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Racing Simulators And Their Future

Racing Simulators

Nowadays racing games are a popular genre among the audience of PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. Over the past 10-15 years, many titles released aimed at different categories of users.

Some people like casual entertainment – hold down the forward button and drive without worrying about collisions. While others like realism – so that the car behaves on the road as accurately as possible. And any conflict leads to damage reflected in physics.

Below you can familiarize yourself with the seventeen best racing games for personal computers, choosing for yourself a couple of exciting projects according to genre preferences.

Who is virtual racing for

Racing simulators are now very common among gamers. Someone chooses them because of the craving for drive and speed. Someone has a mechanical steering wheel with a brake, and he wants to try his hand at something new.

Here are the main reasons why gamers like virtual racing:

  • Beautiful expensive cars;
  • High speeds;
  • Adrenalin;
  • Sounds and music;
  • Atmosphere;
  • Competition.

All this makes racing simulators atmospheric, especially for those who like to experience the thrill and feel the speed without leaving the computer. New technologies make simple racing games even more realistic by adding virtual reality to them. It is why racing has great promise for the future.

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The best racing simulators of the future:

#1. GRIP: Combat Racing. GRIP is a futuristic combat racing game from Caged Element with gameplay and design inspired by the iconic ’90-200s Rollcage series. The game is in early access on Steam. The eight unique heavy-weight racing cars can withstand collisions with opponents’ autos, more than 20 tracks, and arenas designed for six breathtaking game modes. And, of course, a good selection of weapons and active bonuses, knocking out annoying opponents from the race.

#2. Lightfield. Lightfield is a new action-packed racing game released for PC in late July 2018. A remarkable representative of racing simulators, allowing the player to test himself as a pilot of an anti-gravity ship, racing along twisted tracks with many obstacles. An abundance of dazzling visuals and a bouncy soundtrack are also present in Lightfield. For PC, you can download a Steam version called HYPER Edition with new tracks and modes.

#3. Antigraviator. New racing game with anti-gravity fireballs and incredibly high speeds. Players will be able to enjoy detailed customization of their cars and gorgeous graphics. The drawing of the local routes is especially impressive.

#4. Distance. An atmospheric arcade racing game set in an enormous futuristic metropolis, consisting of  winding routes and an abundance of neon lights. Challenging but breathtaking races with sharp turns and assertive rivals await players in this admirable racing simulator.

#5. Breakneck. The latest on the list of games is a simulator with breakneck speeds and scenic routes from the independent studio PikPok. In addition to high-speed driving, which requires an inhuman reaction, in Breakneck, players will have many exciting tasks and challenges that they need to complete during the races.

All these races differ from others next: they are presented in the futuristic world of the future and are far ahead of our time in the atom sphere. It is with these races that virtual reality will be most effective.

Classic Racing

It’s no secret that many gamers dream of seeing their favorite racing games adapted for virtual reality in the future. That is why it is also worth considering those races in which VR would fit very harmoniously.

1. Flatout

Before us is a fun arcade race with many unique modes and car tuning. Initially, the player starts in a car, which is difficult to call a car, but as he goes through various activities, he can improve it or change to a more comfortable and better vehicle. In addition to the classic circular tracks, you need to enter the top three to receive a reward. Flatout has battle arenas where you need to ram your opponents and prevent them from doing the same to you. It has stunt areas where you can set various records.

One of the main advantages of the game can be safely called physics. All collisions with rivals or objects located on the track you can see on the car’s body: doors crumble and fall off, the hood bends, the burns, glass crumbles. It all looks stylish. In addition, if you decide to suddenly crash into something at high speed, be prepared to see the driver’s body flying out through the windshield.

2. Need for Speed: Underground

Although many parts were issued as part of the NFS game series, the Underground can be safely called the most iconic project. From this part, the industry switched from classic racing competitions to the rapidly gaining popularity of street racing (considering the box office that the Fast and Furious and Taxi films were collecting at the time, this was a perfectly reasonable decision).

In the new game, for the first time in the series, a full-fledged tuning appeared – it was possible not only to choose the color of the car and all kinds of stickers on it but also to improve the technical characteristics of the engine, transmission, suspension, etc.

3. The Crew

The Crew is an arcade racing game that uses the online component. Players go through the storyline, rolling through the virtual expanses of the United States, and along the way participate in races with each other. The world of the game is a specific reason for the pride of the developers. Their goal was to create tracks as similar as possible to real American roads. Along the way, you can see the Grand Canyon, snow-capped northern mountains, swampy areas in the south, and various attractions of some regions of the United States, made in a miniature but very believable format.

All these races have already managed to enter some legendary and classic ones in their genre. VR has not touched them. In the future, many gamers and fans of this series dream of driving in these races, wearing a virtual reality helmet.


With high speeds, immersion, adrenaline, and realistic camera view, racing is considered one of the genres for which virtual reality was created. Along with shooters, you can experience the most indescribable emotions. Already, you can find different races built on VR, but their quality is far from ideal. That is why racing simulators have room to grow, and they have a big future. If you are tired of racing and want to try your hand at a new genre, you can always play games with no deposit casino bonus. You can read about it more on review websites.

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