Moving To New York: Best Places To Visit When Moving From California

Places to visit in New York

Regardless of where you are, hearing anything about New York will strike up an air of mystery. It’s not “mystery” as in “terrifying,” though – but “mystery” in a sense filled with grandeur and wonder and amazement. After all, be it inside or outside the United States, New York will always be filled with exciting new opportunities. Many people often imagine working or even living in one of New York’s many areas and cities. And considering New York is home to the United States’ most populous city, it’s evident that we meet many people and explore a ton of cultures here.

If you’re moving from California, you’re sure to have many beautiful encounters in this new chapter. However, if you’re going to open this new chapter in New York, what are the places you should visit?

#1. Niagara Falls:

If you love water, you’ll love Niagara falls. There’s 3,100 tons of water that flows over the edge of these waterfalls every second, and it’s this very spot that lies in between Canada and New York. People who plan on visiting Niagara Falls for the first time should probably go on a Maid of the Mist boat tour. This fantastic tour will take you on a steamboat that heads to the base of the falls, leading to other beautiful attractions such as the Butterfly Conservatory, the Botanical Gardens, and even the State Park.

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#2. Adirondacks:

People looking for a more serene and peaceful environment should probably tour around the Adirondacks Mountains. This beautiful place has more than 6-million acres of land, with beautiful trails, valleys, lakes, and communities. If you love water, you can grab a boat to Tupper Lake or kayak to Saranac Lake. Likewise, if you’re a hiking lover, there’s a thousand miles’ worth of trails. If you’re looking into house or interior designs, you should probably visit sights such as Fort Ticonderoga and the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. 

#3. The Finger Lakes:

Those looking for a romantic getaway can go to the Finger Lakes. While the Adirondacks provide a relaxing experience for adventurers, the Finger Lakes can help couples and families reminisce about their lives. At the same time, their long-distance moving company handles the rest of their move. They can retreat to their hotel or cottage with fantastic scenery filled with parks, trees, or even unusual fall foliage. You and your partner can visit the Finger Lakes’ many towns for their seasonal attractions or state parks. 

#4. Thousand Islands:

If you want a more adventurous getaway, Thousand Islands are definitely for you. However, this doesn’t just have 1,000 islands, though. There are more than 1,800 islands in this beautiful attraction! You can opt for a boat tour around Thousand Islands and even visit a bit of Canada in the process. Many castles, mansions, and lighthouses see on this tour that it will become a breathtaking sight. 

#5. The Big Apple:

If you’re moving to New York for good, New York City is one of the places you should visit before settling in on your new home. If you plan on hiring movers in Manhattan NYC, you should also take this opportunity to explore and enjoy the city for yourself and the whole family. Given it’s the most populous city globally, New York is home to many cultures and lifestyles. You can shop in SoHo and Fifth Avenue; you can have fantastic food tours and museum trips around Manhattan or see a couple of Broadway shows. New York City is also home to the iconic Central Park, which can cap a good day of touring all around Times Square. 

New York: The World’s Wonders In One City

Interestingly, people might be surprised to realize that New York can be a place of many cultures and peoples. Regardless of where you’ve come from, there’s always somewhere that would fit your fancy. With the above suggestions in mind, you’ll hopefully get a sense of the true spirit of New York once you start your new life here. Like how these places can be extremely diverse, New York always has something new and exciting to offer anyone willing to walk or the commute around its many areas.

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