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5 Tips To Set Up An Appealing And Professional Window Display

Window displays are essential for many different businesses. Most businesses like to have posters or photographs blown up and placed in their windows to indicate what they do. For doctors, physiotherapists, real estate agents, interior designers, etc. Any business with a window that looks over a street can benefit from a window display system to attract potential customers. Even if you don’t have a window like this, you can set up a small display in your reception area to show people the kind of work you’ve done before. You can also hang pictures of the people who work with you, the certificates you’ve received, and anything that indicate a significant accomplishment. Of course, you need to make sure that the pictures you hang will attract customers rather than repel them! This is something you can figure out with the help of your marketing team, but here are some universal rules to follow when selecting a picture for your window:

#1. Make It Visually Appealing

If you’re hanging photos of people who work for you, make them attractive photos taken by a professional. Real estate agents and interior designers can hang pictures of beautiful home interiors. Beauty salons can hang photos of beautiful hairstyles. No matter which type of business you work in, it is possible to get a relevant picture that is also visually appealing.

If you’re the business owner, you can decide this by looking at the photos yourself. Or if you feel like you’re not up for the task, then a marketing or advertising agency can do it for you.

#2. Keep It Relevant

Make sure that the photos you’re hanging in your window display are relevant to what you do. For example, you can’t put an image of a dancer if you run a beauty salon or a photo of puppies when you run a real estate agency. Try to think professionally and hang pictures that will appeal to your audience.

#3. Keep It Tasteful

You know what it means to be tasteful. Don’t use flashy colors (unless this is, for some reason, your trademark), don’t bring in nudity or semi-nudity (unless it is essential for making a fashion statement) and follow the norms in your line of work.

For example, it might be all right to post signs saying “Free” and “Zero” when you’re selling clothes for teenagers, but this might not be considered tasteful enough for a lawyer’s office or a high-end boutique.

#4. Maintain Your Brand

Most businesses now realize the importance of branding. Once you’ve created a brand, you need to consider it in everything you do, including window display systems. So if your brand is young and hip, you’ll need to set up a display that shows people that this is what you’re all about. And if your brand is reliable and dependable, then your presentation should say that.

#5. Use a Good Window Display System

You don’t want a display system, which will break down because the frames you’ve hung are too heavy. Plus, you also wish to a display system where everything is aligned correctly and not tilting over. An adjustable display system is best because you may want to change your display from time to time when you have new things to show your customers.

Plus, the display system should also be unobtrusive; the picture you are trying to display should be in the foreground, and the display system should be in the background, not the other way around.

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