Exciting Places To Visit In Lonavala On Your Weekend Trip 2020

Places to Visit in Lonavala

Lonavala is quite an intriguing place to visit, mainly if you have limited time. The town’s location is not very far, approximately 80 kilometers from Mumbai. Surprisingly the city has more to offer than what you might expect to see in a day or at most a weekend making it ideal for single holidays and weekends when you feel bored with nothing much to do. The town is perfect for picnics with friends or loved ones since you get to explore mountain ranges.

Anyone will have something to their interests since there are dams, caves, and lakes, among other things. However, if you are not looking into a lot of movement, you can settle in one of the best pool villas in Lonavala and spend your entire weekend. Also, all the available attraction sites are all easily accessible. Another advantage is that none of the places charge an entry fee, which relieves you on the financial part. The following are some places to visit once you decide to spend your weekend at Lonavala.

#1. Imagica

When you decide to visit Lonavala with your family, and you have kids, then Imagica is the ideal place to go. There are a variety of games and areas for kids to have fun to the fullest. Imagica is ideally a theme park filled with a rollercoaster, bouncing castles, trampolines, and free-fall rides, among other things. Fortunately, you can also engage in activities alongside your children. The place is magical, and your entire family will have an exciting experience.

#2. Celebrity Wax Museum

If you like staying up with trends and celebrities, then the celebrity wax museum will offer you the opportunity. In this wax museum, there are statues of all the Indian celebrities available. These statues look so real, and if you decide to take photos near them, you can convince someone it was the celeb in real. TV stars, famous movie actors, and champions in sports are all lined up here. Photo lovers will have a good time filling their social media pages.

#3. Rye Wood Park

Nature lovers will have a thrilling time visiting this place. Rye wood Park is technically a botanical garden that is very popular and should be on your bucket list. The area is rich in trees and flowers, all exquisite. Apart from just having a walk, you will get to learn about the different species of plants around. The park has tall trees which offer an excellent shade so you can sit around as well and hang out with your friends. Flower beds provide a pleasant and colorful site to the general scenery. This park is suitable for both adults and kids as you will have engagements for some time.

#4. Tigers Point

Tigers point has this name because if you look at it keenly, you will notice it looks like a leaping tiger. The place is a stopover and one of the famous places in Lonavala. You will get a treat to a lot of green nature, and the view is quite mesmerizing. The hill provides a point for you to view the wilderness and the waterfalls frothing within. There’s also a 650 drop in the place, which is the icing on the cake here. Yourself need a lot of courage to go all the way down. Once you are there, you can do shoutouts and get to hear yourself back sine there is a fantastic echo point.

#5. Kune Waterfalls

A waterfall is a very hands-on place. Therefore if you decide to visit Kune Waterfall, then you will have a very intriguing time. It is advisable to wear comfortable shoes, but once you get near the base, then you have no option but to take them off. This waterfall is among India’s highest waterfalls, a guarantee you will have an exciting time. You are allowed o have a picnic here and enjoy other activities like zip-lining if you are courageous enough.

#6. Bhaja Caves

A collection of caves intertwined, all leading to one destination. There are several architectural sights for you to view. You are required to walk for quite a distance through the caves to have a clear picture of the whole place. If you manage to get to the end, you will get a rewarding of an excellent sight provided by a beautiful waterfall that flows through the caves creating a small pond.

The places mentioned above are the most amazing places you should tour in Lonavala; apart from these places, there are a few magnificent villas with all the modern amenities like the swimming pool and Jacuzzi in Lonavala. Therefore if you have enough time, you will have many offers on your table. All the areas are unique and exciting but always check the weather before to ensure you have a successful weekend.

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