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Tips To Prepare For Extreme Fun At Dubai Dune Buggy Safari Tours

Tips To Prepare For Extreme Fun At Dubai Dune Buggy Safari Tours

Dune Buggy Safari Tours In Dubai

The thought of dune buggy, desert safaris, and quad biking brings about the urge to plan a trip to Dubai. The incredible sandy experience repatriates the nasty side of hot desert weather. Dubai’s topography is naturally made of desert and sandy beaches surrounding the ultramodern city. The sites are thrilling and offer extreme excitement to visitors.

The desert part comes in handy for the tourism sector, with thousands visiting for desert safari activities. Dune Buggy in Dubai is an incredible and unforgettable activity every tourist should try. The buggy adventure comes with multiple attachments like sightseeing, sandboarding, dunes, and riding in an open buggy. Visitors can select a variety of vehicles like ATVs, off-road cars (buggy), dirt bikes, and 4×4 land rovers. Based on preference and numbers, one can choose the type of buggy to ride, whether a 2-seater or a 4-seaters.

Options for Dune buggy activities in Dubai

The activity comes with thrilling fun, rough experience, and cool rides. Tourists can choose from morning dune buggy trips or evening dune buggy. The adventures take a particular time based on your tour guide. Morning options allow users to ride on the highest sand dunes, skiing/sand-boarding, and camel rides after the ride.

Evening dune buggy also comes with paramount fun. Riders can sandboard, ride over the dunes, enjoy lengthy ride time, view the sunset, watch great entertaining dances, henna painting, camping, and have delicious meals. The evening buggy tour offers cool weather that fits different desert tour activities. The overnight dune buggy comes with dances that proceed to the next day. You can enjoy quad biking and camel rides to view different sites at a slower pace.

Tips to prepare for dune buggy activities in Dubai

1. Comfortable clothes

Desert nature can be described as hot and sandy; this pretty gives a rough idea of the dress code. For complete and proper fun comfort should be a priority. Ensure to dress appropriately in light/simple clothes. The experience comes with dirt; wear clothes you won’t mind getting dirty. Due to the dust and wind, get bandanas or cloth to cover your head and mouth. Sunglasses will do great for your eyes. However, the tour provider should offer safety gear/wear, like a helmet (if needed).

2. Hot sun

It’s best to prepare for an extremely hot sunny day; visitors should focus on the ‘hot’ part since deserts are quite warm. Besides getting fun, it’s advisable to have self-care. You need suncare products like sunscreen to avoid sunburn and strokes. One can carry the cream for regular application throughout the experience.

Sunglasses are the perfect solution to keep eyes from sun damage. A helmet or hat will come in handy in keeping the sun off the scalp. Your tour guide and provider need to prove head gear for safety. Keeping hydrated is essential, meaning a lot of drinking water and cold drinks for the tour.

3. Healthy snacks and short break

The whole experience requires mega energy; the ride is bumpy and long. It’s wise to have a healthy snack before going for a dune buggy adventure. However, take a break after eating to avoid motion sickness. Buggy rides are not friendly to a full stomach due to the rough terrain, thus upsetting the stomach.

4. Fuel your buggy

The imagination of getting stuck in the middle of the hot desert is devastating. The vehicle is robust and beats different terrains. This may take up more fuel and energy, before leaving your station fueled up or refueling to keep the fun going.

5. Review your buggy touring provider

Dubai has different tour operators offering remarkable tour services. However, it’s advisable to review them before settling for any service. Always check their reputation, vehicle conditions, drivers, tour guides, packages, and more. It is best to check whether they are authorized to conduct tour services. A qualified company should provide safety equipment, have knowledgeable guides, and cater to visitors’ well-being.


Dune buggy rides are an amazing venture if one is well prepared. Get all details together and experience the thrilling joy of a buggy in Dubai.

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