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8 Travel Apps You Need (And the Problems They Solve)

Travel Apps

The evolution of applications has changed the way we travel. There is no longer a need to sit down at a computer or carry around a map like it contains your last breath of oxygen. You can now put your itinerary, expenditures, tickets, and maps into one single device.

But are we using our smartphones to their ultimate advantage when traveling across the world?

The stress of planning trips is alleviated in numerous ways. We are starting with how and when we can plan them whether you want to do it yourself or customize your own guided trip.

Here are our top 8 applications that will get you through every stage of your next journey. Whether you are looking to book a hotel, find some exciting tours or find the location of the next attraction on the bucket list, there are some applications that the avid traveler cannot go without!

#1. Airbnb

Having become an enigma of the accommodation booking world in the last few years, Airbnb offers unique, private, and affordable accommodation that gives some of the power of the travel world to local people.

The recent addition of local experiences being offered on the application to match the accommodation is just another step in the right direction. Airbnb is rapidly becoming a one-stop-shop for a genuinely local travel experience.

Accommodation options range from tree houses to private apartments looking onto a pool. The application clearly shows you when you can book in the calendar-month and all past reviews. With Airbnb, there are no nasty surprises when you arrive.

To complete the experience, you’ll put into immediate contact with the homeowner who is at hand to ensure you know how to get there and offer recommendations for your stay.

#2. TripScout

Now you have somewhere to stay; it’s time to plan your time there – welcome TripScout! An unlimited ever-expanding list of places and experiences, this apps allows you to plan your days on-the-go. From restaurants to local attractions and localized content that will help you to decide where to go, TripScout records all of your recommendations so that you can start building your itinerary and never miss a beat.

This application made for travelers who like to create their plans as they go. Those same people regularly miss things off the list because they didn’t have this application!

TripScout is also a great way to find alternative experiences recommended by influencers and bloggers on the ground.


Where Google Maps fails, there are Never get lost again with this offline map. is every backpacker’s best friend; however, often missed by short-term travelers. The application is simple, all you need to do is download the country you are going to before landing, and you are off – with a fully-functioning offline map. generates routes for you and highlights landmarks to help you navigate your way through your inbound destination to relieve the frustration of getting lost in new countries.

An additional feature that will put a smile on your face is the pins that have been added by travelers – you can add them too. While exploring, will send you to the best pad thai place in town, show you a sweet coffee spot or even warn you of monkeys. is a travel essential!

#4. XE Currency Converter

The answer to the question that is always on your mind; ‘how much is that in…?’

Installing a currency converter on your phone is ideal if you are hopping between countries and don’t have time to establish a good knowledge of the currency. It’s also great if you are just not that great at maths.

XE Currency Converter is the leading app of its kind in the market because of its clean and clear design and digestible analysis of currencies across the world. It also has one of the most comprehensive and authoritative listings on the market. XE Currency Converter changes as the market does!

#5. WhatsApp

The number one means of communication across the world, Whatsapp, is like having a free sim card.

This Facebook-owned application has become a savior for travelers looking to keep in contact with each other and is a saving grace for those who choose to stay away from social media.

With no news feeds to distract you, WhatsApp is a hands-on, direct way of contacting friends and family. The app takes things back a step to a time when we used to exchange phone numbers instead of ‘handles,’ with the added advantage of working no matter what country you are from.

Creating a refreshing, simple means of communication, WhatsApp helps people from all over the world stay in touch.

#6. Mint

A one-stop-shop for tracking your spending, Mint is another application that is top of its game with crisp and clean design.

The application is a simple database to keep track of your expenses to ensure you next overspend on your trip. This dynamic user interface allows you to see all your accounts, bills, and costs in one.

Mint has become a staple for budget maintenance, with several features covering you before, during, and after your trip. There’s even useful, free information to help you improve your credit scoring, investments, and loan advice.

#7. Hopper

Helping travelers book flights and hotels across the world, Hopper is not your average comparison site.

With colorful segmentation, Hopper predicts the cost of the dates you have selected, so you’ll have a rough idea of the best time to book. It also clearly details how the flight prices are estimated to fluctuate between the exact moment you look and when you depart. If you like whatever you see, you can opt to get a notification to swoop in on a great deal.

Hopper tells you then and there that you could save more by booking at a better time.

#8. Uber and Grab

Where there isn’t Uber – there is Grab! Both applications offer the same services; however, we could argue over which app has better design and functionality for quite a while.

While Uber took over the western world as the best answer to taxi services, in Asia, Uber’s counterpart, Grab, stole the show.

Depending on what country you are in, Uber and Grab offer taxi car and motorbike services. As the job relies on reviews and is voluntary, the drivers are generally charming to chat with as you get from A-to-B. This reliance on reviews along with the ease of reporting drivers means that Uber and Grab cut out the scammers of the taxi world – we’ve all been there!

Uber and Grab have changed the world of taxi services with competitive prices and rewarding employment schemes on a world-wide scale.

Eilidh Wilson

Born and raised in Scotland, my writing career started in an art studio in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, three years ago. From there, I progressed from strength-to-strength, I travelled around Asia and Europe and found myself in Da Nang, my home for the time being. Words flow when I am writing about unknown experiences, authentic cuisine and artistic endeavours. I write to find tangibility and emotion through words that you can find through Designer Journeys.

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