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Best Mountain Resorts In Africa

Best Mountain Resorts In Africa

Mountain Resorts In Africa

The African continent can offer multiple stunning peaks for mountain climbing and skiing fans. All of them have both breathtaking mountain paths for climbing and picturesque pristine nature reserves at their feet. Below are some of the worthiest mountain resorts to visit in Africa.

1. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the highest and perhaps the most picturesque mountain in entire Africa. Climbing Kilimanjaro is amongst the most popular adventures you can embark on the continent as well. The park provides a secure camping and hiking experience to everyone. The hike distance depends on the route you select and varies from 23 miles on the steepest slopes and 56 miles through the Northern Circuit, which is also the most beginner-friendly.

2. Mount Kenya, Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park & Reserve is a nature’s wonder with well-established tourist infrastructure. It is the second tallest mountain on the continent, and it’s surrounded by dense forests, mineral springs, glaciers, lakes, and endemic vegetation and wildlife. There, you can experience mountain climbing, cave exploration, and camping in the wild. All the available experiences are secure and guided so that you don’t get hurt by the local wildlife and landscapes.

3. Oukaimeden, Morocco

This ski resort has an altitude of 11,000 feet, which makes it the highest one in North Africa. Another thing that makes it a great spot to visit is the closeness to Marrakesh, the most popular city in the country. The ski resort has a great view of the Atlas mountains. You can admire it while getting to the resort on a 3,280-feet cable car route. It can literally take you through the clouds and give an unforgettable feeling of soaring to the mountain peak.

4. AfriSki, Kingdom of Lesotho

Afriski is the best of only two ski resorts in the sub-Saharan region. Despite being located in one of the poorest countries on the entire continent, the resort offers a high-quality experience for demanding tourists from all over the world. How about skiing in Africa in June-August in a real South African kingdom in the 21st century?

5. Tikjda Ski Resort, Algeria

Takeda is located in the Djurdjura Mountains in North Algeria, and it offers both a great skiing experience for the fans and stunning landscapes for those who come for sightseeing. This place deserves the name of the African Alps for its wonderful nature and excellent housing options in the peaks.

6. Rwenzori Mountain, Rwanda

Rwenzori Mountains National Park in southwestern Uganda has its gates open all year round and includes over 1,000 square miles of lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, and forests around the third highest mountain range on the continent. The park is currently protected by UNESCO because of its outstanding beauty and value for the world’s natural heritage. You will see numerous endemic plants as well as endangered species of animals there.

7. Mount Sabyinyo, Uganda

Mount Sabyinyo is located between two of the greatest lakes on the continent, Lake Bunyonyi, and Lake Kivu. Although it’s not amongst the highest mountains in Africa, it’s definitely one of the greenest. The entire surface of the mountain is covered in diverse vegetation, which makes it admirable from any perspective. Locals call it “Old Man’s Teeth” because of its difference from the conical adjacent peaks.

Time to Visit Africa!

As you can see, Africa is incredibly rich when it comes to natural wonders. Most countries on the continent are also very welcoming for tourists and provide decent service quality and security. Our listing covers only several best mountain resorts on the continent, but you can also find numerous wild safari destinations, oceanic resorts, and more. What will be your next mountain destination in Africa? Tell us about it in the comments!

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