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How To Enjoy Your First RV Vacation

RV Vacation

Everyone enjoys taking a break from their routine every once in a while. It can be getting away from work and all the stress of making money or a perfect retirement schedule to remedy all those long years of hard work.

Whether you’re planning a personal trip or a family vacation with friends or colleagues at work, it’s always necessary to consider your means of transportation. Your holiday destination determines your means of transportation.

If you’re not crossing the Atlantic or spending weeks on a ship in the middle of nowhere, you should consider traveling in an RV.

Why Recreational Vehicles (RVs)?

RVs are a great way to ensure you live in every moment of your vacation while drastically cutting down on overall vacation costs. Statistics show that households that use RVs on their trips spend between 27% and 62% less on vacation. Also, families with RVs are likely to have three times the number of family vacations than the average American household.

Below are a few more reasons to consider traveling in an RV for your next vacation.

Very Cheap for Family Travels

With an RV you avoid hotel expenses, flight tickets, and feeding expenses e. t. c, leaving you with more money to enjoy.

Highly Flexible

RVs allow you to change routes or destinations at a whim. You also enjoy things that might have been harder to do, like sleeping in the wild with nature’s goodness all around you or enjoying a meal accompanied by the beautiful scenery of the best tourist lakes in the country.

Bonding Chances are Much Higher

Trips are long and sometimes take days (depending on your destination). If yours is a family or group of friends seeking bonding time, there are no better means of travel than in an RV.

You never get to be away from one another all through the trip, you seldom need to talk in low tones or have air hostesses asking you to “keep your voice down”. Disturbing or inconveniencing other travelers would be at the bottom of your list of concerns.

There’s Room for all you Can Carry

With an RV, your luggage could never be too bulky, as it gives you enough room to carry all you need on your vacation. Even pets are allowed.

Choosing the Perfect RV for your First RV Vacation

Getting an RV for your next vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to buy one. Although owning your RV is great, however, if you’re unable to afford one, there are lots of outlets where you could get them on a lease agreement at reasonable prices.

Whatever works for you, ensure that you’re certain of the RV you’ll be getting to make full use of it and follow its safety protocols to the letter.

There are many RVs to choose from, which could get confusing. Nevertheless, some things to look out for in selecting an RV for your vacation include:


This is one of the important decisions to make in selecting your RV. It is often hinged on the taste and, more importantly, the size of the trip. From the larger and more spacious motorhome-sized vehicles like the Mini Lite 2511 to the much smaller camper-sized ones, your choice of an RV should always depend on how much space you’d like to have while on your vacation.


Aside from the size of the vehicle, another priority is the comfort and luxury the RV offers. If you’d want a well-furnished RV with a bathroom and toilet, wardrobes, kitchen facilities, and all, you’d most likely want to go for a larger-sized modern RV.

Power Supply

As you journey on your vacation, there are RV parks at different locations where you can always recharge your vehicle. A larger family size could mean a need for constant recharging. Hence, to avoid running out of power, it’s advisable to go for a solar-powered vehicle. Modern RVs possess solar panels at the top or side of the van to reduce the chances of running out of power.


As mild as it might seem, it’s necessary to consider the individual that would drive the RV on your vacation. Smaller RVs require a regular driver’s license. However, much larger trailers require a special license. Find out the category your RV falls into and make the necessary arrangements to meet all the qualifications to drive one.

It’s also advisable on long-distance trips to have more than one person behind the wheel. This could help to keep the trip on whenever one driver is tired and needs to take a rest.

An RV vacation makes it convenient to carry your ‘home’ with you. Feel free to enjoy the luxury.

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