Things You Must Need To Know Before Visiting Pakistan

Things To Know Before Visiting Pakistan

Pakistan, with its stunning landscapes and welcoming people, is an excellent place for travellers. Pakistan’s rich culture is seldom seen in the mainstream media. Despite all that happens with regard to Pakistan’s security and other issues, Pakistan is currently more popular with international tourists due to its ancient locations and mountains.

All set to travel Pakistan? Take a quick glimpse at these valuable tips first. Whether you’re travelling to Pakistan through PIA booking or other airlines, you will be all set to land in major cities. There you can take the route for the mountains in the north, the sea to the south, the historical sites defining back to the Indus Valley Civilization or the remarkable Mughal architecture, some groundwork beforehand can certainly make your trip more unforgettable.

Visa to land in Pakistan

Receiving a Pakistani visa was a genuine hardship for a long time, and only lots of paperwork and papers could apply where you needed. However, lately, things have grown easier but not ideal with the advent of e-visas.

You will also want a letter of invitation from the tour operator or the hotel booking confirmation before your application is made to ensure that you have a copy of your passport information page and your passport photo.

The entire procedure lasts around 1 hour, and many questions are needless and unusual. It takes 7+/- business days to obtain approval for visas for 35 USD. Make sure you print your visa email.

Flights to Pakistan – Where they Land

Flight to one of the 9 international airports in Pakistan is most easily accessible, with the central airways Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Flights between London and Islamabad are operated from Europe by British Airways.

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Travel – Transport

It is simple to move across this large nation; however, it depends on your money and time. The country has a great network of railways, extremely convenient buses, dirt cheap minibuses, and even more inexpensive flights between the main cities in this region. You will have several transportation alternatives in Pakistan. 

In between towns, there are buses, aircraft, and vehicles. You may also drive past local jeeps and cars to make the journey more exciting. However, you may travel by Daewoo coach from one place to another if you seek a comfortable journey. It’s not too hefty on the pocket, either. You shouldn’t rent local jeeps to the locations where vehicles are unavailable, either in northern areas. Train journeys are quite common, particularly if the south is to be reached.

Regions to travel


In Punjab, you will most likely see the Punjabi culture though people from different cultures also live in Punjab, and there is diversity, but the majority will be Punjabis. You will feel the hospitality they have for their guests. 


Sindh have their specific culture and language with a sweet accent; in different areas of Sindh, you will find diversity with a slight change in accent and somehow a language change.

Food and Drinks

Be ready to acquire a couple of pounds when you are visiting Pakistan because Pakistanis especially don’t tend to compromise on their taste. Whether at a little Dhaba or in a huge expensive restaurant, you will discover various cuisines in any part of Pakistan. Some of the most famous cuisines in the nation, Biryani, Karahi, Nhari, and Chapli Kebab, can be found nearly anywhere. Lens meals such as masoor ki Daal and daal mash are available to vegetarians. Special veggies like mixed sabzi and aloo ki bhujia are also available.

Safety Tips for women

Everywhere is somehow the same situation for women in Pakistan. For security, a guy or group should always go with him, especially at night. Women are advised not to travel or to go alone in some parts of KPK. Late-night jogging and walks are also rather impossible without living in a very safe and enclosed area. Pakistan is a growing country, and in any place you travel, you will find several variations. Life is quite different in KPK than in Punjab, for instance. Several roads are still underway in northern Pakistan due to floods, lawsuits, and other inevitable natural catastrophes.

Dressing – Moderate and Decent

When you visit Pakistan, you might wish to bring clothes in various weather conditions to take a national excursion. North of Pakistan is quite chilly, and without a thick sweater and jacket, it isn’t easy to even stand there. If you plan to move to the south of Pakistan, the temperature is warmer, so that something comfortable and light is needed. In Pakistan, both men and women are praised for being covered. Do not wear shorts or any alluring dress, particularly ladies, because they are disapproved of, and you will surely have to stay safe and avoid catcalling.

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