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How A World Cruise Will Change Your Life

How A World Cruise Will Change Your Life

You should take a world cruise at some point in your life no matter how old you are. Even if you’re not an avid cruiser,  embarking on a voyage around the globe is an enjoyable and carefree way to experience this magnificent planet we call home. No matter your age, you will not believe how a world cruise will change your life.

A world cruise is not just a bucket list item for the young. Many seniors enjoy cruising as their retirement activity of choice because it offers them the chance to visit seven continents, find something new every day, see the sights and to meet people from around the globe before… you know… it’s too late.

Although world cruises are not exactly budget travel, they are more affordable than you think, especially when taking into account the all-inclusive price packages and prepaid gratuities.

Here, we will look at a world cruise will change your life, as well as offer some guidance and travel tips.

Cruise travel is hassle-free

A world cruise is arguably the easiest way to see the world. If you’ve ever asked cruisers what they like about cruise travel so much, you probably got an answer something along the lines of:

“All you have to do is unpack.”

It’s true. Once you’ve unpacked your bags the hard part is over.

● Cheap accommodation is taken care of; no having to check in and out of hotels or Airbnb. Just your one cosy cabin for the entire duration of the trip.

● Your transportation is also sorted; no more booking multiple plane tickets, boarding different planes and lining up at customs across three oceans.

● Food and beverages supplied; All meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner are available in the restaurants and bars on board, and most cruises have all-inclusive tickets which means there’s no need to pay or even take your wallet out.

● Itinerary is planned; you don’t have to worry about where you are going next or the route, many countries have already been mapped out for you.

● Facilities and entertainment provided; Everything you need to have fun is onboard the cruise ship; including multiple pools, gym, spa, disco’s, casino, bars, dining room, language classes, and water sports equipment & activities.

● No multiple short trips: Just one long cruisy voyage.

How to Choose the Right Ship for Your Cruise Around the World

It’s no surprise cruises are increasingly becoming popular among vacationers. With the cruise industry expected to grow in the coming years, we’re only going to see many hosts and more ships on the water. However, with this many options available, it’s difficult to choose the best ship for your sea days. To help you out with this dilemma, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best luxury world cruise lines for 2022 which visit at least four continents.

  • Crystal Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  • Storylines

The last option, Storylines, is unique in that it is a luxury residential world cruise ship. Yes, you can buy a home to live on this ship as it slowly cruises around the world every three years. What’s more, Storylines spend at least to three days at port, sometimes up to five port days, allowing you ample time to do shore excursions on land without having to rush back the same day before the ship departs. Yes please!

How does world cruising change your life?

Many people who complete a world cruise report that they return a different person. We all know travel is great for personal growth, but taking a year or more to experience different destinations and cultures around the world takes the personal growth story to a whole new level.  You really will return a completely different person.

Here is a list of different reasons why world cruises can change your life for the better:

-Cruises are considered to be one of the best vacations due to their diversity. You get to explore so many different, beautiful places and exotic destinations, try different foods and see new cultures without having to spend too much time on travelling.

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-A cruise is a really good way to meet people, which is not something you get while traveling on your own. You can mix with other passengers that are on the same boat as you, interact with the crew members, or even do some fun activities like cooking classes , wine tastings  or dinner with other travelers. You may even make new friends!

-You will learn about the history and culture of different countries, giving you a better understanding of the world and its people. This develops empathy and compassion.

-You will learn more about yourself during this trip than you ever thought possible.

Travel Essentials That Will Make Your World Cruise More Comfortable

If you are planning to take a world cruise, then it is important to pack light and make sure that your luggage is not too heavy. The distance and duration of your ocean voyage will also dictate what kind of clothes and shoes you should bring with you. You will need clothing for all occasions, from formal dinners to bathing suits and shorts for the islands to cold weather gear for destinations and ports in Scandinavia during the winter months.

The trending packing list for world cruises includes:

– Passport

– Visas for ALL DESTINATIONS COUNTRIES you will be visiting in advance!

– Clothes (dress styles depend on the length of the cruise) summer, winter clothes, etc.

– Shoes (slip-on walking shoes)

– Money belt or travel wallet – Traveler’s checks or credit cards, travel currency cards

– Medication and prescriptions

– Thirst for adventure

Go on a World Cruise Next Year For The Ultimate Travel Experience!

We hope this guide has been helpful and inspiring. As the Gen Z crowd say, YOLO! You got one life, so why wait? No matter your age, or whether you want to do a South America or Europe leg only, there’s never a bad time to embark on a voyage around the globe, and there’s no better way to do it than a world cruise.

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