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Tips To Keep Bugs Away While Enjoying The Outdoors

Tips To Keep Bugs Away While Enjoying The Outdoors

Spending time outdoors has never been more tempting with the warm weather setting in. If you want to sleep under the stars or watch the sunset at the beach, protecting yourself from bugs is important. Below are some of the most effective tips on keeping away biting insects as you enjoy the outdoors with friends and family.

Light Citronella Torches or Candles

Most biting insects do not like citronella. You can purchase citronella candles, torches, and even diffusers using your REI coupon to make your next backyard gathering bug-free. REI offers the best deals online and great discounts for everyday products.

Using these natural repellents properly can maximize their effectiveness in warding off mosquitoes and other biting insects. Make sure to position them around the seating areas. This will form a protective odor shield against bugs. You will know the candles, diffusers, and torches are doing their job if you can smell them from your seat. If not, you need to place another citronella repellent in that area.

Put Permethrin on Your Clothes

Permethrin is another effective repellent against biting bugs. You can check if your REI coupon can get you good prices for permethrin-treated clothes. You also have the option to buy your own permethrin and then spray it on your clothes. Make sure your clothes are spread on a clean, protected surface before spraying.

Let the clothes dry completely before wearing them. Never spray the permethrin while you are wearing the clothes. Permethrin may induce a bad skin reaction.

Remove Standing Water or Stay Away From It

Flies and mosquitoes look for stagnant water for breeding. These bugs can lay about 100-200 eggs in every clutch. Getting rid of standing water around your property can bring down their population. Check plant saucers, garbage can lids, watering cans, and gutters. Remove the collected water. Staying away from standing water during your hikes and walks can also keep your skin clear of bites.

Purchase Outdoor Fans

Studies show that mosquitoes and other biting insects cannot land properly on your skin if there is a strong, steady breeze blowing in your direction. Their tiny wings cannot handle the gusts. Also, the breeze disrupts their sense of smell.

Research shows that your body odors diffuse when it is windy. If mosquitoes cannot smell you, they cannot activate their red vision. They cannot see your reddish skin and won’t be able to land on you.

Place a Mosquito Net Tent in Your Yard or Campsite

This is a physical barrier between you and the hungry bugs. Even if they smell you, they will not reach you. Camping veterans recommend spraying your mosquito net tents with permethrin first before putting them up or before packing them for the trip. You can use your REI coupons to get at least two net tents for you and your family.


Warm weather tends to activate odors. The smell of your breath and sweat motivate biting insects to come. Repelling these bugs is important for your health. Using your REI coupon can cut your costs in buying supplies to ward off bugs when enjoying the outdoors.


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