Top Five Food Destinations For Hungry Travelers

Food Destinations For Hungry Travelers

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially when it comes to traveling! After all, wherever you venture, there’s always new cuisine to discover. But all cities aren’t created equal when it comes to culinary scenes. Which begs the question, which destinations offer the best flavors?

From street food to fine dining, we’ve curated the top five best destinations for foodies – plus, the best business class deals to get you there in style and for less!


When it comes to fine cuisine, Paris is a can’t-miss. This chic city boasts a rich and decadent history that makes it a must-visit for foodies. While Paris may be heralded for fine French dining, even a trip to the grocery store is an adventure in the City of Light.

Whether you assemble a picnic to enjoy on the iconic lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower, grab a sweet or savory snack at one of the local crêpe stands, or delight in an unforgettable meal at one of its 3-star Michelin restaurants, you will leave Paris dreaming of French cuisine!


The Wall Street Journal recently pondered whether Dubai is “the next great food destination.” We’d answer this question with a resounding “yes.” Indeed, this cosmopolitan Middle Eastern city is giving some serious gastronomic competition to Paris, Hong Kong, and other meccas for magnificent food.

A melting pot of people, cultures, and cuisines, you’ll find a breadth of phenomenal fare to sample on your visit. Some of our favorite flavors include everything from extraordinary seafood to exotic national dishes like the local pizza manousheh, an Iranian leavened flatbread called sanjak, and mandi, a traditional food consisting of rice, meat, and exotic spices.

Dubai is also a delightful destination for vegetarians!


Headed to this beautiful German city? Be sure to bring your appetite! Best known for the celebrated apple wine restaurants in its Sachsenhausen neighborhood, Frankfurt’s reputation as a foodie city is often overlooked due to its status as Germany’s financial capital. However, this is one of the things that makes it so amazing.

Frankfurt’s international makeup means it’s home to every type of cuisine under the sun, from Ethiopian and Brazilian to Thai and Vietnamese. Because it’s relatively undiscovered, Frankfurt’s also home to plenty of affordable options for budget-minded foodies.

Just be sure to plan a stop at Die Kleinmarkthalle, a specialty market offering local sausages, baked goods, cheeses, fruits, and vegetables from regional farms.


Pasta lovers, this one’s for you! Located in Italy’s gorgeous Lazio region, Rome fuses deep cultural roots with a modern outlook. A few of our favorite local specialties are made even more delicious by locally produced Pecorino Romano cheese, Bucatini all’amatriciana, cacio e pepe, la gricia, and creamy carbonara.

But the pasta is just the beginning. Rome also renowned for its authentic pizza, deep-fried rice balls called suppli, and robust local wine and beverage scene.


Like Frankfurt, Amsterdam’s foodie scene may play a supporting role in a more famous aspect (Red Light District, we’re looking at you). However, Amsterdam’s cuisine also lands this city a spot among Europe’s top destinations for epicures – and we’re not just talking about its coffee shops, either.

From high-end restaurants helmed by big-name chefs like Ron Blaauw and Rogier van Dam to mouth-watering street food, Amsterdam’s culinary scene is truly remarkable.

Did someone say, “stroopwafels”? These sweet treats are one of the city’s signature delicacies, along with bitterballen, Dutch fries, Dutch pancakes, and apple pie.

To wash it all down, try the jenever-beer combination called a kopstootje, AKA a “head butt.”

If a good meal is on your vacation bucket list, then you’ll find many ways to satisfy your cravings in these five cities. Looking to get there in comfort and style for less? Business Class offers some of the best deals on business class flights! Check out the Business Class travel blog for more vacation inspiration.

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