Best Places To Visit In The United States During The Summer In 2020

Places to visit in the United States

With summertime in full swing, everyone wants to go out, enjoy the sun, and wind down. With lush national parks, divine islands, and bustling megacities, the United States has loads of exciting stuff to offer this season. But, when you’re in a country with such a wide variety of awe-inspiring destinations, the task of choosing becomes somewhat tricky.

Also, traveling can be cumbersome, with all the research, bookings, and preparation you ought to do. So, even before choosing which spots to head to this summer, it pays to check out sites, like  KOALA, for some fantastic deals and packages. 

 Here are the best places to visit in the United States for that highly-anticipated summer getaway:

#1. Yellowstone

From exotic animals to jaw-dropping natural resources, the Yellowstone National Park has everything that would satiate the nomad in you. It has steaming geysers, hot springs, hiking trails, and a plethora of wildlife. You can either find some animals in the vast stretches of the park or the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center. 

#2. Maui

No “top places to visit list” would be complete without mentioning Hawaii. There, you can find Maui, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands to visit in the United States, and rightly so. With vast idyllic beaches, incredible resorts like the Maui resort rentals, a rich cultural heritage, and mesmerizing scenery, Maui is sure to steal your heart and keep you wanting to come back.

#3. New York City

The Big Apple is often called New York, one of the most iconic cities in the world. With a diverse range of cultures, iconic foods, modern museums, inspiring historical monuments, and so many different activities, this place should be on your bucket list. The city’s overall lively atmosphere is sure to rub off on you and keep you energized. Just don’t forget to walk the Brooklyn Bridge and take a stroll in Central Park.

#4. Miami

Miami is synonymous with a great lifestyle, endless beaches, parties, and luxury. But, it’s more than just a place to sunbathe. You can feel like you are a part of the 1930s high life with areas like the Art Deco District. With lines of superyachts in the docks, sun-soaked beaches speckled with palm trees, fun outdoor activities, and an endless barrage of supercars, Miami will make you feel like a baller.

#5. Grand Canyon

A member of the coveted Seven Natural Wonders of The World club, Grand Canyon’s fascinating atmosphere has to felt for it to be fully understood. With the Colorado River snaking through the 277-mile long canyon, the gigantic rock formations, and fun activities, like white water rafting, the Grand Canyon offers you some of the best things you will ever experience.

#6. San Francisco

This West Coast city offers many famous sites, great outdoor spaces, and a multitude of cultures, making it as charming as it is picturesque. You can take a cruise, eat authentic Asian, Mexican, or Italian food, dine in the outdoors and bask in the sheer beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, all in this fantastic city.

#7. Washington, D.C.

America’s capital is as high as the nation itself. It’s home to beautiful landmarks, like the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, as well as several Smithsonian museums that you can sightsee for days. With its rich history, you can enjoy yourself and learn at the same time. And, to top it all off, the city offers some exquisite restaurants and lively bars.

#8. Big Sur, California

For someone who loves camping, hiking, and surfing this place lying between Los Angeles and San Francisco is a sight to see. Big Sur Cliffs are a part of the Santa Lucia Mountains that connects you with nature and the wilderness. If you’re someone who enjoys outdoor activities, Big Sur is a great place to visit with your friends and family. 

#9. Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

This location looks straight out of a fairy tale. A picturesque beauty, Oneonta is a mixture of aquatic and woodland growth. Its 2.7-mile track around the gorge means that this is a place hikers shouldn’t miss. Moreover, it is recommended to visit the nearby Tipple Falls.

#10. Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is a known snorkeling area in Oahu, Hawaii. The bay curved in shape, which formed when part of the crater sank in the ocean. Adorned with beautiful ocean wildlife, this place should not miss at any cost. 

#11. White Mountains, Hampshire

Explore the white peaks and the forest through hiking. It is the perfect getaway spot, away from the tired life in urban areas, helping you reconnect with nature. Mountain biking, hiking, and camping are some of the activities one can do to take advantage of nature’s tranquillity in Hampshire. 

Reasons Why You Should Visit in Backpacker Tours

Backpacker Tours are usually don’t follow any itinerary, so it’s also considered as unplanned travel. Of course, it’s essential to always be ready with your travel essentials. You can try Outdoorcommand to buy your travel must-haves.

Here are the excellent reasons why you should consider backpacker tours in the United States:

#1. You Gain New Friends

Aside from your companions, you can gain new friends on a backpacker tour. By mingling with locals and joining tour groups, new friendships are built and usually continued through social media communication channels, like Facebook.

Here are some ways you can gain new friends when on a backpacker tour:

  • Trying mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities allows you to meet strangers who can eventually become friends.
  • With shared interests and travel goals, you can expound your social circle in every corner of your visit.
  • Try new activities, such as bungee jumping or rock climbing, that you haven’t done before, making your backpacking experience more exciting and unique.

#2. Affordable/Low Costs

With backpacker tours, you can select cheaper destinations with a reasonable exchange rate to save on costs or areas where the food cost less and hostels are cheap. You might consider backpacking in any state that allows you to use your travel rewards points or score cheap flights to book a free flight.

Also, you can save on transportation costs. By walking, you can get where you want to go, which gives you more freedom and enjoyment to explore. If you’re going to opt using public transportation, you can use Lyft or Uber and charge the fee with your credit card to earn rewards. Also, if you have finished different courses for tour guides, you can work as a guide while you travel to different places.

#3. Appreciate The Beauty of Nature

Backpacker tour allows you to appreciate nature’s beauty by visiting natural landmarks, like falls, lakes, and mountain regions, where you can have a close encounter with wildlife creatures.

A backpacker tour is not luxury travel. You can splurge and shop all you want, but rather a more meaningful experience of appreciating all life forms, including rare plants and exotic animals.


America is a fabulous place to be when you want to travel, especially in the summer. With stunning landmarks, jaw-dropping natural miracles, and cities that showcase the epitome of human ingenuity, you can never go wrong with a road trip in the United States.

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