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Measures To Follow While Traveling During The New Normal

Measures To Follow While Traveling During The New Normal

Measures To Follow While Traveling During The New Normal

Who doesn’t want to explore the beauty of this planet while they can? Many people love to explore a new destination with their families or spouse and rejuvenate themselves. Vacations are when we take a break from our busy, chaotic life and immerse ourselves in the soothing experience of exploring new places and sightseeing nature’s beauty. People who travel every year must have had plans for 2020 too. We all had planned some trips after saving enough money and managing our work schedules until the pandemic forced a lockdown.

With everyone bound in their houses, airlines and trains calling their services off, any of us had to give up on their travelling plans for this year. Surviving in the new normal was initially not comfortable. We had no idea if we will ever resume our routine again. People looking forward to travelling wondered if they would also travel or how long they would have to delay their plans. It was indeed stressful to sit at home and work from home with minimal to zero enjoyment or other activities.

People found their happiness again when they got to know from countries resuming their tourist activities and reopening their flights. All those postponed plans found their way towards fulfilment but travelling in the new normal is still a concern. Nowadays, people are travelling in the new-normal and practising social distancing and staying at less crowded hotels. If you are currently planning to travel, instead of booking a small hotel room, book yourself a slot in the Grand Leconte Lodge to avoid massive crowds. These lodges are large cabins accommodating a capacity for 80+ people. Besides booking a room at a less crowded place, here is what else you shall do to travel in the new normal.

#1. Carry your sanitizer

Either you are boarding a plane or roaming in a market, keep your hand sanitizer with you and void touching your face. Airports, buses, markets have any surfaces exposed to people’s touch. You cannot know if the person ahead of you had his hand sanitized or not, but you can take this precaution. Sanitizing your hand every time you touch a surface can prevent you from contracting the virus. No matter what do you do, avoid touching your face.

#2. Wear mask

Remember that we are not the only ones to travel to this new normal when we are travelling. Many other people were also waiting for travelling to resume just like you. No matter what you do or where you go, do not take off your mask. Even if people around you are not wearing a mask, wear one. It is better to safe than sorry. You can also contact the authorities to ensure that everyone wears a mask. Whether you are roaming with your family or alone, make them wear masks and not use the same ones for long hours nor exchange yours with anyone else.

#3. Travel on weekdays

Many people prefer travelling on weekends, which makes airlines and tourist spots crowded. If you are travelling on an aeroplane, you can expect closed quarters. You can do nothing about it but still can maintain social distancing at the terminal by spreading out. Travelling on weekdays makes airports and tourist spots less crowded, and you can enjoy your travel safely.

#4. Ensure SOPs

When we plan our trips, it also includes our stays. Unless you are travelling in your caravan, you do not have to worry about the SOPs, but in the case of hotels, you must ask about their SOPs. While booking your room on the phone, ask them about their SOPs and how they are enforcing those protocols. Ask them about their hotel capacity and how many people they are accommodating in this new normal.

#5. Reconsider your plan

With the updated data every second, we can easily keep track of places that are less prone to the pandemic and those serving as hot zones. If the country or city you are travelling to has higher cases, you need to reconsider your plan. The place itself might not be much at peak with numbers but taking a risk with nearby hot zones is not wise. Postpone your trip from the hot zones and explore the safe areas to travel in this pandemic.


The pandemic is inevitable unless we find a permanent solution. However, we can still take precautionary measures to healthy while travelling. Before travelling to your destination, get yourself tested, and follow the same procedure after you land. In case you have contracted the virus, isolate yourself and consult a doctor. Prevention is better than cure. It is our responsibility not only to look after ourselves but also to ensure that we do not harm others. Taking small precautions are better than suffering at the hand of this virus.

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