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Royal Holiday Vacation: Wondering How To Cancel Your Membership?

How To Cancel Your Royal Holiday Vacation Membership

The benefits of going for a vacation cannot be overemphasized. Yet, most people view a vacation as the least of their priorities due to the harsh economic times. However, research shows that going for a vacation helps improve your health and productivity and reduces your stress level.

But budgeting for the dream vacation with limited finances seems impossible. That is why the timeshare and vacation club based in Mexico, known as Royal Holiday Club, offers its members a chance to save and get access to over 180 destinations of the exquisite dream vacation resorts in Mexico, the USA, and the Caribbean.

So, join over 80,000 Royal Holiday Vacation Club Members if you enjoy visiting exquisite destinations. However, before learning the benefits you will gain as a part of this vacation club, find out how to cancel your membership.

Canceling Your Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Most people shy away from buying timeshare since the cancellation process in some companies is not straightforward. But you do not have to worry about cancellations when you join the Royal Holiday Club timeshare since the company has a straightforward process. So the first step if you are looking to exit the Royal Club Timeshare is to contact the company to inform them of your intentions and see if they will offer you a program that will let you out of the contract.

5 Days Rule: According to Mexico’s consumer protection laws, any person who purchases a timeshare has five days to change their mind. If they do, they should get a full refund of their invested money. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club will give you documents when you buy the timeshare with ample information about the five-day rule.

Sell Your Timeshare: In case your purchase is over five days, and you want to opt out of the contract, you have a choice of selling your timeshare. You can sell through various online platforms like Craigslist and eBay. However, you might need an agency to help you sell your membership shares.

Discuss With the Company: At times, the best way of getting out of your Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership is to discuss the best option for your situation with the company. The company will offer you the best way to get out of the timeshare/vacation club. In addition, the company can help you better work out a solution to help you attain your goals.

Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Royal Holiday Club Vacation Club

Joining a club holiday vacation like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club has numerous benefits for those who enjoy traveling. Before you consider opting out of your membership, learn why being a member is beneficial.

Numerous Membership Levels: One feature that stands out with Royal Holiday is offering five different membership levels to the clients. The membership levels are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and royal.

Clients can choose the preferred membership depending on their budgets and what they are looking for in a destination. However, members should note that their chosen level will impact their credit for travel, extra services they get special promotions, VIP services, and much more.

Get Numerous Travel Options: The members of Royal Holiday have an easier time traveling. Besides an easy time booking option, they can get many lodging and accommodation options. It does not matter if you need a single unit, a romantic getaway, or a suite that can accommodate 15 guests; the company will help you get the best accommodation across the globe.

You can also choose to enjoy your vacation on the water by booking a Royal Holiday cruise. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club members are spoiled with options when choosing the proper getaway.

Numerous Destination Options: Another reason not to give up on your membership as a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member is that it offers excellent destination options for its members. With the membership, you have 52 countries and 180 destinations to choose from.

In partnership with Resort Condominiums, the company has teamed up to offer over 6000 accommodations across 100 countries. So when it comes to choosing the best destination, you will have numerous choices.

Cost-Effective: When you choose a Royal holiday vacation club membership, you are bound to enjoy cost-effectiveness. You will get the best rates in the next 30 years by being a member. That will help guarantee you get the best and fairest rates on your travels. For those searching for an affordable destination, this is the best option to use.

Enjoy Freedom And Flexibility: If you choose timeshare options, you will not have to worry about ensuring that you travel on a fixed schedule. As a member, you can book in advance and select a destination date that suits your schedule.

You can also get the option to roll over, rent, or transfer credit. You can also buy credit updates. The company offers this option so clients can get the most out of their traveling adventures.


Times are tough, and traveling might seem like the least important thing to do among your priorities. But did you know that traveling can help you relax and be rejuvenated? Rather than miss out on the opportunity to travel, work with Royal Holiday Vacation Club so that they can ease all your traveling needs and see to it that you get to the best dream vacation destination hustle-free.

In addition, the company will ensure that you get the best destination that suits your needs without straining or overspending. So, suppose you are thinking of canceling your membership. In that case, it is time to rethink that decision and reach out to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club so you can take advantage of their membership, multiple offers, and packages.

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