What Do I Wear To A Rave?

Wondering what you are going to wear to a rave? Then you’re in the right place.

Rave fashion is all about self-expression in which the possibilities are endless. You can never go wrong with all vibrant accessories and vibrant accessories.

Today, there is a plethora of reliable websites that sell rave outfits and accessories. However, if you’re a bit overwhelmed with the number of accessories available then read on.

Below, we have compiled the essential things you need to wear and bring on your rave day.

#1. Shoes

Since you will likely bump into several people when you are rocking on the dance floor, make sure that you wear a closed pair of toe shoes. Doing so will make you feel comfortable and cute throughout the night.

#2. Breathable Clothes

Functional and stylish, this is how most people describe the fashion of rave. When you are going to dance for an extended period, your comfort is crucial as your overall look.

With this in mind, make sure that your outfit is light in weight yet durable enough to hitch over hours of jumping.

Since many people will attend this kind of event, it is indeed a challenge not to be fashionable only, but stand out. You can’t go wrong with trippy patterns and even vibrant colors.

Today, there is a lot of styles that you can use as inspirations. They are unique; thus, you can still express yourself through a festive fashion.

#3. Hat

Complete your look with a stylish hat. If the event is during the day, the sun can be extreme. That is why you must protect yourself from the harmful rays.

Since there are tons of ravers at the event, consider wearing a unique hat so that your squad will find you quickly in the crowd.

#4. Face mask

Using a cool and stylish face mask, you will be able to protect your lungs from debris and dust. Look for the design that coordinates with your rave squad or fits with your outfit.

#5. Hoodie

If you will be raving from day to night or the weather is chilly, you may want to wear a hoodie to stay warm if the temperatures drop.

Create a bold statement by asking the entire rave squad to wear a matching a galaxy hoodie that is out of the world.

#6. Sunglasses

Shades or sunglasses can be worn at any time of the day. Keep in mind that the stage production at a rave is epic. Thus you may wear a pair of sunglasses for the strobe lights and intense lasers if you have sensitive eyes. No worries, there are lots of fashionable sunglasses that can be great accessories to complete your rave attire.


If you don’t want to wear the usual rave wear, you can either create or wear your costume like a banana suit or an animal onesie. After all, everything goes well when it comes to a raving outfit. Don’t worry: there are many tips on how to properly dress for a rave that can help you.

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