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6 Exotic Locations To Travel In 2021

6 Exotic Locations to Travel in 2021

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Exotic Locations To Travel

Traveling is a natural cure for a stress-filled life. People who know how to enjoy their trips can find relief in their time away from home. And with all that, picking the right destination is a cherry on top. Although the outbreak of the pandemic has restricted movements, people are slowly adjusting to life with them. Various preventive measures from both ends have minimized the threats in traveling. But the most significant contribution in achieving this state is spreading awareness about the virus. Well-informed individuals have become more conscious of their activities and their consequences, helping to contain the situation.

So if you haven’t scheduled anything on your travel journal, you might want to start with some exotic locations for 2021. In case you are struggling with making your choice, here are some suggestions that might help. Make sure you pick something that aligns with your interests and can offer various ways to enjoy.

#1. The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains near the Tennessee-North Carolina border is something you shouldn’t miss in this lifetime. The sight is a natural wonder with its rich topography, wildlife, and colors. The beautiful mountain ranges are a sight for sore eyes. Still, its waterfalls and autumn colored plants are nothing to ignore either. It has a national park that is free to visit for all visitors any time of the day. As far as the activities are alarmed, you can choose to go hiking, cycling, swimming, camping, or enjoy the view. You can find comfortable accommodation close by at the Gatlinburg Cabin Rentals with all amenities and provisions. So all you need to do is make the arrangements, pack your stuff, and hit the road.

#2. Orlando Theme Parks

If you are a follower of theme parks, Orlando might be your dream destination for many years to come. You can find one on anything, from movies to real life. And the best part is that these places have plenty to offer to their tourists. Its most renowned spots include Disney’s Magic Kingdom with all its characters and multiple rides to enthrall you. Families love it because it is a paradise for kids, and parents don’t have to worry about preferences.

Its Universal Studios theme park is another one of these spots that let you experience what they bring to you on screens. You can find Harry Potter’s wizard world, Transformers, and much more. There are some awesome rides and roller coasters added to this mix for fun.

However, if you are raising a genius, you should check out Kennedy Space Center’s visitor complex. No one can deny how jar dropping that place can be. All these attractions won’t ever disappoint you.

#3. Islands of Maldives

Couples looking for a getaway can find peace at the beautiful resorts of the Maldives on its islands. They have the perfect romantic mood and plenty to offer to the visitors.

Since the place is so well-maintained, every sight seems picture perfect, like the still from a postcard. It’s reflecting green waters, groomed palm trees, and sandy beaches make you want to spend all the time in the world over there. And the weather of this destination is what complements this environment.

Fans of scuba might also find them very interesting because of the rich and exotic marine life in its clear waters. You might never know what wonder of nature you might run into while exploring them. So, all you need to do is mark your calendar and plan your perfect getaway to this dream destination.

#4. Northern Lights

Although some people might comment that the northern lights are overrated, you might never know unless you experience them yourself. Standing on a beach or a mountain holding your better half’s hand under these magical lights can leave you star-struck. If you wish to join this squad, point your compass to places near the Arctic Circle, like Finland. It is where you will be finding the perfect aurora in the sky to capture. You can notice this phenomenon at several other places. People have seen this occurrence on the southern hemisphere of the planet. So if there are any disturbances in the magnetosphere, you are likely to come across them.

#5. Rock Formations of Cappadocia

Turkey is a country rich with natural wonders, so heading there can bring you all sorts of surprises, but let’s not confuse you. Limit your travel plans to Cappadocia; its famous rock formations look aesthetic while taking the trip across this region on a hot air balloon. These are over a million years old and has colorful geo-formations to add to their beauty.

The stay here in its cave hotels is an equally appealing experience. These come with most amenities in the package, like a sauna, indoor pools, and baths. So while your surroundings make you feel like you live in a castle, you will have access to all modern-day luxuries. That is what makes it an exotic location to visit, which should be on your travel list.

#6. Denali National Park

The Denali national park in Alaska should be another high priority location on your list. Its beautiful parkland, exotic wildlife, and Denali are things that make it worth your while.

People visit it worldwide to witness its glaciers, rivers, peaks, and climate. The same applies to its animals that include grizzlies, Dall sheep, and wolves. That makes it perfect for all age groups, including family vacations.


These were the six exotic locations to travel to in 2021 to refresh your soul. Just make sure that you are well in line with all the SOPs and responsible tourists wherever you go. That is going to ensure your safe return besides enjoying your trip to your heart’s content.

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