that rustic vibe with the pleasures of a home. ‘Yurt’ in Mongolian means ‘home,’ after all.

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