Top 11 River Rafting Destinations In India For Your Trip

River Rafting Destinations In India

Dashing up and down upon the steering and somewhat dangerous waters of the Indian Rivers has come across as one of the most popular sports activities amongst the travel and adventure enthusiasts in recent years. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that river rafting is always on the top five adventurous things-to-do list for any adventure buff.

And if you too are someone who sincerely desires to one day take a leap of faith and go on that splashing adventure ride then, we at Adotrip are here with a list of the top 11 river rafting destinations in India for your next adventure trip. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in and explore those famous river rafting destinations. 

#1. Indus River

Also known as the SingheKhababs or Out of the Lion’s Mouth, rafting on the Indus River can be the most adventurous experience of your life. And what makes the whole trip worthwhile are the fantastic views of natural beauty comprising the vast sky and the rising peaks you encounter here. The level of difficulty of river rafting here has been classified as Grade I Rapids; thus, even if you are someone slightly inexperienced, you won’t find any problem while participating in this activity.

#2. Kullu-Manali

Being one of India’s best places to visit, India’s river rafting is another exciting destination. Brace yourself for sailing on the stretches of River Beas while you experience and store memories for a lifetime. No doubt that Kullu-Manali is one of the best places for river rafting in India. Thus, whenever you feel like going on that adventurous trip of yours, consider Kullu-Manali as your one-stop destination for wanderlust and adventure.

#3. Yamuna River

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or quite skilled in river rafting. The mighty Yamuna treats all alike. For this activity, one can consider choosing out of the two river stretches, which are Nainbagh to Juddo and Yamuna Bridge to Juddo. Out of these two, the later is best suitable for doing river rafting. The rafting difficulty here can be classified from basic to Grade I Rapids.

#4. Rishikesh, Ganga

Being one of the most loved holiday places in India, Rishikesh is abode to the Holy River Ganga, another gem of a destination for doing river rafting. At Rishikesh, you can choose to raft from the following river stretches – Brahmapuri to Rishikesh (9kms), Shivpuri to Rishikesh (16kms), Marine Drive to Rishikesh (24kms), and Kaudiyala to Rishikesh (36kms). Depending upon one’s skills, you can choose between basic levels to even challenging grade between I and IV rapids.

#5. The Tons River, Uttarakhand

The Tons River is a tributary of the river Yamuna also taken as quite a challenging place for doing river rafting. To give a word of caution, this is not for amateurs and first-timers. Only seasoned river rafters and sports enthusiasts should consider striding on its waters. The overall difficulty classified between Grade III and IV rapids.

#6. Kameng River

It is one of the most thrilling river rafting destinations to explore in India. It is perfectly suitable for those who consider themselves a bit impulsive, adventurous, and thrill-seekers. The level of difficulty here classified between moderate to Grade IV rapid.

#7. Lohit River

If you don’t mind exploring India’s North-East part, then Lohit River is one of India’s most fantastic river rafting places. Not many will know, but this river offers a perfect ambiance for what we can call a thrill and adventure mix. And the delightful views of nature only make this destination quite an excellent choice for river rafting—the level of difficulty here classified between moderate- Grade IV rapid.

#8. Spiti River

With a moderate difficulty level, the Spiti River flows quite gracefully from the Spiti Valley. Due to its natural beauty, which comprises pristine villages and glaciers, the Spiti River is a nice blend of every good and nothing wrong. The difficulty of the trip is moderate. Thus, all in all, it is quite an excellent place for river rafting in India.

#9. Zanskar River

If you are a fan of river rafting, then sail on the stretch from Padum to Nimmo on Zanskar River, which consists of III and IV grade rapids. The splashing waters and the whirlpool of gusts of winds make your whole experience quite thrilling.

#10. Barapole, Coorg

The Barapole River, situated in Coorg, is another gem of a place for river rafting in India. The stretches for rafting are mainly divided into two parts – the upper section and the lower section. The former consists of IV to V rapids and the lower area has VI to VII rapids.

#11. River Bhagirathi, Uttarakhand

It is another perfect place for rafting in Northern India. Surrounded by nature’s lush beauty, Bhagirathi’s gushing stream would be an unforgettable travel experience for anyone. The primary and challenging rapids here include Elephant rock, The Chute, Sharp S, and Confluence rapid.

With this, our list of top 11 river rafting destinations in India comes to an end. So, when next time you feel like going on that adventure, do consider these river rafting destinations in India, and for planning your travel itinerary, you can always rely on Adotrip’s circuit planner tool.

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