First Timers Guide To Kenyan Safari Holidays

Guide To Kenyan Safari Holidays

When you are thinking about spending quality time with your loved ones and friends you want to focus on how you want to spend your holidays. Even before you head for holidays you need to know what you expect from it. This is critical because some people prefer laidback and relaxing holiday trips while some choose fun and adventure that allow them to go out and do more. If you are a nature lover and prefer to get close to wildlife safari holidays would be the best way to spend your holiday time.

Over the years, Kenya has remained the top holiday destination for safari lovers. Hence, when you browse the internet you can find plenty of Kenya safari holiday packages that would allow you to make the most of your time and resources. However, if you are planning a safari trip to Kenya for the first time you need to know basic information that would allow you to optimize your trip the right way.

Understand the Kenyan Weather

Although you can visit Kenya throughout the year you need to know about the weather in Kenya because that would help you make the most of your itinerary and pack your clothes the right way. If you have plans for safari holidays you can visit Kenya in January, February and mid-March. This would offer you a mostly dry climate and that would make things easier for you to move around different camps and places. Also, the months of January and February are ideal for game viewing. By mid-March, the weather transitions into a rainy one and by April the savannah becomes a wet muddy landscape. However, if you are into wildlife photography this is the best time to capture wildlife as the dust settles and the landscape is lush and green. The dry season begins in June and extends till October which is also the peak season time. By August, the Great Migration is at its height. Hence, you must know the purpose of your visit and what weather you would prefer.

Get the Visa Paperwork Done

When you are visiting Kenya for wildlife safaris you need to have the right visa and other required documentation. You need to apply for the visa at least three days in advance. Additionally, you must ensure that your passport is valid for the next six months beyond your departure date from Kenya. On the other hand, if you are going to visit other countries like Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda you must also have all the documentation that would make your trip convenient and easy. Choose the right companies and travel operators that can help you with the visa documentation and paperwork in advance.

Travel Insurance and Vaccinations

It is also advisable that you keep track of your travel insurance when you are heading to Kenya first time for safari holidays. Choosing comprehensive travel insurance for medical emergencies and evacuations would be beneficial. When you are in Kenya on a safari holiday you would be in remote locations and that can add to your medical cost. A decent travel insurance can go a long way in helping you save money. Also, you need to know that Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory. There are several non-mandatory vaccinations that you should go for before you head for your first trip to Kenya for safaris.

Pack Right and Light

If you are hopping multiple places you would want to ensure that you pack right for your safari trip. Pack lightweight clothing that has earthen tones and colors. Many safari lodges and accommodations have laundry service so you should pack three to four outfits. You can throw in a windbreaker for those night game drive expeditions. Comfort clothing is the key to being comfortable during your safari holidays. Also, you would want to pack comfortable walking shoes, flip flops to use in the room, caps to protect your hair from dust, underwear and socks. You also need to pack some first-aid medication for nausea, cough drops, band-aids, moisturizer, sun tan lotion and wet tissues. If you are using small aircraft to move places keep in mind that these planes take 33 pounds per checked bag per person.

Choose Bottled Water

While tap water in Kenya is safe for brushing teeth and taking a bath it is not advisable for drinking. While the water may not be contaminated your body might likely react to the quality of tap water in Kenya. This can lead to digestion issues and therefore you should choose bottled water when you are in hotels, lodges, safari camps and restaurants. Most camps provide boiled drinking water for their guests that is safe to drink.

Connectivity in Kenya

The electricity in Kenya is reliable and therefore there are no power outages. However, you should carry a universal travel adapter to ensure that you have the right plugs for charging your devices like smartphones, camera batteries and even laptops. Apart from this, you would also need reliable phone connectivity as you enjoy your safari holidays. You can buy a local Kenya SIM card on arrival from operators like Safaricom that offer reliable call and data packages. When you are in Nairobi you can use Wi-Fi free of charge at hotels, cafes and restaurants. However, is it advisable that you use a VPN for using public Wi-Fi at shopping malls and restaurants in Kenya.

Don’t Carry Plastic Bags

If you are visiting Kenya for the first time you want to avoid carrying items in plastic bags because they are banned in Kenya. This would mean that you need to use reusable bags that you can use for shopping items and storing personal items in your baggage. Carrying plastic bags could lead to hefty fines which is not a good memory that you would want to take back home.

Always Have an Itinerary

Kenya has a lot of places to look out for when you are heading for safari holidays and therefore you must know how to plan your first safari. Choosing the right local travel tour operator that can provide you with local tour guides would be the right thing to do. This would allow you to have a plan ready when you land in Kenya and you don’t have to search for accommodation and food options separately. Also, having an itinerary would allow you to optimize your time and number of days and help you cover more places across Kenya.

Enjoy Your Trip

While you might have the best tour operators and itineraries you need to be prepared for minor changes that can happen because of the weather or unforeseen situations. Hence, stay open-minded and focus on enjoying your first Kenya trip.

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