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Skydiving In India 2022: Experience The Thrill Flying In The Air

Skydiving In India 2020-Experience The Thrill Flying In The Air

Skydiving is a thrilling experience, and it is the desire of every human being in the world to do something different, parachuting also famous as skydiving. If you want to do some things in your life that you can remember later and feel good, then skydiving is an activity that gives you a memorable experience. Many people have a query in their minds about skydiving. It is nothing but a new way of parachuting, which is very popular nowadays. Some people tell that skydiving is a game of danger to life, but if it is done carefully by following rules and training, then there is no question of risk in it.

What is Skydiving?

Skydiving is an adventure sport where one has to jump down from a helicopter flying in the air and open the parachute a few feet above the ground level. It is not an easy task as it sounds, because you have to follow specific rules and training should be taken before doing it. You have to undergo training for at least 2 hours to understand its rules and instructions, and then only you can easily handle yourself after the jump from a helicopter.

Types of Sky Dives

#1. Tandem Jump

One of the most natural forms of skydiving in India is Tandem Jump. At this place, you connect to an instructor through bind. Both you and the instructor jump from the same parachute where the instructor pulls the cord to open it. For Tandem Jump, minimal instructions needed.

#2. Static Line Jump

In Static Line Jump, no instructor will be there; you alone have to do this as you connect to the aircraft with a cord. This jump made from 3,000 feet height above the ground level, where the parachute opens automatically within 3 seconds after the fall. The time required for training this jump will be up to 6 hours.

#3. Accelerated Free Fall

The Accelerated Free Fall dive made from 13,000 feet height above the ground level, which is not suitable for the weak-hearted persons. You can do this without any attachments except parachute and one of the skydiving in India, where you can get challenging experience in the lifetime. This jump requires classroom training as well as practical knowledge.

Top Skydiving Places in India:

One who likes adventure sport then no need to think of going anywhere in the world to do it because it’s in the early stages in India. Here is the list of places to visit in India where you will be able to fulfill your dream of skydiving.

#1. Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Dhana is the city located in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, which situates at a distance of about 186 km from the capital Bhopal. If you are fond of skydiving, then this place is best for you as it hosts many skydiving camps for adventure lovers. You will get trained for half an hour before sky diving, and after that, you are left below from the height of 4000 feet.

Falling height: 9000 – 10000 feet


Tandem Jump: INR 35,000 – 37,500

Static Jump: INR 24,000

Operators: ThrillsExtreme and Chimes Aviation Academy

Best Time: All year round except monsoon and highly windy season

#2. Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Aamby Valley is one of the best skydiving places in India, where you need to jump from a height of 10,000 feet. Before doing this adventure, you are given one-hour training with the instructor, then after, an aircraft or helicopter will take the skydiver to a height of about 10,000 feet and has to jump from the plane. In the next 40-45 minutes, you can picturesque the engaging environment around Aamby Valley.

Falling height: 10,000 feet


Tandem Jump:

Monday to Thursday – INR 20,000

Friday to Sunday – INR 25,000

Operators: ThrillsExtreme

Best Time: All year round except monsoon and highly windy season

#3. Deesa, Gujarat

The Sports Authority of India saw skydiving as an adventure sport in the beautiful lakes town of Deesa in Gujarat. After which it became the first skydiving spot in the country. Every year, the city hosts several skydiving events. If you want to skydive here, then you will be given 1- 5 days of training before doing this. This place offers all three kinds of jumps, i.e., Static Line Jumps, Tandem Jumps and Accelerated Freefall. In static jump, the skydiver is its own master as it does not have a trainer, but it has two trainers connected through the radio to guide the skydiver about the safe landing.

Falling height: 3,500 – 4,000 feet


Tandem Jumps: INR 33,500

Static Line Jumps: INR 16,500

Accelerated Freefall: INR 37,500

Operators: Indian Parachuting Federation

Best Time: All year round

#4. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu

Pondicherry is a popular tourist destination, as well as the best skydiving places in India, where you need to jump from different heights that depend on the jumps you choose. You can try static jumps at this place. Jumping from the sky here will show you many fascinating scenes. In Pondicherry, operators organize suitable camps according to the weather conditions. The minimum age for a static jump is 16 years, and for a tandem jump is 18 years. The height of the fall for the tandem jump is 10,000 feet and 4,000 feet for a static jump.

Falling height: 10,000 feet


Tandem Jump: INR 27,000

Static Line Jumps:

INR 18,000 for one jump

INR 31,000 for two jumps

INR 42,000 for three jumps

INR 62,000 for five jumps

Operators: Waltair Escapade Thrills and Skyriders

Best Time: All year round except monsoon season

#5. Mysore, Karnataka

Located at the base of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is a city special for many types of skydiving. At this place, you can choose tandem, static, and accelerated freefall jumps. Skydivers have given all-day training to perform their single parachute jump well. Accelerated free fall jumping can be a unique experience for you.

Falling height: 9,000 – 10,000 feet


Tandem Jump: INR 35,000 for 3 hours

Accelerated Free Fall: INR 2,25,000 (5-7 days, ten jumps)

Operators: Skyriders

Best Time: All year round

#6. Hyderabad, Telangana

If you dream of flying like a bird, then this city can prove to be very special for you. The city hosts a skydiving session near Nagarjuna Sagar Airport, which locates about 150 km from Hyderabad. Here the static jump is done from 4000 feet, for which the skydiver is given training for about three days. If someone wants to make your skydiving video, then you have to pay a nominal fee of Rs 1000 for it. The trainers here follow strictly to the United States Parachute Association guidelines.

Falling height: 9,000 – 10,000 feet


INR 19,500

Operators: Nagarjuna Sagar Airport

Best Time: All year round

#7. Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

One who wants to try tandem skydiving near Delhi city, then Aligarh, is the best place for skydiving in India. This place locates travel distance of 3 hr and 20 min away from where one can reach by car. Skydiving facility in the Aligarh airstrip gives one the thrilling giant leap. The Aligarh airstrip has five skydiving slots a day. So to enjoy this thrilling experience, one has to book the slot before skydiving.

Falling height: 9,000 – 10,000 feet


Tandem Jump: INR 27,025

A Jump to Remember: INR 31,625

Operators: SkyHigh

Best Time: All year round except during heavy rains

Do’s and Don’t for skydiving

  • Wear comfortable clothes – keep gym shorts, a full-sleeves tight fit top.
  • Don’t panic.
  • Don’t take alcohol before going for a dive.
  • Make sure you familiarize yourself well with the gear.
  • Note that your trainer is qualified with certificates in skydiving.
  • Check the weather before going for a dive.

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