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Different Methods Of Using CBD Oil

Methods Of Using CBD Oil

Less than a decade ago, cannabis was a taboo in polite society; it wasn’t something that was considered ‘all American.’ Fast forward to the post Farm Bill Act of 2018, and cannabis is almost a household name.

This is because the Farm Bill Act of 2018 legitimized cannabis. This gave rise to the use of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids and terpene found in the cannabis plant in the production of edibles, gummies, oils, and many more products. Now many people swear by CBD products; they testify that taking CBD oil and other CBD-infused products work wonders for the human body.

There are many varieties of cannabidiol products, and they include oil, gummies, vapes, chewies(treats), rolls, and even cosmetics. In this article, however, we would focus mainly on CBD oil and how to use it. We would also discuss its health benefits and how to get the right product.

CBD oil has shown effective results in the treatment of sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, and many other problems. So it is very important for you to buy the best quality products for yourself. To buy the best quality CBD oil, you can visit this page to know more about these quality products that can reduce your anxiety and promote good restful night sleep.

3 Types of CBD Oil

There are 3 main variants of cannabidiol products, and they are broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and Isolate.

Broad Spectrum

The broad spectrum variant contains a wide range of the cannabinoid in the cannabis plant except for THC. Although THC is absent in broad-spectrum products, other cannabinoids and terpenes are present. This means that you still get a level of entourage effect with this variant without any effect of THC.

Broad-spectrum oil is excellent for folks who are wary of THC and do not want it at all. It is also suitable for people who might be required to take a drug test at any time. 

Full Spectrum

The full spectrum variant is the one that contains all the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. This includes cannabidiol, CBD for short, and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

It would interest you to know that THC is the property in cannabis that makes the user high. However, full-spectrum oil would not make the user high because THC used in a tiny dose (not more than .3% of the total volume of the product).

Many users claim that the full spectrum option is the best type of CBD to take because it offers the full benefits of the cannabis plant. That is what referred to as the entourage effect. So this option is good for people who don’t mind or even want the mild effect (influence) of THC in the product. 


CBD isolates are cannabinoid products that stand alone without the addition of any other cannabinoid or terpene. This is argued in some quarters to be the purest form of cannabinoid. This assertion is because of the process of extraction, which is quite intense to ensure the end product has only cannabidiol. 

While die-hard CBD enthusiasts may not advocate the use of isolates, some level of research has shown that Isolates also have health benefits. One of the arguments for the use of CBD isolate is that it frees the user to consume large doses of cannabidiol. Best of all, users of isolate would never fail a drug test.

You may want to visit this page to know more about the use and advantages of these variants.

How To Use CBD Oil

There are different ways of administering cannabidiol oil, and they include the following: – Sublingual, mixing with edibles, inhalation, and topical. Each of these methods has its advantages, and no one method can be the best. This is because the benefit of each method is highly dependent on the individual user and their need. 

Oral Administration

This method entails using the oil in cooking, baking, or mixing with already cooked meals/snacks. Although this is a great way to ingest CBD, the absorption level is reduced because of cooking and/or digestion. 

The process of digestion would make the substance take a while to get into the bloodstream. However, it stays there for a longer time when it reaches the bloodstream than with other intake methods. 

Sublingual Administration

This is how the oil is placed underneath the tongue using a tincture with a dropper. The CBD oil goes directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the process of digestion. 

Due to the fact that the substance is absorbed straight into the mucus membrane and capillaries in the mouth, it bypasses metabolism. This makes the effect fast, but it may not last as long as oral administration. 


Cannabidiol oil can also be administered through inhalation. The apparatus that used for this method is vape pens, and the method is known as vaping. Many people shy away from this process because of its stigma (many people associate it with marijuana that induces psychoactive tendencies). 

This method, however, is rated the most effective in getting all the benefits of the substance. It also has the highest rate of absorption than all other methods of consumption. Additionally, the user is not in danger of carcinogens because the vaping pen does not combust the oil but rather vaporizes it. 

Topical Administration

This method is best for treating localized pain in the body. The oil is rubbed directly on the skin (the affected area) and is absorbed to act effectively on the inflammation or pain. This is the preferred option for many athletes or people who suffer from joint/muscle pain and aches. 

Check out this article for more creative ways of using CBD oil. 


Now that you have seen the various ways of using cannabidiol oil might have converted you. But before you rush off to go shopping, make sure you intend to buy from a reputable specialty store. 

Note that it is best to buy from online stores that proudly display the stamp of 3rd party authentication. You are sure to take top-quality products from such stores.        

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