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16 Best Family Camping Places In Jindabyne, Australia

16 Best Family Camping Places In Jindabyne, Australia

Best Family Camping Places In Jindabyne

We barely get time for ourselves in this busy daily life, let alone spending quality time with our families. You may not even remember the last time you all went out for a trip together. What can be the best thing other than squeezing time for a camping trip with your family?

Even a small camping trip over the weekend can refresh your mood, help you to bond with your family, do fun activities, cook some delicious barbeque, and make some conversation beside the cozy campfire. Sounds luring, right?

Escape into the wilderness with our guide for 16 best family camping places in Jindabyne and enjoy the heavenly scenic beauty with a dynamic landscape featuring mountains, lakes, and waterfalls.

Do not worry about your stay with Jindabyne accommodation beside you. So, what are you waiting for? Just plan your trip, book your stay, pack your bags and go bond with nature.

1. Tom Mitchell Reserve:

Situated At the Park in Dundas Valley, this is an ideal camping place for your family. The greenfield stretches over a long distance with trees making nice cool shades. There is a free public toilet and free drinking water available all time.

You can have a barbeque and enjoy them sitting on benches. Fire is allowed here so that you can make a campfire. For children, there are playgrounds and football fields.

If you don’t like to leave your pet at home and want them to tag along, you are lucky because this place allows pets. Also safe for kids as this place is far from the road.

2. Talbingo Tourist Caravan Park:

This park is a scenic beauty with a gorgeous mountain backdrop and the Ounama pond in the front. For staying, there are well-accommodated cabins with kitchenette and microwave that give you the freedom of cooking if you want, or you can bring your pre-cooked food and heat it there.

Free parking is available. Here are recently built new villas that come with a higher rent. Pets are allowed in the park. There are a pool and playground for the children If you go for a stroll, you can visit the Talbingo dam. The staff well maintains the whole park. Perfect for a weekend camping with the family.

3. Providence Holiday Park:

If you want a calm and quiet place to enjoy your camping trip, visit the providence Holiday Park. It is situated beside Kosciuszko National Park and is surrounded by snow top mountains, giving a picturesque view. This place is lively with wildlife.

The Eucumbene river is full of trout. There are camping sites as far as the accommodation goes, but if you want some convenience, there are mountain cabins and 2-bedroom apartments available for rent. You can go fishing, do barbeque, go swimming, or make a campfire. It will feel like a secluded world free from the outside world.

4. Tumbarumba Creek Caravan Park:

This place is placed in a rural setting in the center of the town. There are different staying facilities depending on your budget. You can choose from a budget cabin to a deluxe one, every cabin comes with a kitchenette for your convenience.

There are places for swimming, pets are allowed, free parking, and a sports ground for the children. Designated campsites are available to enjoy a campfire with your companions. There are several tourist attractions within 10 km of the park.

You can visit riding a bicycle like- Courabyna Wines, Pioneer Women’s Hut, Paddys River Falls, Tumbarumba Wines Escape, Artists on a Parade art gallery, and Johansen Wines. Mountain ash trails and Rosewood rail trails are perfect for cycling.

5. Walwa Riverside Caravan Park:

As the name suggests, this park is situated at the banks of the Murray River. This camp has a wonderful scenic beauty up its sleeve. There is the facility of parking next to the Murray River. Cabins are provided for staying and are equipped with a camp kitchen.

A green lawn is stretched across the land. Dog-friendly park. The hosts are very friendly, and the place is well managed and cleaned. There are facilities for boating and fishing.

Next to this park, there are two tourist attractions- Jingellic Reserve and Burrowye Reserve. You will be provided with a fire pit and wood to enjoy a campfire for a few extra bucks.

6. Clearwater:

Another great spot for camping near a river. Located at Halfway Creek NSW 2460. The lush green nature and the clear blue water give heavenly chills to the campers. This park is packed with wildlife, you can have an amazing birdwatching experience.

Great place for off-the-leash dogs. The camping site has all the good amenities. Activities include- swimming in the river, hiking in the nearby mountains, fishing, and boating. Dedicated boat ramps are there for boating.

Picnic tables are there under the shade of trees. Tourist attractions include- Mount Pisgah, Hendricks Park, Dorish Ranch, Springfield Museum, and Emerald Art Center.

7. Blue Waterholes Campground:

This campground is a vast wilderness secluded from the outside world in a remote area. You have to come well prepared as there are no facilities except for the campsite’s basic ones, but the payoff is worth the struggle.

Activities you can enjoy include- kangaroo watching, strolling through the Clarke Gorge and Nicolas Gorge walking tracks, turquoise waterhole, hiking, limestone caves, cliffs, etc. There are tents and camper trailers to stay.

All camping amenities like picnic tables, car park, barbeque, toilet, and firewood are available. There are no camping fees but just a small booking fee. This site remains closed from June to October, so plan your trip accordingly.

8. Mount Mittamatite Caravan Park:

Mount Mittamatite Caravan Park is located at Murray Valley Highway Corryong. With a nice mountain backdrop, this place gives a rural feel. There are two types of cabins to choose from- standard and deluxe. The park is pet-friendly. The place is well maintained.

There is a blooming garden in the front, clean toilets and rooms. A playground is available for children. The place has a few tourist attractions like Man from Snowy River Museum, Lawrence Lookout, and Playle’s Lookout. The whole park is equipped with free wifi, laundry facility is available. Even there is a minimarket so you can get all your necessary items.

9. Colac Colac Caravan Park:

This place is situated near Mount Mittamatite Caravan Park on the banks of a river. Cool shady trees along the river bank are bliss. There are well maintained and clean cabins, although there are some complaints of an occasional power outage. Free parking is available, and pets are welcomed.

All the basic amenities are there like barbeque and kitchen. You can go fishing in the river. There is a dedicated snack bar to buy snacks. A convenience store is also available. This place shares the same tourist attractions as Mount Mittamatite Caravan Park, such as Man from Snowy River Museum, Lawrence Lookout, and Playle’s Lookout.

10. Anglers Reach Caravan Park:

Situated at the side of Eucumbene River, Peninsula Road, this park has a simplistic lifestyle with an open view. The cabins are cozy, well maintained, and clean, but the availability of clean drinking water is a red flag, so be well prepared for that because numerous visitors have complained about this.

Lake Eucumbene is a fisherman’s paradise. You can enjoy your lazy hours catching fish, go for a boat riding with a dedicated boat ramp, or do a picnic with your family on the grassy lawn. There are tourist attractions within 10km of this place- Snowy Scheme Museum and The Big Trout.

11. NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park:

Beside the Kosciuszko Road, NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park is one of the most beautiful parks for camping. Jindabyne Lake takes center stage of the beauty while snowy mountains take the backdrop. Simplistic and down to earth.

There are a lot of stay options to choose from. The choice is yours: cabins, villas, studio apartments, caravan, or camping sites. The park has all the camping facilities like a toilet, barbeque, fire pit, etc.

Jindabyne won’t disappoint you with its beauty no matter which time of the year you come. In winter there is snow for skiing, in summer there is lush green and wildlife. Go on cycling across mountain trails or catch fish in the lake.

12. Discovery Parks Jindabyne:

This site also overlooks Jindabyne Lake and is 6km away from Kosciuszko National Park. Enjoy your relaxing vacation in the well-maintained cabins, which come with kitchenettes, wifi and, air conditioning in some cases. There are a lot of activities to do while you stay.

Arrange a barbeque, go boating with dedicated boat ramps, catch fish, play with your children in the playground, or rent a session at the tennis court.

Extra features include a game room, communal washing machine, sauna, and convenience store. Nearby places include Thredbo village and Perisher valley to spend your free time. Very suitable for staying over a week.

13. Adventist Alpine Village:

This campsite is 14km away from Lake Jindabyne and is set in mountaintop bushland. The place is flourished with wildlife, you can see kangaroos and various birds flying all day. Extra amenities include tennis, volleyball, basketball courts, and a playground for children.

A barbeque facility is also available along with a campsite. You can stay in a tent or get yourself a cabin with a kitchen area. Go on a bike ride along the bike trail, or enjoy the sunset from the mountaintop.

Local tourist attractions are Lake Jindabyne, snowy mountains, Gaden Trout Hatchery, Jindabyne Brewing, Kosciuszko Brewery, Irish Memorial, etc.

14. Tumut Valley Holiday Park:

Located at the northern end of the snowy mountains, Tumut Valley Holiday Park is beside the Tumut River. Covered with lush green farmland, it reveals its true beauty during winter when the poplar and deciduous trees take the rich colors.

All the necessary amenities are there. There is free parking, an outdoor pool, boating facilities, public wifi, a coffee shop, and a game room to enjoy your stay.

Tourist attractions include- Tumut River Brewing Co., Adelong Falls, Blowering Dam, Tumut Region Visitor Centre, Tumut Broom Factory, Pretty Parrot Distilling, Tumut Fly Fishing, Tumut & District Historical Society Museum, Tumut Community Labyrinth for Peace, and Tumut Mountain Bike Park.

15. Braemar Bay Holiday Park:

This is one of Australia’s best inland fishing spots, situated beside Lake Eucumbene. There are both powered and unpowered accommodations like cabins and houses with free parking and basic facilities. Pets are welcomed here.

There is a shop that sells all the fishing essentials, ranging from a fishing license, equipment for fishing, alcohol, food, etc. If you are a fisherman by heart, this should be your destination, you can spend all day idly sitting in the boat catching trouts.

Other activities you can enjoy are- snow skiing at Perisher and Thredbo valley, cycling in the Alpine region, or bushwalking at Mount Kosciuszko.

16. Snowy River Holiday Park:

This is an award-winning holiday park, and that title isn’t for nothing. They are the only 4-star park in the snowy river region. It is located in heritage town Dalgety NSW. The cabins are well equipped with all the amenities.

The park is dog friendly, and cabins have dog kennels. The snowy river is a great place to watch platypus. You can go swimming in the river or go for a bike ride.

You can fish in the river, go hiking, and even go horse riding. There are ten cabins, so book one ahead of going. You may find some event or festival if you get lucky.


Camping is a great activity to get some relaxation from hectic life. Whether it is bonding with family, or doing many activities that you may not get the chance to do normally.

You can choose any of these parks for camping according to your budget and reachability. Just keep in mind to not pollute your surroundings.

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