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Stay Safe During COVID Pandemic With Electronic Visa Application – No Embassy Visit

Stay Safe During COVID Pandemic With Electronic Visa Application - No Embassy Visit

Electronic Visa Application

Technology and the internet have touched and transformed everything that we do from dusk to dawn. Duties that used to take long hours can now be done quickly in just a few seconds from your home’s comfort. Be it collecting volumes of information on any given topic, shopping, making necessary future arrangements, or connecting with our friends, family, or colleagues, nothing seems possible without internet assistance.

Out of the vast list of activities that the internet has facilitated, traveling is an important one. Today, making your flight and hotel bookings is just a matter of a few clicks on your computer screen. Can you guess the amount of participation and effort saved by online booking? What’s more, is that you can easily browse and compare the prices available on different platforms and make an informed decision to keep the expenses under your budget.

What exactly is E-Visa?

People were earlier supposed to invest a lot of time and stress in standing in long queues at the foreign embassies and getting their visas approved for traveling abroad for a relaxing vacation or business purposes. But thankfully, the idea of e-Visa (Electronic Visa) came for our rescue a few years back. E-Visa is a crucial official document that works as the perfect substitute for the conventional visa and permits entry and stays in a foreign country.

If you are an avid international traveler, e-Visa can make your travel plans free of hassles and stress. There are several websites like Natvisa available in the internet world, which can be the one-stop destination for your e-Visa needs. Not only does Natvisa serve as a storehouse of information to address all your queries related to traveling to different foreign countries, but it also ensures that your e-Visa applications are submitted without any issues.

Application Procedure

An internet connection is broadly all you need to apply for an e-Visa from any world corner. Considering its day-by-day increasing popularity amongst travelers, almost all the countries have started facilitating e-Visa applications today. So wherever you’re planning to go next and whatever purpose for, e-Visa can add oodles of ease to your travel planning.

With the help of Natvisa, the e-Visa application procedure becomes more comfortable and quicker than ever. The only you require to do is go to their website and fill up the online application form. You can submit this application after paying a nominal visa processing fee with your debit or credit card’s help. Within the stipulated time, you will be e-mailed your visa document, and you can start packing your bags. A printed copy of this visa document will act as a regular visa document, and you can enjoy a pleasant trip.

Not just e-Visa, but applying for Electronic Visa on Arrival, Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), and Pre-Approval Visa is also very simple and convenient at Natvisa.

Staying Safe during COVID with E-Visa

Just some months back, none of us had thought of witnessing a critical pandemic with such hard-hitting repercussions. But here we are with COVID, and our lives turned upside down due to the global lockdown and sinking economy. The fear of this deadly disease and the fact that there is no cure to it has made us doubtful of everybody we meet, everywhere we go, and everything we encounter.

But now, when we are asked to learn to live with it, people have started to get back to their usual routines slowly; needless to say, the safety measures are being duly followed. Many of us who had been postponing our foreign trips due to this pandemic have again started planning for them.

During such testing times, even those who have always been traveling with the conventional visas are drifting towards the concept of e-Visa. Aligning with Natvisamakes, your e-Visa application process is further safer, more comfortable, and more convenient. If you are still wondering why this is the right time to replace the regular visa with e-Visa and stay safe, here are some of the reasons to convince you instantly:

Whichever Destination, We’ve got it Covered

You are applying for e-Visa for any country you want to visit, now possible with Natvisa. Some online platforms offer e-Visa application services for some selected countries only and can be responsible for wasting your time when you’re already in a hurry to execute your travel plans. But with Natvisa, not just e-Visa, but other forms of visas can also be applied within only a few minutes. Even if there’s some particular visa application that is not covered at the moment, people do not leave their customers in the lurch and provide all necessary information about the other procedures to apply it.

Instant Simplicity and Efficiency

Visa application used to be a pain when websites like Natvisa weren’t there. The applicants used to feel tired and flustered due to multiple embassy visits and the absence of a comprehensive information center. But not anymore! Natvisa offers a highly user-friendly and responsive website, wherein you can easily submit your e-Visa application and that too, in only a few simple steps. This means that you will not be required to keep visiting embassies or other government agencies to get your work done. Also, as you are spearheading the entire e-Visa application procedure right from your home, you and your family will be safe against COVID.

Better Security and Approval Rate

Applying for an e-Visa involves sharing valuable personal information online. Hence, it’s essential to choose a trustworthy online platform like Natvisa. To safeguard your necessary account information, Natvisa implies the latest technology and storage norms in its world-class data centers. In terms of the visa request approval rate also, Natvisa has a stringent process in line. There’s a team of experienced immigration experts to review and forward your visa applications and documents to the related government agencies for processing. In case an error or inadequacy recognized while reviewing, their team gets in touch with you to get it corrected, thereby leaving no room for rejection later.

So, submit your e-Visa applications via Natvisaand leave all the hard work on their experts’ shoulders to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. If you still have a query, contact their customer support team and make the best move.

Author Bio:

Aishwarya Srivastava is a Marketing specialist at Natvisa. He has been providing critical information for travelers regarding entry permits and visas online since 2014. At Natvisa, we specialize in making a secure and hassle free environment for visa applications.

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