Top 4 Treks To Do In Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Treks To Do In Parvati Valley

Located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, Parvati Valley is a serene valley with lush green deodar trees. The main attraction of this valley is the river Parvati and the famous villages like Kasol, Manikaran, Barshaini, Pulga, etc., located at its bank.

If you’re one of those interested in exploring the offbeat places and treks in Parvati valley, this is the blog for you.

This blog will discuss the Best 5 Treks that should be on your Bucket List in Parvati Valley.

#1. Mantalai Lake Trek

Located at an altitude of 13500ft, Mantalai Lake is a high altitude lake situated in Parvati Valley. It is also known to be the origin of the Parvati River. The trek starts from Pulga and is a 15 km Trek from one side. The difficulty of this lake lies between moderate to complex, and the beginners shouldn’t go on this trek. You need at least some sort of trekking experience to go on this trek.

It usually would take a person anywhere around 4-5 Days to complete this trek. Most of the trail to this trek is alongside the Parvati River and is best for Nature lovers and explorers. The Best time to visit this trek is from Sept to Mid-October. Though the trek is open in July & August, it is not advisable to go on this trek in the rainy season as the trail gets muddy and slippery and also, there are very high chances of landslides. The Trail remains closed in Winters dues to Heavy Snowfalls.

The Good thing about this trek is that it covers almost all the important places of Parvati valley like Kheerganga, Pulga, Pandu Bridge, Thakur Kuan etc.

#2. Sar Pass Trek

Sar Pass, located at an altitude of 13800ft Sar Pass is a perfect Trek for beginners. The best part about this trek is that it covers everything from Himalayan Villages, Forests to Meadows and Snow-covered Mountains. The trek starts from Kasol, one of the most famous Attractions of Parvati Valley and can easily take up to 4-5 Days to get completed.

While trekking towards Garhan Village, which is mostly the first stop towards sar pass from kasol, one would experience the scenic beauty of lush green forests of Deodar, Pines & Rhododendrons. The base camp of this trek has fantastic connectivity with the other major cities of India. The nearest airport to Kasol is Bhuntar airport which is around 35 km away.

The trek is not available in winters due to heavy snowfall in the upper Himalayan region. Also, it is not advisable to do this trek in the rainy season as you won’t enjoy the views that this trail has to offer, plus there would be very high chances of Landslides and road blockage. Therefore the best time to visit Sar pass would be April to June & Sept to Mid Oct. Though the weather in the upper region is quite unpredictable, so do not forget to carry warm clothes and be fully equipped with all the essentials while going to Sar Pass.

#3. Chandrakhani Pass Trek

Located at 3600m, Chandrakhani Pass is one of the most famous and highly visited passes in Parvati Valley. You can get a Panoramic view of Parbati Peak and Deo Tibba from the Chandrakhani Pass. Rumsu Village is the Base Camp of this small tribal Himalayan village near Naggar.
The distance of this pass is around 25 Kilometers and would take approximately 2-3 days to complete depending upon the fitness level of the trekker. The degree of this trek lies between accessible to moderate, and any person with zero to less trek experience can easily do this trek.

Chandrakhani Pass is accessible throughout the Year. However, April Mid till May end is considered the best time for this trek. Just like any other Himalayan trek, this trek too is not advisable in the rainy season. Also, you might encounter trail blocks or closed treks in winters due to heavy snowfall.

#4. Tirthan Valley Trek

Tirthan Valley is yet considered quite an isolated valley and full of cultural Richness in Himachal Pradesh. You can explore Tirthan Valley and The Great Himalayan National Park from Parvati Valley.

The best part about this trek is that you’ll cover three significant valleys during this trek: Tirthan, Sainjh and Parvati. The number of Days to complete this trek will depend on your willingness to spend in nature and explore it. Overall, on average, this trek can easily be completed in 5-6 Days.

The best time to visit this trek depends upon how you are planning to experience the valleys. Other than this, you can also start this trek from the Tirthan side and end up in Parvati valley as Tirthan also has good connectivity of roads and transport.


Overall, Parvati Valley considered being one of the mystic valleys in Himachal Pradesh. It has a lot to offer, and if you want to experience the true essence of the Himalayas and its culture, then going on any of the treks mentioned above would be your best choice.

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