9 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada In 2021

Beautiful Places To Visit In Canada

Canada is undoubtedly the most beautiful place to visit with your loved ones. Because of multicultural city attributes and picturesque beauty, it attracts a lot of visitors each year.

Canada is home to scenic places, coastlines, sprawling prairies and the giant mountains.  With its vast terrain and history, it is a place of captivating atmosphere and historical pieces of evidence. No matter what you are looking for, Canada has everything to offer. With opportunities for outdoor adventure, it’s the best place for travel enthusiasts for exploring nature to the fullest.

The most and essential thing to keep in mind while travelling to Canada is to make sure you have access to ArriveCAN app. This app is a must use for those who tend to migrate to Canada. It is a mandatory requirement and an initiative by the Canadian government. Travellers need to submit their information on ArriveCAN before boarding the flight.

Below are some of the best places to visit if you are on a travel trip to Canada.

#1. Big Muddy Valley, Saskatchewan

These isolated badlands back in the late 19th and early 20th century were targeted by thieves for smuggling horses across the US Border area. Backed with caves as hideouts, these were shelter for the likes of Sundance kid, Sam Kelly, and Dutch Henry. This valley comprises dramatic cliffs, sandstone ravine and several stone effigies to add up to the beauty of the surroundings.

#2. Jasper National Park

This national park in the areas surrounded in the Canadian Rockies extended over 11,000 square kilometres. It forms a crucial part of the  Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks which is nothing but a World Heritage Site. The easiest way to reach the National Park is by car. A car is practically essential for exploring the more than 2.7 million acres that make up Jasper.

Travellers can also take advantage of the services of taxi companies or can opt for a local guide. Above three options are helpful in getting to Jasper National Park itself, which is about 240 miles west of Edmonton International Airport (YEG) and about 270 miles north of Calgary International Airport (YYC).

#3. Western Brook Pond

Western Brook Pond is a 10-mile long Pond located in Gros Morne National Park. It is typically on the western edge of Newfoundland, which is a masterpiece for adventure. Once you reach their whales, seals, foxes, and bald eagles are your companion. Then explore scenic places on boats that will take you to a different world. These places are full of waterfalls, cliffs and long mountain ranges. Once you are there, your company in the fjord will be bald eagles, whales, caribou, seals, and foxes.

#4. Bay of Fundy

This place is the hotspot for a soft tidal range which is the world’s largest, higher than the ones on the Atlantic. During small tide, you can walk along the ocean floor and explore Hopewell Rocks being naturally eroded into crags like shaped and keyholes. There are several activities done by the river rafters, kayakers as the place give a glimpse of whales for the travel enthusiasts.

#5. Banff

It is a fantastic place for the travel enthusiast hoping to explore the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The more to explore are places like Bear Street, Caribbean Street, etc. These fascinating places add beauty to the surrounding atmosphere. You can even look to travel to different parts of Canada from Banff.

From Banff, you can travel to nearby ski resorts offering fantastic views of Lake Louise, or you can also opt for road trips to stunning lakes like Peyto Lake. Or even book yourself a tour to learn and explore more of this part of Canada. Either you can hire a car or make use of public transportation to reach Calgary from Banff.

#6. Vancouver

Just towards the west coast of Canada, you will find the beautiful city of Vancouver. A famous city for couples to spend quality time by the beach and exploring the mountains in the afternoon. The city also hosts the famous and well recognised Ski Resort called the Whistler Blackcomb. For the ones who love nature-based trips, this place is the best one for them.

#7. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the best places to visit during Summer. Most of the year this place is crowded by tourists coming from every nook and corner of the world. The area is built with the scenic beauty of waterfalls to enchant your travel bud. You can never miss exploring this one of a kind place in case you tend to travel there. Indeed it is one of the most iconic and best places to visit in Canada. You shall have an unparalleled sightseeing experience when you shall visit Niagara Falls at night.

#8. Whistler

It is recognised as one of the beautiful ski resorts in North America. It seems to be the best place for a winter vacation in Canada. Snowshoeing, skiing, and tobogganing are some of the exciting sports to participate in the snow land. In case you are a thrill-seeker, then this place is not to get a miss. If you are travelling from Vancouver to Whistler, then you can go ahead in a cab which makes you reach in about 1 hour 30 minutes. You can choose from the best hotels in Edmonton for a lavish stay in Canada.

#9. Quebec City

Popularly recognised as the oldest walled city of North America, Quebec City is a place to swear by. It has magical wimps of romance, partner, and fancy things to tickle your travel buds. You can spend a great time with your loved ones in this city of joy. It is one among the most charming places to see in Canada because of the art and culture scenes. Jean Lesage International Airport is the nearest international airport from the fantastic city of Quebec.

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