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8 Best Things To Do In Delhi In 2020

8 Best Things To Do In Delhi In 2020

Did you ever dream of travelling to Delhi? You should pay a visit to the capital city. It has a very diversified culture and is of great historical significance. There many places that you can visit in this union territory. Mentioned below are a few things that you can do:

#1. Taste Delhi’s delicious street foods

Eating delicious street foods is one of the best things to do in Delhi. The Delhi street foods are something you should not miss out on. The delectable parathas stuffed with potatoes, cauliflowers, paneer or chicken are not only a treat to your mouth but filling as well. Also, you can try the Muradabadi Biryani that is available in every street corner. The delicious kebabs and tandooris will surely make your mouth water. Jalebis, Dahi Bhallas, Aloo Tikki, and Gol Gappa are some other street foods that should include your list of must-try street food items in Delhi.

#2. The Humayun’s Tomb

An amalgamation of Persian elegance and Indian architectural beauty, the Humayun’s Tomb is one of the most significant historic places. Amidst symmetrical Mughal Gardens, this grandeur structure built-in 1572. One should take a stroll in the lush green garden for good pictures at dusk. The well-lit tomb appears remarkable. Nearly 1.5 million rupees spent to build this structure. The architectural design is similar to one of the 10 wonders of India, the Taj mahal as well. It is one of the Unesco-protected monuments in India with a reasonable entry fee. If you ever plan to visit Goa, you can check out one of my previous articles where I have shared the top ten things to do in Goa.

#3. Soulful Qawwalis

Do you like listening to Qawwalis? Visit the tomb of the Sufi saint, Nizam-ud-din Auliya to listen to this devotional music. Sitting in a crowd during the dusk and listening to people singing Qawwalis is quite a surreal experience. He is one of the most famous Sufis to ever live in the Indian Subcontinent. His spiritual master was Amir Khusro. Khusro was one of the most renowned poets of the 13th century. During Basant, both the tomb and devotees embellished with yellow robes and blooms, Qawwalis are performed there.

#4. Explore the Red Fort

The Red Fort is one of the most iconic forts in India. The gigantic structure is made of sandstone and is a quintessential example of the Mughal architectural beauty. In some places, you will notice a hint of the British architectural designs. Over the years, many areas of the tomb got damaged and are under restoration. The best day to visit the Red Fort is Republic Day. You will catch glimpses of some amazing things. Every year the Prime Minister hoists the Indian flag here that is followed by many celebrations.

#5. Always use the metro for Transporting.

The Delhi Metro makes transportation easy. No matter which part of the area you want, travelling in Delhi Metro will be convenient in most cases. Besides reaching almost every corner of the city, you can save a lot of time as well. Further, the metro cabins are immaculate and well maintained. For reaching outskirts like Noida and Gurgaon, the Delhi metro is the most convenient mode of transportation. You can catch a glimpse of a few places while travelling like the Qutub Minar.

#6. Shopping

If you are a shopaholic, Delhi is quite the ideal city for you. From high-end apparel to cheap designer clothes, everything is there. Explore Connaught Place, located at the heart of the city. You fill outlets of almost every famous brand in India. On the other hand, if you are looking for cheap options, Palika Bazaar, Janpath, and Dilli Haat are few options. Sarojini Nagar is a paradise for women, especially for women who have good bargaining skills. Also, if you love reading books, you should add visiting Darya Ganj to your things to do in Delhi list.

#7. Visit Khan Market

People in Khan market have a refined and laidback lifestyle. Besides bookshops and homeware stores, you can visit the many cafes that are nearby. Among the famous cafes, Café Turtle is where people visit to drink coffee and eat some gooey cake. However, there are many other places available. More eateries like Yum Yum Cha, where you can taste sushi and many other Japanese delicacies, to Perch where you can enjoy coffee with some snacks. It is also the first wine and coffee bar in the city.

#8. Enjoy the nightlife at Hauz Khas.

Hauz Khas is a unique place. It is where history mixes with Boho. While streets seem narrow and old, the insides of the old houses are echoing with loud music and filled with booze. Visit there any day after dusk, and you will find the streets thronged by youngsters entering pubs and cafes. If you enjoy loud music, join one of the night clubs. Otherwise, cafes are overlooking a lake where you can sit with a beer and enjoy the view.

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