Best Street Food Places In Israel

Street Food Places In Israel

If food is one of your top 3 important things while travelling then consider Israel a must visit country for you. For the purpose of understanding this article I’ll recommend learn about the dishes like Sabih, Falafel and Burik.

The food here has so many options and that’s because In Israel there is so many ethnicities, from Eastern Europe to Africa and even South America.

The best street food places in Israel mainly concentrated in Tel Aviv and the center of the country, but I’ll bring you places from every section of the country.

So be ready to drool over your keyboard because here is the best street food in Israel:

Best Street Food Places In North Of Israel

Sandwich Bar Bracha – Starting from the north part of Israel in Haifa, Sandwich Bar Bracha is one of those places that every customer gets the owner’s attention. This place is considered to be the best sandwich in Israel and that’s because the quality of their cold meats is one of the best. The only bad thing to say about this place is that the prices are more than average.

Oren’s Sabih – Oren’s sabih is arguably the best sabih from north to the center of Israel. In every dish you’ll feel how much love they put into the making. But except love, the combination of thin pita-bread filled with fried eggplant, hummus, tahini, amchoor, pickles, fresh vegetable salad and a sliced boiled egg is just perfect.

Lucky Chicken – Going further down to the center of Israel, northern to Tel Aviv in Netanya you’ll find Lucky Chicken. The restaurant specializes in fried chicken, but the secret here is the milky brioche bun that feels like a cloud and one of the best fried chickens you’ll ever taste.

Herzel’s Burik – Another great place in Netanya is Herzel’s Burik, the place exists since 1967 and his simplicity is what makes him the best Burik in the country. The funniest thing is that you’ll pay 12 NIS (3.5 USD) for a dish that will send you to heaven.

Best Street Food Places In Tel Aviv, Israel

Jasmino – We have finally arrived to Tel Aviv, Jasmino is a groovy snack bar that you’ll find on Allenby Street (very popular night hub). The place’s specialized in 4 dishes that you can put inside your pita-bread, kebab, chicken pullet, Merguez sausage and spicy veal heart. The only down side to this place is that you’re going to wait some time for your order but it’s totally worth it.

Panda Pita – Here we’re dealing with another great place in Tel Aviv, Panda Pita is one of the best places that offers special combinations inside a pita-bread. The place offers 3 combinations, sabih, ceviche and grounded meat, now, you’re probably think it’s sound simple but trust me that your taste buds will thank you after one bite.

Arepa’s – Located in the Carmel Market, Arepa’s is a little place of Venezuelan cuisine. The options here are just crazy, from griddle breads stuffed with chicken and cheese to corn maize ‘pockets’ of shredded beef, black beans, avocado and cheese. So if you want a little rest from the Israelis pitas you got to stop by Arepa’s.

Hakosem (The Magician) – Near Dizengof Center you’ll find the Hakosem, some people call the place “the temple of middle eastern street food”. This is probably the place with the largest variety of dishes, from falafel and hummus to Moroccan fish. The only problem you will face here is the waiting time, but to sweeten it up you will get one falafel ball until served.

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Best Street Food Places In Jerusalem

Arica – Coming now to Jerusalem, if you’re not already addicted to sabih, you should try Arica. The place offers the best sabih in town and if you’re down to sit there you should ask about the soups that changes daily.

Mimonis – When you look at Mimonis you’re thinking to yourself that it’s just another pita stand, but this place is probably the most special place in Jerusalem. All the combinations in Mimonis are vegetarian, but every meat lover will enjoy the place. Here you’ll find 4 dishes, lentil and wild rice kebab, cauliflower shawarma, beetroot carpaccio and the classic hummus with pesto and crème fraiche.

Lina Hummus – Located in the old city of Jerusalem, there is nothing to say about Lina hummus except the fact they’re making it for three generations and his one of the best.

Jafar Bakery – We couldn’t finish the article without something sweet for the end. In Jafar Bakery you’ll find the best knafeh in town that will leave your taste buds amazed from the sweetness of the dish. Except from the knafeh you’ll find great other sweet dishes.

Other Street Food In Israel

Although we covered a lot of street food places, this is just some of them. I already told you, Israel is a place with the diversity of ethnicities (maybe after USA). So if you really want to try it all, I’ll recommend searching words like jachnun, shawarma, shakshuka, sfenj, khachapuri and babka.

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