Places To Visit On A Road Trip In Miami

Places To Visit On A Road Trip In Miami

We are outside! Finally, after months and months of being in our houses, some states have lifted the lockdown and eased movement restrictions. While at first staying in the house was fun and relaxing, it got old so fast. Once you have checked all the lists of things to do in lockdown, reading your favorite books; check, bingeing all must-watch Netflix shows; check and the endless naps with time we were bored out of our minds. It got to a point we could not wait to leave the house and finally we are! What now? 

Road trip! We think this all-American treat is long overdue. And while there are still safety restrictions to abide by, you can still pull off a road trip with some friends down to the Sunshine State, Miami. Road trips are the ultimate treat, but they require some preparations. Where are you going? How do you get there? These are some of the questions you should answer before getting packed up for your trip. You should also ask your self if you have recently checked out car insurance quotes as allot has changed in the offerings yet it remains vastly important. 

Getting to Miami

Where are you coming from? Can you drive to Miami, or would it be better to travel by air? Remember you will be driving throughout the trip so, if your place is too far, you can catch a plane and rent a car once you get to the airport. Renting a car from is much more convenient than traveling by bus. You get to plan your schedule; visit all locations you want without hassle. 

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Places in Miami to add to your road trip list

Are you road-tripping through Miami and looking for exciting places to fill up your itinerary? Here are some places that are both entertaining and educational worth a stop during your trip.

1. North Miami’s Ancient Spanish Monastery

Dating back to 1133 AD, the Ancient Spanish Monastery in the North of Miami is the first place you will want to stop on your road trip. The monastery, which is a testament to time and ingenuity, houses not just historical artifacts dating back to ancient times but a beautiful garden where you can capture memories of your trip. 

2. South Beach

A trip in Miami isn’t complete until you have hit the city’s sunny shores and felt the sand between your toes, and we know just the place. South Beach is definitely the place to stop by for a chill afternoon with your friends. You can get a few packed sandwiches and tacos and enjoy a picnic at the beach. The beach is sometimes crowded; if you drop by on a busy day, you can also drive along A1A in your car and explore the stretches of the beach. 

3. Wynwood

For a good feel of the city, we recommend turning west to downtown. Get ready to have a day filled with adventure and fun. From Downtown Miami to Wynwood, there is a lot of art to experience. You and your friends can drop by the Front Museum of Science and enjoy its interactive exhibits. Then, take a trip down the 16th century at The Miami Circle and explore the mysterious archaeological site. Learn about the mysterious archeological harboring of the Tequesta Native American tribe. Nothing like a trip down history to make your trip more enjoyable. 

4. Little Havana

Are you looking for a place to cool off the Miami heat? We suggest going for some ice cream. First, you can drive down to the heart of Miami, Little Havan. From there, you can walk to the Calle Ocho sensory overload, where you will spot Azucar, the hub of treats. Azucar is a scoop shop like no other; it offers ice creams and sorbets of different Miami and tropical flavors. If you get confused by all the flavors, go with their famous Abuela Maria flavor, which we can bet you will absolutely love! You can even get seconds; the Miami heat is excuse enough. 

Road trips are hella fun! And with this guide, you are in for a treat during your trip. All the places included are perfect for breaking the boredom and heightening your spirit amidst these times of uncertainty. Places to visit for your trip no longer has to be a problem; you now have a list of options to choose from. All that’s left is gearing up and having fun!

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